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MEDIATIVE PERFORMANCE DISPLAY. AGENDA MEDIATIVE PERFORMANCE DISPLAY PRODUCT 1.What is the market growth? ($) 2.Mediative Display & Definition of Performance.

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2 AGENDA MEDIATIVE PERFORMANCE DISPLAY PRODUCT 1.What is the market growth? ($) 2.Mediative Display & Definition of Performance 3.What is the Product & What are the Product Features 4.The Product Staircase 5.Campaign Delivery Business Rules 6.The Reports 7.Billing Rules 8.Exceptions and Escalation Process

3 2017: $258.2M 45.0% Growth Year-over-Year. 2016: $178.0M 49.2% Growth Year-over-Year. 2015: $119.3M. 46.0% Growth Year-over-Year 2014: $81.7M 47.5% Growth Year-over-Year THE PROGRAMMATIC/RTB MARKET STRONG GROWTH IN CANADA THOUGH TO 2017 Source: eMarketer, 2014 Strong & consistent growth in Canada is driven by attractive CPMs and the evolution of programmatic direct buys. Programmatic direct will fuel a significant amount of the industry growth in Canada.


5 5 2 TYPES OF DISPLAY CAMPAIGNS 1 2 BRANDING & AWARENESS PERFORMANCE Leveraging data targeting is incorporated into both Mediative’s Brand Awareness & Mediative’s Performance Campaigns.

6 WHAT IS PERFORMANCE? PERFORMANCE IS CONVERSIONS “Media buyers buy on CPM, CPC, or DealID; but they cancel on CPA” -Jennifer Dunn Regardless of the how the media is purchased, the most determining factor of the success of a performance campaign is the cost per conversion.

7 WHAT IS PERFORMANCE? PERFORMANCE IS CONVERSIONS “Conversion campaigns rely on having the right impression land on the right user. In short, performance campaigns are led by the first data- fuelled impression to land on the correct user – not the last click standing.” -John Fanous

8 WHAT IS A CONVERSION? Conversions: a measurable on-site engagement action completed by a site visitor that directly correlates to a measurable business KPI. (EX: lead form completion, e-commerce transaction)

9 OPTIMIZATION FOR CONVERSIONS CLICKS ≠ CONVERSIONS IN ALL CASES Optimizing for clicks consider the quantity of the visitor versus optimization for conversions is focused on the quality of the visitor.

10 The vast majority of research indicates that conversions and clicks are not correlated. comScore research states that only 16% of consumers will click on ads 8% of consumers account for 85% of all clicks. Studies by Nielsen indicate that there is virtually no correlation between clicks and brand metrics or offline sales. A case study by Rocket Fuel found that only 1% of total revenue generated from an online campaign came from post click conversions. OPTIMIZATION FOR CONVERSIONS CLICKS ≠ CONVERSIONS IN ALL CASES Note: Conversion results need to include BOTH post click & post view conversions to track the full value to the display advertising.

11 OPTIMIZATION FOR CONVERSIONS INCREASING CPM/CPC LEADS TO DECREASED CPA Higher CPC = higher quality visitor = higher likelihood to convert = more conversions = lower CPA

12 MEDIATIVE PERFORMANCE DISPLAY What Is It? The Performance Display product is designed to optimize display campaigns against a set of on-site conversion objectives related to business KPIs.

13 GET ACTION MEDIATIVE PERFORMANC DISPLAY SOLUTIONS Drive Conversions from your display advertising maximizing returns from current and new audience opportunities.

14 COMPETITIVE ASSESSMENT FULL-SERVICE PERFORMANCE COMPANIES 14 Key Takeaways: 1.Majority of competitors leverage CPM-based pricing – not a single competitor that was secret shopped mentioned a CPC pricing model. 2.Majority of competitors leverage 3 rd Party Data with only a few having 1 st Party Data 3.Competitors place their technological capabilities (DMP & DSP) front and center with a human team of analysts to monitor, report, and adjust strategy 4.Competitors heavily leverage lookalike targeting capabilities to drive performance. 5.Competitors provide detailed reporting w/ commentary and recommendations Competitive analysis table in available in excel format for more detailed review

15 MEDIATIVE PERFORMANCE DISPLAY OUR UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION Mediative will become a consultative, strategic partner; developing strategy-driven, rigorous optimization programs aimed at delivering quantifiable results. Our first party data and strategic approach to the purchase and bidding for impression inventory ensures that Mediative is able to place your ad in front of the right user in the right context with the an intent to purchase. Our targeting and optimization processes ensures that the ad impressions your ad receives initiates, influences and ultimately drives conversions.

