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Using Social Media at UNC Ronna Johnston – Director, Web Communications Jesse Clark - Webmaster.

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1 Using Social Media at UNC Ronna Johnston – Director, Web Communications Jesse Clark - Webmaster

2 “Technology that allows end users to engage in multi-directional conversations in or around the content on the website.” From: Social media builds relationships What is Social Media

3 Social Media Tools Facebook YouTube Flickr Twitter LinkedIn Blogs Foursquare We will focus on Facebook today

4 UNC Social Media Presence All approved pages will be listed on UNC’s Social Media “portal”. Social Media “portal Social Media portal will be linked on UNC’s home and other major pages The Official UNC page will be managed through Evan Welch and Student ActivitiesOfficial UNC page

5 Planning a Facebook Page Who is our audience? What are our goals? How does this fit into our communications? How is this different than our Web site? How will we keep an eye on security? How will we keep content fresh? What will keep our audiences engaged?

6 Audience Examples Prospective students Current students Parents Prospective donors Alumni Since Likes and comments are shared among diverse friends, audience can be anyone.

7 Facebook Sharing Friends are notified when you “like” a page and you can share a page.

8 Goal Examples Overall goal: Increasing engagement, expanding reach Specifically: Creating buzz about events Getting feedback Getting ideas Providing information Connecting people

9 Facebook is Not a Website Facebook is for participation and conversation Facebook is not for simply adding announcements and logging off

10 The Commitment Takes time and planning Pages must be monitored Posts must be added Questions and requests must be addressed Advice: find someone who is active in Social Media to help you

11 What’s the Content? Conventional is okay, just don’t use it exclusively Goal is to stimulate and guide conversation Have some fun – Add video, photos – Ask questions – Have contests

12 Developing Content Find some alumni who will post comments Ask faculty to post info and comments Be an expert in something Pass questions/comments to appropriate dept Schedule posts for the semester Find informal advisors

13 Post/Comment Examples

14 Post/Comments Examples

15 Post/Comment Examples

16 Greeley Smells We are used to controlling the message We can counterbalance negative comments Above all, be authentic Never never be defensive or condescending Okay to remove certain comments!/terms.php

17 The Guidelines Approval – Need two faculty/staff employee administrators for department site – Student clubs can contact Student Activities to work with Clubs and Orgs G.A. Account Responsibility – Admins are responsible for following all guidelines and policies, including FERPA

18 The Guidelines Spam, viruses, malware, the usual bad guys Any application added to your site should be approved by IMT, even those listed on Facebook Educate students working with your site If you question a posted link, Google it or call User Support

19 The Guidelines Consistency – Consistent names – Ask Web Comm for profile image – Get images form UNC’s site, – for logos – Add links to other UNC Facebook pages (favorites), including official main page

20 The Guidelines Inappropriate Content

21 The Guidelines When to Remove a Comment From Facebook – You will not bully, intimidate, or harass any user. – You will not post content that: is hateful, threatening, or pornographic; incites violence; or contains nudity or graphic or gratuitous violence. – You will not use Facebook to do anything unlawful, misleading, malicious, or discriminatory.

22 The Guidelines When to Remove a Comment From UNC Social Guidelines Inappropriate content includes advertising, endorsement of products, discussion of legal matters affecting the university or political endorsements. Likewise, spam, flaming, personal attacks, and off- topic comments are not permitted and these types of comments should be removed or screened out if comments are reviewed first.

23 Removing a Post or Comment

24 Best Practices Establish Goals Manage the Page Protect yourself and others – Don’t post personal info and remove posts/comments that do Disclose your identity Be accurate

25 Best Practices Monitor Comments – Several times daily – Includes weekends and holidays – Questions and requests must be addressed Be a valued member – Share resources Think first – Refer media to UNC’s Public Relations

26 Best Practices Be professional – Grammar, spelling, punctuation – Tone – Comments – Photos, video – Train and monitor all students

27 Promote Your Page Email Newsletters Print Social Media Web Cross Promote

28 Top 10 1. LSU 323,997LSU 2. Texas A&M University 254,302Texas A&M University 3. University of Michigan 225,634University of Michigan 4. The University of Texas at Austin - Official Page 209,345The University of Texas at Austin - Official Page 5. The Ohio State University 198,748The Ohio State University 6. Penn State 163,617Penn State 7. The University of Oklahoma 157,500The University of Oklahoma 8. University of Florida 152,691University of Florida 9. Mizzou 145,211Mizzou 10. University of Kentucky 138,497University of Kentucky

29 Resources UNC Social Media Guidance Group UNC Social Media Users meetings Websupport site Rachel Facebook help

30 Going Live Read the guidelines Send in an application, receive notice Start your page!/help/?faq=1280 9&tq!/help/?faq=1280 9&tq Notify Web Communications Link will appear on Promote your page

31 Summary New territory Need to be thoughtful Need to be secure Take it seriously We will learn together

32 Questions

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