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High Quality products for ship architectural aesthetics.

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1 High Quality products for ship architectural aesthetics

2 Who we are FITCOSA - Leading Industrial Business Sectors Rolling Brass Extrusion  The Company, subsidiary of Halcor, with more than sixty years experience in the manufacture and distribution of copper alloy products. Enjoys a leading position in the Greek market and a dynamic presence in international markets.  The company production plant, situated at Inofyta-Greece occupies over a 58.000 sq.meter site processing a wide range of high quality products.  Fitco is a European producer with an established reputation for quality in extruded products for deco and industrial applications.  Fitco SA is the trader for Greek market for Rolling products produced in Bulgaria.  Extensive sales and distribution network. Export oriented company with 80% of sales to more than 50 countries.  Company’s turn-over for 2010: EURO 36.000.000. Estimation for 2011 is Euro 70.000.000 Trading Financial

3 2010 FITCO’s History 2006 20032001 19951978-1985 Fitco S.A. was founded in 1978 and is engaged mainly in the manufacturing of CU fittings. In 1984 merge with COTOUR SA and 1985 starts production of Brass extrusion products. FITCO SA is certified by ISO 9002 In 2001 is becoming member of IPO and listed at Athens STOCK Exchange Absorption by Halcor SA Spin-off of Brass Rods Business Unit From Halcor SA and absorption by FITCO SA. Spin-off from Halcor SA. Trader of CU extruded products and Rolling in Greece

4  Fitco operates a Quality Management System to ISO 9001:08 and ISO 14001:04 and OHAS 18001:07 and SITAC  Our products meet the production requirements in compliance to EN, BS, DIN, ASTM as well as other international standards and specific customer demands.  Currently FITCO SA is in process of implementation of NSF INTERNATIONAL STANDARD/ NSF/ANSI 61- 2009  Drinking water system components- Health effects. Production Quality

5 Product Range - Extruded Products Brass Tubes Applications in architecture, automotive, ship building industry,decoration, construction, electrical engineering and popular art Brass Rods & Hollow Rods, profiles Manufactured in various shapes (round, square, hexagonal, profiles etc). Applications in decoration, electrical and mechanical engineering equipment, plumbing equipment, window etc Copper Bus Bar Produced in coils or straight lengths. Applications in electrical engineering

6 Product Range - Rolled Products Copper & Brass Sheets Applications in construction, decoration, electrical engineering and popular art Copper & Brass Strips/Coils Copper & Brass Circles Titanium-Zinc Sheets & Strips Sheets for architectural purposes (roofs, gutters, etc) Circles are ideally suited for decoration, popular and religious art. Production of kitchen utensils and accessories as well as for technical applications (boilers etc) Suitable for roof construction, external building cladding covering or interior facades. Sheets and strips are also used in many manufacturing industries

7 New alloy products New Free Brass alloys, for brass rods are certified, under NSF/ANSI 61-G and are available from Fitco SA. Due to the maximum lead content of 0.2%, Free Brass products are fully compliant with the California Health and Safety Code and with Vermont Act 193 concerning lead in potable water.

8 Antibacterial Copper & Copper alloys products DHP Copper 99.9% and Brass with minimum copper of 60% has antibacterial properties. Copper sheets and strips for air-tube system is an innovative application with healthy properties for internal areas and high architectural aesthetics excellence.

9 Brass tubes for hand rails and bath accessories Brass rods for knobs.

10 Thank you for attending our presentation

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