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Modeling the Mighty PRR In S Scale Today Phila Chapter PRR T&HS Modelers Meeting June 7, 2008.

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1 Modeling the Mighty PRR In S Scale Today Phila Chapter PRR T&HS Modelers Meeting June 7, 2008

2 There is “nothing” made in S Scale! I don’t “play” with American Flyer! If this were true, how do I own a VERY extensive collection of there is “nothing” made in S Scale? None of the following models have anything to do with American Flyer !

3 Why Choose S Scale? When I switched to S Scale from HO in 1987, the scale was at the beginning of a rebirth, with some nicely detailed generic plastic models available. Since that time, the growth and availability of new products and rolling stock has been nothing short of amazing. My interest in the PRR has evolved and grown along with the growth of S Scale. The Mighty Pennsy accounts for a large portion of the S Scale market. I will show you that you can plan and build a viable PRR layout with the products that are currently available. While there is not the total diversity of rolling stock that HO has, most major class pieces have been made, with more on the way. S Scale is approximately 33% larger then HO, (1:64th or 3/16” = 1”) for those “aging HO eyes.” Unlike O Scale “standard gauge”, which actually scales out to be 5 feet wide, S Scale has the correct standard gauge track width. Furthermore, BTS (formally Bills Train shop) is producing the East Broad Top in Sn3 in its entirety if you want to add a prototypical narrow gauge line. The following is a current listing of accurately detailed models that have been or are being produced for PRR Prototypes, or can be easily made into reasonably accurate PRR models with some minor details added. While the detail level of the stock S Scale models is good to outstanding, my modeling for the past 10 years has been changing something to make it unique or superdetailing to make the model mine. Most of the models shown are mine. With that said most of the models shown here are not stock out of the box, but that is what Model Railroading is all about anyway. I have at least one of most of the models listed here, but they may not be painted yet.

4 Brass Models My “small” obsession! The PRR has been pretty well represented for a minority scale in most categories of brass rolling stock Most new S Brass is underpriced when compared to HO and O Scale models. Most new S brass was and still is bought directly from the importer. (Overland in the late 80s and early 1990s was the exception)

5 Brass Steam Locomotives Most of the S Scale PRR steam engines were imported by the S Scale only company Omnicon and were built by Samhongsa Omnicon K4As Built L1As Built M1As Built M1aAs Built I1Modernized River Raisin Models J1Cast Frame Version

6 Omnicon K4 Modernized by Jack Bounds

7 K4 5495

8 My K4 5495 in progress


10 Omnicon L1 Modernized by me

11 Omnicon M1

12 Omnicon M1a Modernized by me

13 My Omnicon M1b In Progress


15 Omnicon Models I1

16 River Raisin J1 With cast frame

17 Brass Diesels Many PRR brass diesels have been produced in S Scale, mostly from Overland Models. River Raisin Models has made diesels as well. The larger size makes sound unit installation much easier!

18 Alco Models RS Series The First Brass Loco In S Scale

19 Overland Models E7 A & B

20 Overland Models E8a E8a were rerun by River Raisin in 1991

21 Overland Models Alco FA FB

22 Overland Models Alco S Series Switchers S4 Shown

23 River Raisin Models 44 Tonner In Progress

24 Sunset Models GP7 Passenger Version

25 Greenbrier Models GP30 Managed by BTS

26 River Raisin Models SD9 I own 2 of 16 S Scale models built

27 River Raisin Models BF16

28 Brass Freight Cars Southwind Models F30

29 Southwind Models F34

30 Southwind GLca GLcb not shown

31 River Raisin GLd

32 Pennsy S Models G26

33 Pennsy S Models G26a

34 Southwind Models H21a

35 Southwind Models H22

36 Southwind Models H25

37 Southwind Models H31b

38 Southwind Models H31c

39 River Raisin Models H30

40 River Raisin Models H30a

41 River Raisin Models H32

42 River Raisin Models X31a

43 River Raisin Models X33a

44 X33a converted to X32a My First Brass Bash c1992

45 Pennsy S Models X29 REA Version

46 Pennsy S Models X29 Freight Versions

47 Overland Models N5 My first Cabin Car paint job

48 Overland Models N5b

49 Overland Models N5c

50 Southwind Models N6

51 Southwind Models N8

52 Southwind Models Y4 Scale Test Car

53 Brass Passenger Cars Southwind Models B60 & B60b

54 Southwind Models R50b

55 Southwind Models P70r Factory Painted They will be stripped and repainted at some point

56 Brass Models Not Shown Alco Models RS2 & RS3 River Raisin Models SD7, E8, Airslide Hopper 1965 version, GLf (Unpainted) Overland Models F3, F7, F9, S1, S2, RS11 Oriental SW1, SW7, SW9, SW1200 & NW2 Sunset Models GP9 Southwind Models12-1 & 13 DB Pullmans, GLca hopper, N6 Center & Lines West Cupola

