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1 e t: 800.868.4503 Battle Bridge Labs Travis R. Phipps

2 Background  17+ Years in Technology Sales & Marketing  Started an eComm biz in 2008.  Built it to the 3 rd largest online figure skating retailer in the states.  Sold it in 2014. Violated Scale & Time

3  In meantime, built a successful PPC Agency.  PPC/Paid Search is my vehicle.  Oversees the management of ½ million dollars in monthly ad spend, and generates millions of dollars for our clients every month.  Built Battle Bridge Labs and wrote the Hitchhiker’s Guide to PPC in late 2014.


5 Highlights  Theory  Testing  AdWords Tips & Tricks  Bing Ads  Facebook Ads  YouTube Advertising  Resources

6 Theory  Conversion Tracking  ROI  CPA  ROAS  AOV  CLV

7 Conversion Tracking I’ve got 2 words for you…


9 Don’t spend a single dime on advertising until you have your conversion tracking in place. Track everything. Clicks, calls, sales, email collection, etc, etc. So, what do we do with this data now that we are collecting it?

10 CPA Cost per Acquisition Cost per Lead Cost per Sale Whatever floats your boat.

11 CPA My favorite thing about online advertising is ability to quantify the success or failure of our efforts. Back in the old days, we didn’t have this luxury… What is the absolute most we can spend to acquire a lead, customer, sale, etc?

12 CPA Simple Example: $100 Product Cost of goods sold: $40 Margin: $60 Target Margin: 20% or $20 $100 - $40 - $20 = Target CPA = $40


14 Cool trick to calculate your target CPC. Target CPA x Conversion Rate.


16 Seriously, watch this… Give me a target CPA What is your average conversion rate?

17 One of my favorite KPIs (Key Performance Indicator, if you’re nasty) ROAS Return on Ad Spend!

18 Let’s say you sell Golf Clubs and Golf Tees. You probably don’t want to set you CPA at $300 to sell Golf Tees (well, you could…but that’s another story for another day). That is where ROAS comes in…we target a 5.0 (or 500%) ROAS. For every dollar we spend, we get 5 back in revenue. If you don’t keep an eye on any other number, watch your ROAS.


20 Customer Lifetime Value One who can spend the most to acquire a customer, is winning.


22 Customer Lifetime Value How do we increase what we are willing to spend?

23 Customer Lifetime Value 1.Increase Average Order Value. 2.Decrease Overhead, costs, etc. 3.Choose target CPA on CLV and NOT on Average Order Value.

24 Customer Lifetime Value

25  Hack to get customer lifetime value.  Take total revenue and divide by unique customers for a 2-3 year period of time.  $3,000,000 / 15,000

26 AdWords Basics  If you need a refresher or you’ve never bought paid traffic, well you’re out of luck. I’m guessing people want some advanced stuff,

27 AdWords Tips & Tricks  Mobile Bid Adjustments  Geo Bid Adjustments  Time of Day Bid Adjustments  Day of Week Bid Adjustments Remember when I said Conversion Rate is King?


29 AdWords Tips & Tricks  Sitelinks  Review Extensions  Call-out Extensions  Call Extensions  App Extensions More low hanging fruit.




33 AdWords Tips & Tricks  15+ Conversions – 30 Days – per Campaign  Let The Google do the work. Experiment with Conversion Optimizer and Flexible Bid Strategies.


35 AdWords Tips & Tricks  Always test two ads against each other.  Double your Click-Thru-Rate, and you double your revenue. I know, right? Ad Testing.


37 Alternative Sources of Traffic  Takes advantage of “Barriers” to entry.  Not as much competition.  You can still use some “hacks” that the more developed mediums don’t allow. Benefits

38 YouTube TrueView Advertising  Where AdWords was 10 years ago.  Easy to manage, right inside AdWords interface.  Your competitors aren’t doing it, yet…  Cheap / Free Clicks  Versatile and doesn’t have limitations of other networks. Benefits


40 Bing Ads, Facebook, and Display  Bing Ads  Pros: less competition, adding things like UET, Product Ads, Remarketing, good support, clone your AdWords account.  Cons: Only 30% of traffic (maybe less)  Strict guidelines  Less control

41 Facebook  I’m loving Facebook traffic.  Remarketing, Targeting is ridiculous. Look-a- like-Audiences.  Using the remarketing pixel on your site to target Facebook advertisers.  Laser targeted, you can target job titles (or whether they advertise on Facebook).  Consumer Behavior. Recent purchases, etc.  New Video and Product Ads (I’m excited about this).

42 Resources  VeeRoll for YouTube Advertising.    Mongoose Metrics – Call Tracking  Shopper Approved – Product Reviews





47 e t: 800.868.4503 Battle Bridge Labs Travis R. Phipps


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