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The Electric Materials Company Right the First Time On Time Every Time.

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1 The Electric Materials Company Right the First Time On Time Every Time

2 About The Electric Materials Co  Adding value to copper since 1915  Specializing in Electrical Copper  Integrated Source for all of your Electrical Copper Requirements  Six specialized manufacturing depts. under one roof  In-house Lab & Metallurgist  In-house Engineering Support  ISO 9001:2008 Registered

3 Markets Served Locomotive Mining Steel Mills US Navy Generator Motor Utility International Transit Authorities Transformer Switchgear Distributor Paper Mills Electrical Connector

4 Quality at Electric Materials ISO 9001:2008 Registered All Copper Certified to ASTM B-187 Mica Test Reports - from Vendor plus In-house Inspection Documented Inspection Throughout the Manufacturing Processes Ongoing Training of Personnel

5 Manufacturing Departments  Extrusion Mill  Commutator  Foundry  Forge  Machine Shop: Complete detail work  Plating (Silver & Tin Electroplate)

6 The Mill  High quality copper and electrical bronze rods, bars and extruded shapes from our own specialty mills  Stamping, punching, coiling and heat treating ability  In-house tool design & manufacture for rapid service. Cast Billets Extruded Hot Drawn to Size

7 Rotor Bar

8 Commutator Department We use only Close tolerance Extruded Trapezoidal bar for increased Stability  Start to finish capability  Rebuild services  Capable of handling 5 inch through 12 foot diameters.  Spin Seasoning capabilities up to 100 inches radial.  Non Contact Profiling available

9 Assembled Commutators with Mica V Rings

10 Small Assembled Commutator

11 Dielectric Testing

12 Assembled Commutators

13 Commutator Stability Guaranteed Spin Seasoning: Up to 10,000 rpm!

14 Quality Control: Final Dimensional & Electrical Testing on 100% of all Commutators

15 Complete Commutator for High Performance Application

16 Glass Bound Commutators: Custom built to your specifications

17 Electric Materials Large Bay: Commutators up to 144” Radial Dia.

18 Inserted Risers for Lashing / Buttoning Applications

19 Large Commutator for Steel Mill Motor Application

20 Custom Packaging & Crating available

21 Collector Ring/Slip Rings

22 Foundry  Specializing in high conductivity copper, copper alloys, and aluminum castings  Ability to handle small to large volume orders, ranging in capacity from ounces to 600 lbs.

23 Centrifugally Cast Rings: 7” to 45” Dia.  Matching of electrical or chemical properties to existing end rings  Machined in-house to exact specifications Centrifugal CasterCast & MachinedFinished Rings

24 Slotted Rotor End Rings

25 Grooved Rotor End Rings

26 Centrifugally Cast Rings in a variety of Alloys to meet your specifications

27 Staging area for machined Rings

28 Forge High quality forgings in high conductivity copper, chrome copper, and brass or bronze are available to meet your requirements

29 Forge 800 – 3500 lb. forging hammers for parts up to 108 lbs. Special presses are available for close tolerance work, enhancing finish, flatness and mechanical properties. Run sizes from 1 to thousands. High quality forgings in high conductivity copper, chrome cer, and brass or bronze are available to meet your requirements.

30 Detail – Secondary Machining  New CNC Machine Centers  New Robotic Work Cell  Finish machining to your specifications  In-house Silver & Tin Electroplating

31 Custom OEM Product Silver Plated and packaged for shipping

32 Fabricated Bus Bar Systems  We design, engineer and manufacture to your specifications  We supply all bars, clamps, connectors, hardware, insulators, supports and drawings  Start to finish service – all in-house

33 Nonstop Service: Temco Express  Non Stop Emergency Service  Commutator Repair / Manufacture  Extrusions, Castings, Forgings  Your job quoted with YOUR lead-time, shipped when YOU need it

34 The Electric Materials Co “AC Rotor Experience” (SEE THE DIFFERENCE)

35 Preparation for Brazing Operation All Rotors are Induction Brazed for exceptional electrical and mechanical performance Induction Brazing produced a far superior connection than torch brazing

36 Induction Brazing Work Center

37 Induction Brazing Operation

38 Bead Blast Rotor Cleaning Process

39 Bead Blast Operation in progress

40 Bead Blast Cleaning Work Cell

41 Rotor Assembly after Bead Blast

42 Turning & Machining Center

43 Rotors after Machining

44 100% Quality Control

45 Ultrasonic Inspection

46 Painting Work Cell

47 All Rotors are Balanced

48 Completed Rotors waiting to be crated

49 Thank You for Your Interest in The Electric Materials Company

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