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Comparison/Contrast Essay

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1 Comparison/Contrast Essay
Bless Me, Ultima By Rudolfo Anaya

2 Usually four paragraph essay
Block format Deals with all features of first subject before moving to second subject Usually four paragraph essay

3 Block format Paragraph 1--Introduction Paragraph 2— II. Anaya
A. feature 1 B. feature 2 C. feature 3

4 Block format Paragraph 3— III. Antonio A. feature 1
B. feature 2 C. feature 3 Paragraph 4—Conclusion

5 Point-by-Point format
Select three features that deal with both subjects Cover each feature with both subjects Then move to next feature Usually five paragraph essay

6 Point-by-Point format
Paragraph 1—introduction Paragraph 2— II. Feature 1 A. Anaya B. Antonio

7 Point-by-Point format
Paragraph 3— III. Feature 2 A. Anaya B. Antonio Paragraph 4— IV. Feature 3

8 Point-by-Point format
Paragraph 5—Conclusion

9 Cue Words Like Similar to Also Similarly In the same way Likewise
Again Compared to At the same time Conversely Unlike In contrast Contrasted with However On the contrary Although Even though Despite But While On the one hand, on the other hand

10 Example topic sentences for paragraphs
Using cue words Example topic sentences for paragraphs Compared to Central, Whitthorne… Like Central, Whitthorne Middle… Despite their similar locations, Columbia Central and Whitthorne are different types of schools.

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