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5/3/20151 Shelflisting: Part 2 Details, Applications --DRAFT--

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1 5/3/20151 Shelflisting: Part 2 Details, Applications --DRAFT--

2 5/3/20152 Editions: Same Author & Title If a subsequent edition has the same author, title, & class number, assign the same Cutter number as the previous editions. A date is used to distinguish between the earlier and later editions. PN1995.K23 1970 Going steady / Pauline Kael. -- 1 st ed. -- Boston : Little, Brown, 1970. PN1995.K23 1994 Going steady : film writing, 1968-1969 / Pauline Kael. – New York : M. Boyars, 1994.

3 5/3/20153 Editions: Variation in Title If the title changes on the subsequent edition, but the author and class number are the same, assign the same Cutter number as the previous edition. PE1408.F478 The way to write / by Rudolf Flesch. – New York : Harper, 1947. PE1408.F478 1949 A new guide to better writing / by Rudolf Flesch & A.H. Lass. – New York : Harper & Row, 1949. PE1408.F478 1996 The classic guide to better writing / by Rudolf Flesch and A.H. Lass. – 50th anniversary ed. -- New York : HarperPerennial, c1996. Rev. ed. of: A new guide to better writing, which was originally published as The way to write.

4 5/3/20154 Editions: Pre/Post AACR2 If both the author and title change, but the classification remains the same, use the same book number unless the earlier edition was cataloged prior to AACR2 (in that case Cutter to the new author) use the same guidelines for title main-entry situations.

5 5/3/20155 Editions: Pre/Post AACR2 Example Z696.U4 I5 1971 Immroth, John Phillip. A guide to the Library of Congress classification. – 1971. Z696.U4 C47 1999 Chan, Lois Mai. A guide to the Library of Congress classification / by Lois Mai Chan. – 5th ed. -- 1999.

6 5/3/20156 Editions: Post AACR2 HB171.5.M187 1993 Macroeconomics / Richard G. Lipsey... [et al.]. 10th ed. c1993. HB171.5.M187 1996 Lipsey, Richard G., 1928- Macroeconomics / Richard G. Lipsey, Paul N. Courant. 11th ed. c1996.

7 5/3/20157 Editions: Class Number Change If a subsequent edition should be assigned a different class number, the editions are not kept together. JX1952.V38 1964 An inquiry into the nature of peace and the terms of its perpetuation / Thorstein Veblen. [New ed.] New York, A.M. Kelley, bookseller, 1964. JZ5560.V43 1998 The nature of peace / Thorstein Veblen ; with a new introduction by Warren J. Samuels. New Brunswick, N.J. : Transaction Publishers, c1998. Originally published: An inquiry into the nature of peace and the terms of its perpetuation. New York : Macmillan, 1917.

8 5/3/20158 Abridgements For abridgements, condensations, or selections from an individual work, add 2 to the last Cutter The date reflects the publication date of the abridgement Do not apply to selections from an author’s works (use author specific schedule or the biography table)

9 5/3/20159 Abridgement Example 05000‡a S591 ‡b.B79 2002 1001_‡a Brady, Nyle C. 24514‡a The nature and properties of soils / ‡c Nyle C. Brady, Ray R. Weil. 250‡a 13th ed. 05000‡a S591 ‡b.B792 2004 1001_‡a Brady, Nyle C. 24510‡a Elements of the nature and properties of soils / ‡c Nyle C. Brady, Ray R. Weil. 500‡a Abridged ed. of: The nature and properties of soils. 13th ed. c2002.

10 5/3/201510 Selections from [a work] 05000‡a BV4501.3 ‡b.L39 2002 1001_‡a Law, William, ‡d 1686-1761. 24512‡a A serious call to a devout and holy life / ‡c William Law ; preface by William Sloane Coffin, Jr. 05000‡a BV4501.3 ‡b.L392 2005 1001_‡a Law, William, ‡d 1686-1761. 24010‡a Serious call to a devout and holy life. ‡k Selections 24510‡a Selections from A serious call to a devout and holy life / ‡c William Law...