16 PERFORMANCE DISPLAY: WHAT YOU GET 1 Media Strategy & Planning: Identification of channels, audiences and the overall approach required to drive towards an advertiser’s business objectives. 2 3 Media Buying: Mediative will execute your campaign against the aforementioned media plan 4 Custom-Built, Dynamic Lookalike Modelling: Creation of profiles of converting user segments on your website and pattern matching that audience against the entire web ecosystem; delivering ads to those individuals using RTB technology. 5 Reporting and Insights : Regular reporting of campaign metrics and optimization tactics and insights as to the customer profile and audience make up. Campaign Management & Optimization: On-going evaluation of the campaigns performance and altering of the campaign settings, budget distribution across tactics or channels, and updates to the campaign strategy to maximize performance.


18 HOW IT WORKS OUR PROCESS & TECHNOLOGY TECHNOLOGY GAP PROPOSED FUTURE STATE 1 2 3 4 Tags are placed on all pages of the client’s site Custom Audiences are created in Mediative’s Data Management Platform Audiences are evaluated using signal analysis to identify common traits between customers who have converted. Custom audiences are created. Lookalike modelling is leveraged to identify other users who demonstrate similar behavioural characteristics Mediative’s DSP Targets those users in real time and bids for those specific impressions. 5 Mediative’s RTB algorithms learn which audiences, ad copy and campaign setting combinations are most effective at driving conversions and optimizes campaign delivery against those settings. Custom Audiences Lookalike Targeting Conversions


20 Guaranteed CPA or Volume of ConversionsGuaranteed CPA or Volume of Conversions CPC Campaigns (CPC is decidedly not performance)CPC Campaigns (CPC is decidedly not performance) HyLoMo (Version 1)HyLoMo (Version 1) PPC Advertising (Search)PPC Advertising (Search) Social Media Advertising (Version 1)Social Media Advertising (Version 1) Ad Creative DevelopmentAd Creative Development Site Specific ReportingSite Specific Reporting Video Ads or In-Stream Video AdsVideo Ads or In-Stream Video Ads Call-Tracking, Social Media Audience Acquisition, Downloads, or qualitative conversion metrics cannot be supported.Call-Tracking, Social Media Audience Acquisition, Downloads, or qualitative conversion metrics cannot be supported. WHAT THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE INTERNAL USE ONLY

21 Client must allow Mediative to effectively add tags to their site to allow for audience modelling and performance to be tracked. – Tracking Pixels will need to be placed on the client site and validated prior to campaign launch. This process will have a direct impact on the lead time required to launch the campaigns. If no tags are able to be put in place, we will need to adjust to sell a Branding or Behavioural Campaigns Client’s site should have a minimum of 40,000 unique visitors per month for Performance Campaigns; otherwise PPC or SEO may be of more value to the client for driving a direct response campaigns. Campaigns should be run for a minimum duration of 30 days for net new campaigns. An initial testing period for data collection could last for up to 2 weeks prior to campaign launch. Campaign objectives must be provided to campaign managers in the campaign checklist document. The campaign checklist document must be provided with the opportunity reaching 75% in SalesForce. If no checklist has been completed & approved, no IO can be generated. Conversions must include post click and post view impressions INTERNAL USE ONLY BUSINESS RULES HOW DO WE EXECUTE PERFORMANCE CAMPAIGNS?

22 Campaigns will typically launch within 10 business days after contract has closed. All ad copy should be provided to Mediative no less than 48 hours prior to campaign launch. Campaigns will run on Google DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM) for the desktop campaigns. Mediative can provide landing pages and ad creative as add-ons to almost all packages. Additional ad copy can be added to the campaign (48hrs turnaround SLA) Ad copy should be named with a specific theme or call-to-action should multiple ad variations be used so that ad performance can be analyzed. Campaign reporting will be delivered on a bi-weekly basis without commentary. Final reporting will be delivered within 5 business days of the campaign end date and will include commentary and future campaign recommendations. Commentary will be a joint effort between the campaign manager and sales rep. Should conversions still be occurring within the 5 day period, the report may be delayed to capture the full value of the conversions driven from the campaign. Bonus impressions/’make goods’ must be approved by Finance. INTERNAL USE ONLY BUSINESS RULES HOW DO WE EXECUTE PERFORMANCE CAMPAIGNS?

