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Strategies for explosive growth PPC Growth Hacking/Cheating.

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1 Strategies for explosive growth PPC Growth Hacking/Cheating

2 Academy (UK) #PPCGrowthHacking #SPWK 750 GA questions answered Welcome Phil Pearce PPC and Analytics Expert Freelancer @philpearce

3 Fun fact, I`m an Identical Twin... ”I successfully cloned myself to increase my productivity” ;)

4 Agenda 1.Traditional PPC model 2.What is Growth Hacking + Examples 3.What is PPC growth hacking + Examples 4.Learnings & Cross industry examples 5.So… Apply it to my Website 6.Take aways 7.Resources

5 What is PPC Growth? Adwords Marketing Conversion Data Sales Growth Classic model 1.Create new marketing campaign. 2.If CPA data is within target threshold = then growth achieved 3.Then Increase marketing. Repeat above steps, until threshold reached. Repeat until CPA threshold reached

6 And… needs to be Scalable, Repeatable and Sustainable. What is Growth Hacking for PPC? Adwords Marketing ProductData Growth Hacking Note: “Product” could be value-proposition or incentives

7 So…

8 2x Conversions = 4x CPA! (not sustainable) PPC is limited by CPA curve

9 Although… ~free assists sales growth… When creating a GA custom Multi Channel funnel report, be aware that Landing page & Google Organic KW not available (i.e not easy to separate Brand/Non-Brand SEO for above example).


11 But… PPC growth for start-ups is expensive!

12 Rapid growth using PPC, that is that sustainable? Yes, its possible…  super affiliate with 90% ppc and active for 5+years I`ve done it before!

13 But… You need to achieve Product Market Fit before starting a growth campaign. Will anyone by your Product? If you stopped trading would 40%+ users complain? Link to Product Market Fit test:

14 Ok… So you have passed Product market fit test/interview. Now what?…

15 Jump into Growth Hacking? Growth hacking is a set of tactics adopted by startups which leverage creativity, analytical data & viral marketing to sell products and gain exposure. Growth hackers focus on “low-cost“, “high impact” alternatives to traditional marketing. They utilise techniques such as SEO, content marketing, online PR, email marketing, web analytics & CRO testing. Ref :

16 What is Growth Hack-er? A growth hacker is a person whose true north is GROWTH. EVERYTHING they do is scrutinised by its potential impact on scalable growth. Great growth hackers can come from: Engineering/Development Sales backgrounds or Analytics backgrounds

17 How do you know when you find one? The key is they MUST have the ability to 1.take responsibility for growth 2.have an entrepreneurial drive regimented about the process of prioritising ideas (their own and others in the company) 4.then quickly test & refine these ideas … to find a sustainable hack.

18 What could you do with just €100 (not thousands) to achieve growth? Lastly resourcefulness!

19 PPC Growth Hacking Ideas… 1.Standard Adwords $1 * 100 clicks? 2.Open 2 Adwords accounts $50*2 + $150 credits 3.Trending News phrases with Don’t Click this Advert Campaign = 100 clicks, but 10,000 impressions & PR story. It leverages the Changes in the Algo for New advertisers in first 2weeks

20 Other ideas Ask users to create ads for you… Task: Tell a Joke using 25 characters + 70 characters. Humour Examples : Super Vacuum Cleaners Your Dirty Language is the Only thing it cant Clean! Task: Write a poem using 25 characters + 70 characters. 100 Advert poems = 0 Clicks, but 10,000 PR visits – Write your own poem, show to 100 of people.

21 PPC Algo

22 Growth Hacking examples Hotmail – P.S. I love you AirB&B – Made a Craigslist api. Drobbox – Refer a friend Facebook – Exclusive network appeal Twitter – follow celebrities Read more examples: angriffel/growth-hacking


24 And… needs to be Scalable, Repeatable and Sustainable. What is Growth Hacking for PPC? Adwords Marketing ProductData Growth Hacking Note: “Product” could be value-proposition or incentives

25 What is PPC growth… … And is`nt “growth at low cost CPA” in mature markets impossible?

26 No, not impossible but really hard!

27 Compare and Save example 1.Reverse Economies of scale due to CPA tiers 2.BPF: Google +3% kickback +5%growth kicker 3.Regulation preventing Direct Players writing good ads (e.g must mention APR variable) 4.User confusion – 1 st Advert not clear it was paid (compare to now). 5.Display URL that had Call-to-action within it ( 6.Very high CTR on generic terms 7.Obsession over one metric: CTR (no conversion tracking in early days) 8.Algo that rewarded volume with lower cpc (e.g CTR 50% weighting)