11 5/3/201511 (1) No Date Assigned to: Serials (including supplements that are serials): 05014‡a Z1035 ‡b.B545 Suppl. 24500‡a The best books for academic libraries. ‡p Supplement. 260__‡a New Providence, NJ : ‡b Best Books, ‡c c2004-

12 5/3/201512 (2) No Date Assigned to: Supplements (monograph example) 05000‡a VM464 ‡b.L94 2000 Suppl. 1101_‡a Washington (State). ‡b Spill Prevention, Preparedness and Response Program 24510‡a 2002 update to the December 2000 report … 260__‡a Olympia, WA : ‡b Dept. of Ecology, Publications Distribution Center, ‡c [2002]

13 5/3/201513 (3) No Date Assigned to: Indexes (including indexes that are monographs): 05000‡a ML5 ‡b.E857 Index 1001_‡a Bomberger, E. Douglas, ‡d 1958-- 24513‡a An index to music published in The etude magazine, 1883-1957 … 260__‡a Lanham, Md. : ‡b Scarecrow Press ; ‡a [United States] : ‡b Music Library Association, ‡c 2004.

14 5/3/201514 (4) No Date Assigned to: Monographic Series (if serial & classed together): Analytic (series call number plus vol. number): 050_4‡a QE1 ‡b.L43 24500‡a Lecture notes in earth sciences. 260__‡a Berlin, ‡a New York, ‡b Springer-Verlag, ‡c 1985- 24504‡a Sedimentary and evolutionary cycles … 260__‡a Berlin ; ‡a New York : ‡b Springer-Verlag, ‡c c1985. 440_0‡a Lecture notes in earth sciences ; ‡v 1 85200‡b geononc ‡h QE1 ‡i L43 1 (LC)

15 5/3/201515 Assign Call No. Dates to Monograph Analytics for Classed-Separately Series Series record: Analytic: 05000‡a CLASSED SEPARATELY 24500‡a Lecture notes in physics.. 260__‡a Berlin ; ‡a New York : ‡b Springer-Verlag, ‡c 1969- 05000‡a QB791.4 ‡b.S77 1994 24504‡a The structure and content of molecular clouds … 440_0‡a Lecture notes in physics ; ‡v 439 260__‡a Berlin ; ‡a New York : ‡b Springer-Verlag, ‡c c1994.

16 5/3/201516 Assign Call No. Dates to Classed- Together Multiparts (Cover) Cover record for multipart: Assign the date of the first/earliest part of the multipart 05000‡a BV5075 ‡b.M37 1991 1001_‡a McGinn, Bernard, ‡d 1937- 24514‡a The presence of God : ‡b a history of Western Christian mysticism … 260__‡a New York : ‡b Crossroad, ‡c 1991-

17 5/3/201517 Assign Call No. Dates to Classed- Together Multiparts (Analytic) Analytic Record: 05000 BV5075 ‡b.M37 1991 vol. 3 1001_‡a McGinn, Bernard, ‡d 1937- 24514‡a The flowering of mysticism : ‡b men and women in the new mysticism (1200-1350) … 260__‡a New York : ‡b Crossroad, ‡c c1998. 8001_‡a McGinn, Bernard, ‡d 1937- ‡t Presence of God ; ‡v vol. 3.

18 5/3/201518 No Date Assigned to Multipart if Part of a C.T. Series (1) Cover record for the series: The cover record for a non-multipart series is coded as a serial A date is never added to the call number for serials 24500‡a Samlingar utgivna av Svenska fornskriftsällskapet. ‡n Ser. 2, ‡p Latinska skrifter. 260__‡a Uppsala, ‡b Almqvist & Wiksell, ‡c 1924- 85201‡b sml ‡h DL601 ‡i S84 ‡x anlyz 85201‡b sml ‡h DL601 ‡i S84+ ‡m Oversize‡x anlyz

19 5/3/201519 No Date Assigned to Multipart if Part of a C.T. Series (2) Analytic multipart record for series: If the multipart is part of a classed-together series, no date is added; the call number ends with the series no. of the first volume followed by,etc.; include a caption if used with volume designation 1000_‡a Bridget, ‡c of Sweden, Saint, ‡d ca. 1303-1373. 24510‡a Opera minora / ‡c Sancta Birgitta. 260__‡a Uppsala, ‡b Almqvist & Wiksell, ‡c 1972-1991. 300‡a 3 v. ; ‡c 28 cm. 440_0‡a Samlingar utgivna av Svenska fornskriftsällskapet. ‡n Ser. 2., ‡p Latinska skrifter ; ‡v Bd. 8 85201‡b sml ‡h DL601 ‡i S84 Bd. 8, etc. ‡m Oversize