23 VERSION 1.0 Manual optimization with automated reporting and strandardized business fules & workflows VERSION 1.1 Increased Automation & Supported Conversions VERSION 2.0 Machine Learning VERSION 2.1 Cross-Channel Performance VERSION 2.2 Best-in-Class Solution DISPLAY FOR PERFORMANCE PRODUCT ROADMAP PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS Lead Generation & E- Commerce Conversion Optimization Standardized, Operations Workflows Automated Performance Reporting Desktop Performance Programmatic/RTB PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS Adding in Call Tracking, Conversion Optimization Look-a-like reporting & Basic Modelling On-demand Client- facing reporting Site blacklist database Dynamic Ad Creative PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS Dynamic Audience Development & Integration into DSP Increased Optimization Automation & Process Workflows Machine Learning Optimization Knowledge Base by Vertical PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS Integration w/ HyLoMo, Social Ads, GDN, PPC, etc. Cross-Channel Management (Display as a Service) Cross Channel Reporting PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS Advanced Attribution Modelling & Click Path Reporting June 2014Aug 2014TBD Per Paul Ryan’s Plans2015


25 Opportunity Identified PRE-SALES PROCESS 75% 50%100% Meeting with Campaign Manager IO Created Pixels Given to Client IO SignedCampaign Launch 0% 10 Business Days MANDATORY SF CHECK: Checklist Completed & Approved by CM to generate a IO MANDATORY SF CHECK: Pixel Tracking Validated to confirm “GO” to sign IO BUSINESS CONTROLS ENSURING COMPLIANCE WITH BUSINESS RULES


27 27 KEY CONTACTS HOW TO GET SUPPORT Pre-Sale Support: Campaign Managers Reach out to your campaign managers for pre-sale questions & support including project validation, proposals, IOs, & Tracking Code Development Campaign Objectives: Campaign Managers CMs will be the point of contact for project validating the performance campaign criteria have been met, create tracking codes, billing, and providing reports. Product Manager: Kyle Grant Kyle will be able to answer any product-related questions regarding product definition, pricing, options, or product integration. Product Thought-Leaders: Claudia Ortiz Claudia can be available for strategic consultation, account reviews & specific questions.

28 OPERATIONAL OBJECTIVE PROVE OUR CAPABILITIES TO DRIVE PERFORMANCE Our objective is to drive the lowest eCPA for our clients possible leveraging every potential tactic at our disposal. Our focus needs to be on advertiser performance and driving conversions rather than focusing on Mediative Margin. We are pricing based on average CPM and therefore we can bid higher on high converting inventory, even higher than the sale CPM price, with the goal to average out lower than the CPM in the IO.

29 1.Add a New Advertiser in Bid Manager 2.Create Conversion Pixels in Bid ManagerPixels 3.Add/Upload Ad Creative 4.Create Insertion Order 1.Set IO Name 2.Set Start & End Dates 3.Set Budget 4.Set Page URL 5.Create Line Items 1.Set Targeting 2.Set Bids 3.Pick how to count Conversions 4.Assign Creative 6.Confirm campaign status SETTING-UP CAMPAIGNS IN DBM

30 vCPM dynamically changes a line item's bid based on the likeliness that an individual impression is going to perform well, such as lead to a click or conversion. Algorithm-based technology to assist in driving towards a targeted CPA VARIABLE CPM (vCPM) PERFORMANCE-DRIVEN DYNAMIC BIDDING Implement controls to ensure CPMs do not exceed targets Target ROI, CPC or CPC (We will not use CPC) Target ROI, CPC or CPC (We will not use CPC) Prioritize Performance vs. Spend Targets

31 STANDARDIZED LINE ITEM TACTICS PERFORMANCE CAMPAIGN STRATEGY Advertiser Objective Conversion Definition Campaign StrategyTacticsRemarketingChannel Targeting Audience 1 st Party Data Targeting Semantic & Contextual Targeting Facebook ExchangeLookalike ModellingDynamic Ads Performance campaigns should test any tactic aligned to the overall campaign strategy. Performance will dictate which tactics are continued to be funded and others dropped. Tactics may be used independently or in combination for maximum results

32 REMARKETING AUDIENCE DEVELOPMENT Retargeting pixels will need to come from Lotame with conversion pixels coming from DBM. Request CTAX pixels from Data team breaking out each site section, as necessary, for detailed audience segmentation. Data team will go into Lotame to ensure that the retargeting segment has been created and push that to DBM and Appnexus Tags will be sent to client for Implementation Data team will get confirmation pixel has been implemented

