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Metalcolour Group Metalcolour Sweden Metalcolour Asia

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2 Metalcolour Group Metalcolour Sweden Metalcolour Asia
Metalcolour Denmark Coil Coating Cut-to-length Slitting Embossing Metalcolour Sweden Metalcolour Group Dobel® Laminated Metal Other Laminated Metal Cut-to-Length Metalcolour Asia Dobel® Laminated Metal Other Laminated Metal Cut-to-Length

3 Our Vision Metalcolour is setting the standard in a world with increasing demand for high quality coated sheet metal used in fabrication of structures and products with essential aestetic, protective or technical properties.

4 Our Mission Metalcolour develops and delivers unique and customer specific coated sheet metal solutions which enhance the competiveness of our customers by making their products easier to manufacture and more atrractive to their end users.

5 Our Expertise Technical Coating Decorative Coating
Polyester and other coating systems as well as lamination of decorative laminates for applications where design and decorative finishes are required Our Expertise Technical Coating Coil coating of primers, binders and special coating and performace laminates for applications where specific properties are required in the production process or a specific feature / charateristic in the end product

A certified product range made for environments where the safety and durability requirements are extra high, for example in public environments and onboard ships. Our Brands SILENT METAL® A series of anti-noise and vibration solutions which are developed and produced for clients in a number of different industries

7 Areas of Business Buildings
Metalcolour material is widely used in land based construction. Applications: Ceilings / Walls Doors Sound absorption panels Exterior cladding Roofing

8 Areas of Business Marine
Through the brand DOBEL® and our unique guarantee, Metalcolour is widely recognized as the highest standard within the marine industry. Applications: Walls Ceilings Doors Wet units

9 Areas of Business Household
Many things in our daily life are made from coated sheet metal. Metalcolour material is used in a variety of products including: Curtain hangers Lamps Coolers

10 Areas of Business Automotive Through our Technical Coating division a number of solutions have been tailored for the automotive industry. Each model and make has their own specification and Metalcolour has the expertice to deliver essential parts.

11 We Know Your Business Interior Wall Panels
Metalcolour is supplying to a variety of laminated metal to producers of wall panels, which are typically made as sandwich constructions. Features: Decorative and long lasting Easy handling in fabrication Low weight Sound insulating

12 We Know Your Business Doors for interior or exterior use
Producers of metal doors for interior or exterior use rely on Metalcolour. Features: Decorative Easy handling in fabrication Durability Reliability

13 We Know Your Business Automotive components
Brake pads has vital parts which can be supplied by Metalcolour. Features: Temperature resistence Durability Bonding

14 Our Strength Expirience Availability
Est. 1974 Leading niche coil coater in Europe In depth knowledge of the market Our Strength Availability Large stock of standard material Fast deliveries 3 production facilities Sales organization Customer Driven Professional and long term support and partnership We innovate and produce to generate value to our clients

15 Customer Focus Make Money for The Customer Trust
Our products, the way we work and the suppliers we use make it worthwhile to choose Metalcolour Our solutions should always save time, add value and increase profitability for our customers Trust Customer Focus Open communication Quality in all we do; products and services Always delivering fast, straight forward and correct answers Flexible Fast and flexible Always easy to work with Metalcolour and its products / solutions. The pace is high in all we do

16 Innovation Close cooperation with designers, suppliers and end-users delivering value to the production process and/or creating features valued by the end-user. Let more than 40 years of sheet metal coating be part of your product development and value creation process


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