20 5/3/201520 More Than One Date ImprintDate in Call Number 1981, c19801981 1971, c19721972 1979 [i.e. 1978]1978 1962 or 19631962 1969 (1973 printing)1969 1980 printing, c19571957 between 1977 and 19801977 1979-19811979

21 5/3/201521 Questionable Date ImprintDate in 050852 (local) 2008 [rec’d 2007]2008same 1976?1976same ca. 19761976same 197--1970z [if corporate body, use 1970] 1970Z [if corporate body, use 1970] 19--1900z [if corporate body, use 1900] 1900Z [if corporate body, use 1900] 19--?1900z [if corporate body, use 1900] 1900Z [if corporate body, use 1900]

22 5/3/201522 Work Letters Use capital letters Use A for photocopies and facsimiles (narrowly defined) Do not use A with reprint publications that use the same typeface (which publishers sometimes call “facsimile editions”)

23 5/3/201523 Work Letters: Photocopy (“A”) Consider as a photocopy any reprint-on-demand item. 24510‡a The kingdom of Fouta Diallon … 260__‡c 1965. 533__‡a Photocopy. ‡b Ann Arbor, Mich. : ‡c University Microfilms International, ‡d 1988. ‡e 22 cm. 85200‡b sml ‡h GN652 F9 ‡i H37 1965A (LC) 24513‡a Le slave commun / ‡c A. Meillet. 260__‡a Paris, ‡b H. Champion, ‡c 1934. 533__‡a Photocopy. ‡b [Agawam, Mass.] : ‡c Bridgeport Bindery, ‡d 1999. ( 538 p. ; 28 cm.) 85200‡b sml ‡h PG59 ‡i M45 1934A+ ‡m Oversize

24 5/3/201524 Work Letters: Reprints (No “A”) Consider a reprint publication to be a new edition 05000‡a E882 ‡b.T37 2004 1001_‡a Tarpley, Webster Griffin. 24510‡a George Bush : ‡b the unauthorized biography … 250__Facsimile ed. 260__‡a Joshua Tree, CA : ‡b, ‡c c2004 ‡g (2005 printing). 500__‡a Originally published: Washington, D.C. : Executive Intelligence Review, 1992.

25 5/3/201525 Work Letter: Facsimile 05000‡a TC171 ‡b.L3597 2001a 1000_‡a Leonardo, ‡c da Vinci, ‡d 1452-1519. 24010‡a Codex Leicester 24513‡a Il Codice Leicester, Codice Hammer / ‡c Leonardo da Vinci. 260__‡a [Napoli : ‡b A.E.S. Art Books, ‡c 2001] 500__‡a Facsimile reprint of mss. discovered in 1690 now owned by Bill Gates.

26 5/3/201526 Work Letters: Questionable Date Use work letter Z for questionable dates 008q 1900 1980 24510‡a The best of Gilbert & Sullivan : ‡b 42 favorite songs from the G & S repertoire / ‡c [W.S. Gilbert, Arthur Sullivan]. 260__‡a [New York] : ‡b Chappell Music, ‡c [19--] 85200‡b dra ‡h M1620.3 ‡i S949 1900Z (LC)+ ‡m Oversize

27 5/3/201527 Volume Numbers Volume numbers are used to differentiate call numbers for analytics of series. For serial monographic series, no date is used: 050 00 $a HT101 $b.R393 no. 181 050 00 $a HT101 $b.R393 no. 185 For multipart item series, the initial date of the series precedes the volume number: 050 00 $a PN4855 $b.H57 1994 no. 2 050 00 $a PN4855 $b.H57 1994 no. 3

28 5/3/201528 Corporate Main Entry Same Cutter is used if the corporate main entry is the same Differentiation of works is by date rather than Cutter Work letters a-z are used to distinguish different works published in the same year Add to year for monographs Add to Cutter for serials For local purposes, begin with B for work letters

29 5/3/201529 Corporate Main Entry: Cutters, Dates, & Work Letters Call no.Main entryTitleImprint TP937.S55 1930 Sherwin- Williams Company. Sherwin-Williams floor paint. Sherwin-Williams, [193-?] TP937.S55 1936 Sherwin- Williams Company. Home decorator.Sherwin-Williams, c1936. TP937.S55 1936B Sherwin- Williams Company. Home decorator and color guide. Sherwin-Williams, c1936. TP937.S55 1990 Sherwin- Williams Company. Preservation palette.Sherwin-Williams, [1990?]

