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Mobile Technology. Mobile Standards Speed GSM: Global System for Mobile communication – backbone of mobile communication, roaming 3G: 5.8-14.4Mbps 4G:

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1 Mobile Technology

2 Mobile Standards Speed GSM: Global System for Mobile communication – backbone of mobile communication, roaming 3G: 5.8-14.4Mbps 4G: mobile ultra-broadband 15-30Mbps LTE: Long Term Evolution: competing of 4G. 100-50Mbps (300-75Mbps fastest) WiMAX: 365Mbps LTE Advanced: 1000-500Mbps

3 Cell Phone Operation System Research In Motion(RIM) – BlackBerry (Blackberry 10) iOS – iPhone (iOS 7) Android – HTC incredible, Motorola (Android 4.4) Windows Mobile – HTC Trophy, Windows Phone (Window Phone 8) Symbian – Nokia Bada - Samsung Palm – Palm Pre

4 Mobile OS Market Share

5 Prediction

6 Mobile advertising

7 Mobile advertising lingo Impression – one instance shown online Click – the actual click PPC – pay per click CPM – cost per thousand impression CTR click through rate, number of click per impression Conversion –a visitor’s to your content and take actions

8 Lingo continued Acquisition – visitor signs up for receiving emails or alerts. CPC – Cost per conversion ROI – return on Investment (Gain-Cost)/Investment

9 CPM (Click per Mille) Total cost for running the ad is $15,000. The total estimated audience is 2,400,000 people. CPM is calculated as: ($15,000/2,400,000)*1000 = $6.25 per thousand views In online advertising, if a website sells banner ads for a $10 CPM, that means it costs $10 to show the banner on 1000 page views.

10 CPA –Cost for acquisition CPA= CPM / (1000 x CTR x CR). Example: an advertiser pays a CPM of $10. 5 percent click-through rate (CTR) to the landing (destination page). 30 percent of those 5 percent convert to paying customers(CR). For 20,000 impressions, CPA is: $10/(1000*0.05*0.30) = $0.67. That is, the cost per acquisition is $0.67.

11 Types of Mobile advertising Mobile banner Mobile pay per click on searching engine Contextual mobile ads – bidding plus position Idle screen ads

12 CASE STUDY- Land Rover CBS and AccWeather through AdMob to smartphone customers 73% of traffic to their mobile site 45,000 Video views, 128,000 image views 7,400 Wall paper downloads 5,000 dealer look-ips 1,100 Click to calls 800 Brochure requests ? to buy

13 GooGle Analytics Tool for the Future

14 What is It? Google Analytics is the enterprise- class web analytics solution that gives you rich insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness. –Write better-target ads –Create higher converting websites –Strengthen marketing initiatives

15 Feature Set Advertising ROI (Return on Investment)  Goals  Integrated with AdWords and AdSense  Complete campaign tracking capabilities Customized Reporting  Advanced segmentation  Custom reports  Dashboards  Advanced analysis tools Sharing and Communicating  Email reports  Sophisticated administrator and user controls Cross Channel and Multimedia Tracking  Mobile tracking  Internal Site Search  Flash, video and social network application tracking

16 Data Points Unique Visitors Page Views Bounce Rate Average Time on Site New vs. Returning Traffic Source

17 The Huffington Post Focus Company

18 About “The HuffPost”  Founded in 2005 by Arianna Huffington, a nationally syndicated columnist, and Kenneth Lerer, a business and media executive  Online publisher featuring news, opinion, and links to various other news sources  Approximately 8 million unique users, becoming one of the most popular news and commentary site on the Internet

19 The Task "We needed to continuously isolate our products -- news, editorial, blogs and more -- and see how each one was performing over time." - Chief Technology Officer for the Huffington Post, Paul Berry.  Must evaluate the success of story formats, news and other featured content which requires web analytics software that indicates where the site's visitors come from and how they interact with the site  Onsite and offshore software developers depend on communication and collaboration solutions to coordinate their efforts to make the site more eye-catching and interesting to read.

20 Results  Captured vital data about unique visitors and bounce rates  Separated subsections of the site including entertainment, politics and business; using filters able to track visitors to each section  Quickly gauge traffic spikes and update the content in minutes to drive the publication's editorial direction "Overnight, we can shape our feature stories or Quick Read columns and share any changes with everyone on staff to create more targeted, relevant content and attract more viewers," says Berry.

21 On- vs Off- deck web advertising On-deck: Offer subscribers a menu or “deck” more control and focus content –Carrier has customers’ demographical information –On-deck mobile ad network Off-deck: Web at large –Free downloadable application and games Combined solution works better

22 web advertising CarrierMobile Carrier deck On-deck mobile Ad network Native off-deck search engine Verizon wirelessMobile web games and apps store ThirdScreen Media Google AT&TT&T Media NetYahoo!MobileYahoo! oneSearch AT&T(iPhone)AppStoreGoogle Sprint-NextelEndPocketGoogle T-mobile USAweb2GoYahoo!Yahoo! oneSearch

23 Effective way to advertise Creative: –Graphical: there are space constraint –Textual: use txt spk Landing page: can create several landing pages for tracking Targeting –Demographic: age, gender, income –Time: web analytics can determine traffic peak –Handset or carrier group –location

24 Evaluating Success Subjective Total impression CTR ROI (gain-cost)/investment –Associate actions to monetary values Conversion Rate Break-even may not be important at beginning.

25 CASE STUDY - Adadis Click to call to Kevin Garnett –Voicemail from Garnett –Video –Images of top player’s shoes More effective than any TV, traditional web advertising

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