57 Plastic & Other Models BTS American Models S Helper Service Putt Trains (Formally Rex Trains) Des Plaines Hobbies Pacific Rail Shops (Now Des Plaines Hobbies) S Scale America (Now Des Plaines Hobbies) Funaro & Camerlengo

58 Putt Trains (Formerly Rex) B6

59 American Models Baldwin S12

60 American Models PA-1 & PB-1 My A B A Set in progress

61 American Models GG1

62 American Models K4 Streamlined

63 American Models GP9 Heavily reworked in 1990

64 American Models FP7

65 American Models E8

66 American Models TrainMaster

67 American Models RS3

68 American Models FA-2 & FB-2

69 American Models GP35

70 Omnicon BF16 Urethane

71 S Helper Service SW1

72 S Helper Service SW9

73 S Helper Service F7a & F7b

74 Funaro & Camerlengo FM Sold as Central Hobby Supply c1990s

75 S Helper Service F41

76 BTS (Formally Bills Train Shop) F39 (Pewter)

77 Funaro & Camerlengo GRa Sold as Central Hobby Supply c1990s

78 S Scale America G24 (Des Plaines Hobbies)

79 S Helper Service GLd

80 S Helper Service GLf

81 S Helper Service H34c

82 S Scale America H39 Hand Built Prototype (On Left) and a Production Model (Assembly required)

83 S Helper Service X26 & X26c

84 Pacific Rail Shops X37b Special Run For The South Jersey S Scalers 1995

85 Pacific Rail Shops X41b Special Run for 1993 NASG/NMRA Convention

86 Kaslo Shops N5c

87 S Helper Service 12-1 Pullman

88 S Helper Service 10-1-2 Pullman Café Car Not Shown

89 Known Future Plastic Models S Helper Service NW2, E7 A & B due 2008-2009 Des Plaines Hobbies X29 Plastic & Urethane Models Not Shown BTS - H21 and P54 flat panel kits American Models U25b (Undecorated)

90 Track Shinohara Code 100 flextrack Code 100 #6 & 8 turnouts S Helper Service Code 125 flextrack built to PRR Mainline standards Code 125 turnouts with wood ties are in development Tomalco Code 70/83/100 flextrack, turnouts, crossings and track accessories Fast Tracks Turnout and frog building fixtures and jigs for code 83 to 125. Laser cut turnout tie kits.

91 Links Of Interest National Association of S Gaugers NASG Convention Lowell Mass August 5-10, 2008 Lanes Trains Pennsy S Models

92 ALL of this S Scale looks good Bill! But I already have SO much rolling stock in ______ Scale. How can I switch scales now?

93 Sell it all NOW! Bidders are standing by!

94 S Scale today is not your old American Flyer. It is also not the Scratchbuilders scale that it was years ago. This is where I could have continued the listing by including the many other plastic R-T-R and kit form cars that are available. However, the focus for this article is accurate PRR prototypes. Even the most discriminating modeler in any scale has to fill in the rolling stock collection with more generic models Considering that 80% of the above models were not available when I switched to S Scale in 1987, I truly believe that S Scale will only continue to grow at a faster rate then it has previously. What attracted me is that it was a minority scale. I can be a little obsessive. There was not the pressure of wanting everything that I might have had in HO. You can get everything if you want. However, even if you did that, you would still have a sizable collection and investment as you have seen. You can also call up the owner of a company at home to make modeling or project suggestions. It very well could get made. I know that to be true, because I have done it. Try that with any of the major manufacturers in other scales! S Scale is a close knit community of people and friends that enjoy the common bond of modeling in the scale between HO and O Scale.

95 End Markers Questions?

96 All text and photography © Bill Lane 2008 Some photos were “borrowed” from the manufacturer's website in the name of the promotion of modeling the PRR in S Scale No websites or photos were harmed in the production of this presentation See for more of what has been made in S Scale in roads other then

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