33 STANDARDIZED OPTIMIZATION FREQUENCY CADENCE OF IN-DEPTH CAMPAIGN CHECK-INS Campaign Duration Launch Date 24 Hrs 48 Hrs 25% of Duration 50% of Duration 75% of Duration Final Report Note: Longer duration campaigns should have a minimum of a weekly check-in on performance

34 Tactics to Optimize Performance Campaigns? Budget Alignment to Top Performing line Items Audience Segment Performance Optimization Dayparting (Time of Day & Day of Week) Geotargeting Ad Copy Performance (Ad Version & Size) Optimization Ad Exchange Optimization Site Blacklisting & Whitelisting Segment Performance Analysis Above vs. Below the fold Analysis Device Type segmentation Browser Type segmentation Language segmentation Reach & Frequency Analysis – Incremental CPA impact for each additional impression Conversion Funnel Abandonment OPTIMIZATION TACTICS BEST PRACTICES CLAUDIA

35 OPTIMIZATION CHECKLIST CheckpointResponsibleChecklist 24 HrsProgrammatic Specialist  Ensure all ads are serving in all line items  Review initial targeting & campaign settings are correct 48 HrsProgrammatic Specialist  Review budget pacing & adjust bids  Identify abnormal CTR (Ident. Click Fraud)  Review campaign delivery against settings 25%Campaign Manager  Line Item Performance Analysis  Campaign Brand Safety Settings Analysis  Audience Performance Review  Review Budget allocation by Channel  Geo-targeting Analysis  Network Performance Analysis  Add Category Exclusions  Day Parting Analysis by TOD/Day of Week 50%Programmatic Specialist & Campaign Manager  Ad Copy Performance  Line Item Performance Analysis  Audience Performance Review  Above the Fold vs. Below the Fold Analysis  Frequency Capping Analysis  Performance Trend Analysis & Optimization Review  Strategy & Tactical Adjustment 75%Campaign Manager  Line Item Performance Analysis  Campaign Brand Safety Settings Analysis  Audience Performance Review  Review Budget allocation by Channel  Geo-targeting Analysis  Network Performance Analysis  Add Category Exclusions  Day Parting Analysis by TOD/Day of Week EXAMPLE TO BE VALIDATED This checklist will be validated with the Programmatic team in the near future to ensure it is complete and aligns to best practices.


37 MEDIATIVE’S TECHNOLOGY OVERVIEW THE TOOLS TO EXECUTING PERFORMANCE Sales order Campaign management Campaign delivery Reporting Opportunity is created in Salesforce with media plan Campaign managers verify avails in Operative and create sales order (or IO) to be signed. Sales order is created. Campaign managers create media plan If opportunity reaches 75% closing prob. Sales order is pushed to Operative Ad Servers Programmatic RTB Campaigns delivered to the Mediative ad network (i.e.:publisher sites) are pushed to Google DFPP Campaign reportFinance/Billing report Operative imports delivery data from dfp on a daily basis which can be viewed on a campaign, sales order or line item level directly from the Operative UI. BI Complete delivery logs are extracted from DFP and AppNexus and inserted in the BI database on a daily basis. Mobile Semantic targeting Keyword contextual targeting Audience data Demand-side platforms (DSP) Ad Exchanges Targeting helpers


39 DEFINITIONS TermDEFINITION RTB Real Time Bidding also refers to as Programmatic Buying is a new method of selling and buying online display advertising in real time one ad impression at a time DSP A demand-side platform (DSP) is a system that allows buyers of digital advertising inventory to manage multiple ad exchange and data exchange accounts through one interface. Real-time bidding for displaying online ads takes place within the ad exchanges, and by utilizing a DSP, marketers can manage their bids for the banners and the pricing for the data that they are layering on to target their audiences. DMP Data Management Platform which houses data from different sources and make it accessible through the ad exchange Audience Targeting Audience Targeting, Interest-based targeting, data targeting is a type of online marketing where the user is identified with certain interests and then targeted by the relevant advertising message. Retargeting Behavioral retargeting (also known as behavioral remarketing, or simply, retargeting) is a form of online targeted advertising by which online advertising is targeted to consumers based on their previous Internet actions, in situations where these actions did not result in a sale or conversion. RemarketingSee Retargeting




43 43 Margin Performance Mediative Network RON Data with RTB Client Site Remarketing HyLoMo Creative & UX Services % of Spend PRODUCT WHY WE NEED A NEW CONSTRUCT DISPLAY FOR PERFORMANCE

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