28 But it would never work now :( 1.Explosive growth 2.Position 1 became cheaper than position4! (This is due to CTR factoring, and t the time position preference) 3.Exceeded all CPA tiers. 4.Also built strong relations with Direct providers, offering state of the market reports, to add value. Compare and Save example continued…

29 But it would never work now :( Due to reduced ppc CTR on SERP and all-time KW level QS decay

30 Luck / Improvisation / Flexibility

31 Weapon of Choice PPC Tools

32 Importance of a Great Team [Image of MI team] Mean Developer Mean Developer Creative Marketer Creative Marketer Hot Data Scientist Hot Data Scientist Tea boy & Product Specialist Tea boy & Product Specialist

33 But… its like music – some of the best tunes are mixes of other peoples work. _Jackson%27s_Thriller

34 Product Idea Bid by Quality score (for Charities using Google Grants) Hack might be “prove to donators that Fund well spent”

35 Offline-2-online example of Hacks

36 Learnings from other-industries (examples) [Image of the A team]

37 Have you Heard of “Battleships”?” Growth Hacking a PPC tool…

38 Download CTR battleships

39 And… needs to be Scalable, Repeatable and Sustainable. Growth Hacking a PPC tool… Adwords Marketing (capture/test initial lead) Product (Variation on QS grader) Adwords API Data Growth Hacking Same product but different UI/Landing page - value proposition tweaked and made fun / viral… e.g every one likes to show off :)

40 Growth Hacking a PPC tool… Winner must tweet winning strategy #ctrbattleships Or take a photo them holding the Prize! #ctrbattleships Download CTR battleships

41 Also… Test hacks internally & see if they win. [Image of the A team]

42 Learn from failed Hacks (1999) “Free vs Fast postage example” (1999) SEO link buying penalties (e.g. RapGenius)

43 Account level Tests/Hacks {Param2} Article by Chad Somerville

44 Adwords scripts

45 Click Fraud Tool – I built (using 3 rd party call data & mathematics) This equates to: 39% of Spend over 60 refunded 3% over 18month log duration. Equates to: Download template here:

46 Its not entirely Google Fault… No Click2Call Conversion Data (CallMetrics) = Increase in Invalid Clicks But client unable to enable CallMetrics No inbound API for submitting structure data to Google, and no gclid lookup. The Catch22: Disclaimer

47 Auto campaigns (Free version of SpeedPPC that I built) (MS access)

48 PPC growth hack to test Search from mobile Lead capture via QR code – invoke vCard SMS to Win. App download via Paid search

49 PPC Growth Hacking/Cheating

50 Your mission should you choose to accept it…

51 So… Apply it to my Website Not so easy… Hack needs to be customised to fix business.

52 Quesitons

53 Resources e.g. Growth Hacker TV (join)

54 Don’t Hang around then!

55 Don’t share this PPC video… (Turn up sound)

56 GTM dev guide: And join GTM community on Google+

57 Richer Data – Utilise data extra data points - Advanced Valuetrack[category]/[seed]/[expansion]/[final]/?search[category]/[seed]/[expansion]/[final]/?search ={keyword}&device={ifmobile:mobile}&city={}&postalCode={lb.postalCode}&adtype={adtype}&K W={keyword}&match={matchtype} {ifcontent:c}&distribution={ifsearch:search} {ifcontent:content}&creativeid={creative}&adposition={adposition}&network={network}&placement_ca tegory={target}&placement={placeme t}&ad_param2={param2}&ad_param1={param1}&ad_insertiontext={insertionText}&adwords_productta rgetid={adwords_producttargetid}&c mpaign_exp_aceid={aceid}&seo_robots_noindex=true List: search={keyword} device={ifmobile:mobile} city={} postalCode={lb.postalCode} adtype={adtype} KW={keyword} match={matchtype}{ifcontent:c} distribution={ifsearch:search}{ifcontent:content}&creativeid={creative} adposition={adposition}&network={network}&placement_category={target}&placement={placement} ad_param2={param2} ad_param1={param1} ad_insertiontext={insertionText} adwords_producttargetid={adwords_producttargetid} campaign_exp_aceid={aceid} seo_robots_noindex=true

58 Report Automation (Require Adwords API key) Gazel for Excel using Free trial.

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