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Advanced Retargeting and Deciphering Your ROI Hafez Adel, Retargeter Lauren Vaccarello, AdRoll Moderated by: Sarah Veit Wallis, Indochino.

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1 Advanced Retargeting and Deciphering Your ROI Hafez Adel, Retargeter Lauren Vaccarello, AdRoll Moderated by: Sarah Veit Wallis, Indochino

2 Myth #1: Users have to visit your site for you to retarget them Reality: There are a variety of user behaviors that can be leveraged for a retargeting campaign

3 Myth #2: Retargeting is exclusively a bottom- funnel tactic Reality: Retargeting can be used throughout the funnel, from awareness to loyalty


5 Search Retargeting Target ads based on search queries

6 Use Case: Conquesting Target competitors’ brand names Focus ads on why you’re better Align landing page with search queries for maximum relevance and performance Tip: The more you segment, the better your campaign

7 Email Retargeting You send an email blast containing retargeting pixel code When recipients open your email, they will be tagged with your cookie Once tagged, your email recipients will see your ads throughout the web Target ads based on email opens

8 Use Case: Reinforce Email Newsletters Email + display outperforms either on their own Segment your retargeting campaign the same as your email lists Align creative with newsletter offer Tip: Use a limited time offer in your creative to create urgency and spark action

9 CRM Retargeting Target ads using your CRM data Upload your mailing list to data onboarding provider CRM data is matched with existing online profiles Users are tagged with your cookie through a database sync Users see your ads throughout the web

10 Case Study: BustedTees Objective: Re-engage dormant customers Strategy: Segment CRM based on lifetime value and recency of activity Results: 447,180 ad impressions 195 conversions (AOV: $40) 390% ROI

11 Advanced Retargeting and Deciphering Your ROI Lauren Vaccarello, VP Marketing

12 AdRoll is the Global Leader in Retargeting 8,000+ Customers #1, #3 in Marketing & Advertising America’s Most Promising Companies Fastest Growing Private Company

13 Agenda 1. Advanced segmentation 2. Dynamic creatives 3. Reach buyer across platforms 4. Maximize LTV 5. Drive incremental conversions

14 Segmentation

15 Create Custom Segments for Better Results Create segments by product types Show different message to each segment

16 What Segments Should You Create? Behavior Marketing objective

17 Skullcandy segments users for greater returns ► Greater than 3x ROAS ► $12 CPA; lower than target goals ► Launched multiple segmented campaigns to target high intent purchasers

18 Hey girl Your ads are so personal, I convert every time

19 Personalize Advertising with Liquid Ads

20 Alex and Ani Spiked Holiday Sales with Liquid Ads ► Experienced a 6.1X ROI ► Ads with the holiday promotions drove click conversion rate to 5x higher than average—resulting in a 14.6% Click Conversion Rate ► FBX Liquid CTR was 52% higher and CPC was 24% more efficient than FBX static ads


22 Reach Customers Across All Channels Be Inventory Agnostic AdRoll integrates with all the major ad exchanges. Retargeting Platform BLAHBLAHA BL

23 Performance, Scale, Conversions ► Web and FBX overlap is small ► Running across platforms results in a 34% lower CPA than Google alone ► Cross platform retargeting drives 156% more conversions than Google alone ► FBX plus site retargeting drives 2X conversions than FBX alone Facebook Compliments Web to Drive ROI


25 Couple your offline data (email or mailing lists) with your online data to create targeted ads for your visitors across the web. Increase Customer LTV with CRM Retargeting

26 Encourage Repeat Purchase ► Engage previous customers with new season lines ► Show special events, promotions for loyal customers ► Build brand loyalty Reengage with Repeat Buyers

27 Betabrand Seamlessly Builds their Community with AdRoll ► Drives a 5.5x ROI by improving bottom-of-the-funnel conversions ► Uses LiquidAds to create custom ads at scale and grow engagement for their Model Citizen program

28 Measure Your Retargeting Lift Know exactly how much revenue retargeting is generating ► Measure your retargeting with A/B testing solution ► Focus on incremental conversions ► Avoid retargeting leads that would have naturally converted

29 1. You already have the most powerful data, Use it. 2. Create custom segments for better targeting 3. Personalize your ads for stronger results 4. Be everywhere your prospects and customers are 5. Market to customers to increase lifetime value 6. Focus on incremental returns Wrapping it Up

30 Thank You! Sarah Wallis, COO at Indochino Lauren Vaccarello, VP Marketing at AdRoll @LaurenV and @AdRoll Hafez Adel, Sr. Director of Marketing at ReTargeter

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