30 5/3/201530 Geographic Cutters Type 1 Locality is assigned to a specific Cutter or Cutter range in the schedules: History of France—Local history and description—Regions, provinces, departments, etc. A-Z DC611.A7263 Arles. DC611.A7265-.A7295 Armagnac DC611.A8 Artois (Province) DC611.A887-.A896 Aube

31 5/3/201531 Geographic Cutters Type 2 Region or Country Table. Cutter is assigned from the SCM G 300 Table when the schedule says to assign “By region or country, A-Z” under a given call number State and Province Table. Cutter is assigned from the SCM G 302 Table when the schedule says to assign “By state, A-Z” or “By province, A-Z”

32 5/3/201532 Geographic Cutters Type 3 Type 3’s are not table-based Locality is smaller than region or country, or, within U.S./Canada, smaller than state or province Local Cutter is usually the second Cutter number Local Cutter is constructed like any other Cutter from the LC Cutter Table and adjusted to the local shelflist

33 5/3/201533 NA4415 Capitol & Parliament Buildings By Country A-Z. Subarranged by Locality, A-Z.I732 The Cutter number for Ireland (I73) with an additional digit (2) to indicate further subdivision by locality within Ireland.D835 The 2 nd Cutter D83 for Dublin, with an additional digit (5) to further subarrange by main entry (Griffin) 05000‡a NA4415.I732 ‡b D835 2000 1001_‡a Griffin, David J. 24510‡a Leinster House, 1744-2000 … 61020‡a Leinster House (Dublin, Ireland) ‡x History.

34 5/3/201534 Type 2 Consistency Guidelines Trailing X: leave Geographic Cutter as is Member Call Number (including PCC): If a Geographic Cutter has already been assigned in Orbis, use the Orbis Cutter If a GC has not been assigned in Orbis, accept the number as given if there is no conflict with the alphabetical arrangement; otherwise, adjust New call numbers: same as 050 _4

35 5/3/201535 Type 2 Special PCC Guidelines Shelflist against the LC Online Catalog Use the Cutter previously assigned by LC if available, even if it conflicts with the G 300/G 302 table If a number has not been assigned, use the G 300/G 302 table, but adjust the number if necessary to maintain alphabetical sequence

36 5/3/201536 Geographic Cutter Tip Make use of the Cataloging Calculator! CC provides a quick look-up for country, state, & province CC provides quick construction for numbers based on the standard LC table Avoids booting up Cataloger’s Desktop

37 5/3/201537 Topical Cutters Topical Cutters must be established in the schedule Copy Cataloging guidelines: topic Cutter does not need to be verified Original cataloging: do not make-up topic numbers; submit a SACO proposal if a topic number is needed EXCEPTION: OK to insert new topic Cutters under Z class Subject Bibliographies but do not code as pcc if the number is not in the schedule

38 5/3/201538 TR681.A-Z (Topical Cutters) TR681.A-Z Photography—Applied Photography—Artistic Photography—Portraits—Special Classes of Persons, A-Z TR681.A26Acrobats TR681.A35Aged. Older people TR681.A38AIDS patients TR681.A67Architects TR681.A7Artists TR681.A75Asians TR681.A85Authors TR681.B35Bald persons

39 5/3/201539 Z5074.A-Z (Topical Cutters) Z5074..A-Z Subject bibliography—Agriculture—Special topics, A-Z Z5074.A2Country life (Amateur farming, etc.) Agricultural innovations see Z5074.I55 Z5074.A7Agroforestry Z5074.A8Agrostology (Grasses) Z5074.A815Alternative agriculture Z5074.A816Amaranths Z5074.A817Andropogon gayanus Z5074.A82Annatto tree

40 5/3/201540 Form Numbers Form Numbers resemble Cutter numbers but do not map to names or titles or topics. Commonly found in auxiliary tables in the schedules and also in general tables in SCM:Shelflisting

41 5/3/201541 General Application Tables: Biography SCM:Shelflisting G 320 Biography Table.xCutter for biographee.x A2Collected works by date.x A25Selected works. Selections. By date. Including quotations.x A3Autobiography, diaries, etc. By date.x A4Letters. By date.x A5Speeches, essays, and lectures. By date. Including interviews.x A68-ZIncluding biography, interviews, and criticism. By main entry. Including criticism of selected works, autobiography, quotations, letters, speeches, interviews, etc.

42 5/3/201542 EXAMPLES: BX4705 (1) 05000‡a BX4705.N5 ‡b A25 1997 1001_‡a Newman, John Henry, ‡d 1801-1890. 24010‡a Selections. ‡l English. ‡f 1997 24510‡a Roman Catholic writings on doctrinal development / ‡c by John Henry Newman... 05000‡a BX4705.N5 ‡b A3 2005 1001_‡a Newman, John Henry, ‡d 1801-1890. 24510‡a Apologia pro vita sua / ‡c John Henry Newman.

43 5/3/201543 EXAMPLES: BX4705 (2) 05000‡a BX4705.N5 ‡b A74 1995 1001_‡a Achten, Rik, ‡d 1958- 24510‡a First principles and our way to faith : ‡b a fundamental-theological study of John Henry Newman's notion of first principles / ‡c Rik Achten. 05000‡a BX4705.N5 ‡b A4 1961 1001_‡a Newman, John Henry, ‡d 1801-1890. 24510‡a Letters and diaries …

44 5/3/201544 Filing Order: General (1) Nothing before something Ignore diacritics in filing Ignore initial articles in titles, but include initial articles in personal & place names File abbreviations as written, not as spelled out; file abbreviations without periods as words

45 5/3/201545 Filing Order Examples M.B.S. news bulletin MacNamara, Desmond The Mafia in Havana Märchen aus aller Welt Mbotela, James MBS Clearing Corporation McDonald’s Corporation Mister Roberts Mme. Chiang Kai-Shek Mr. and Mrs. Smith

46 5/3/201546 Filing Order: General (2) Arabic & roman numerals file before words (numbers written out are filed as words), ampersand (&) files before numerals Words separated by hyphens are treated as separate words When subarranging by title, include subtitle but not statement of responsibility

47 5/3/201547 Ampersands & Numbers You & me You 2? You and eye.45-caliber manhunt 1, 2 & 3 John 1-2-3 family tree 1-2 Chronicles 1/2 of the world 1 in 10 II III centenario di S. Filippo Neri, 26 maggio 1895 “A” is for abductive …

48 5/3/201548 Hyphens & Subtitles Inter-American affairs Inter-faith monthly Interamerican legal studies Interfaith dialogue … The mystery. Mystery & detection annual. Mystery! : a celebration / edited by Ron Miller. Mystery and meaning of the Dead Sea Scrolls. The mystery : Colossians 1.25-1.27 / Richard Mallette, ed. Mystery midrash : an anthology of Jewish mystery & detective fiction / [edited by Lawrence W. Raphael]

49 5/3/201549 Filing Order: Personal Names File a name with no date before a name with a date; file dates in chronological order Ignore date qualifications such as b., d., ca., fl. when filing; file dates in the form 16th century as a range 1500-1599 File single forenames before single surnames File single surnames before compound forenames File compound forenames before compound surnames

50 5/3/201550 Forenames: Henry Forename alone Henry Forename with numeration/Forename date (interfiled in numerical order) Henry II, King of Castile, 1333-1379 Henry II, King of England, 1133-1189 Henry III, King of England, 1207-1272 Henry, 1790-1863 Forename with additional words Henry, the Minstrel, fl. 1470-1492

51 5/3/201551 Forename/Surname: Giovanni Giovanni II, Bishop of Città di Castello, fl. 1204-1226 Giovanni, 15th cent. Giovanni, da Capua, 13th cent. Giovanni, da San Giovanni, 1592-1636 Giovanni, di Paolo, ca. 1403-ca. 1482 Giovanni, Fiorentino, 14th cent. Giovanni, André Giovanni, Fabio, 1958- Giovanni, José, 1924- Giovanni, Nikki Giovanni Bernardo, d. 1503 or 4 Giovanni del Virgilio, fl. 1319

52 5/3/201552 Prefixes (SCM G 100) Treat prefixes that are parts of names or places as separate words unless the prefix is connected to the following word directly or with an apostrophe: Darby, Joseph R. D’Arcy, Paul, 1947- De, S. C. De La Cruz, Jessie Lopez, 1919- De Lange, Elaine DeAndrea, William L. D’Ebeneth, Maria Scholten de Deformation of solids Del Balzo, Giulio Delaurier, William J.

53 5/3/201553 Articles in Names If an article is used as an entry element in a personal or place name, it is included in filing El Ejido (Spain) El-Fishawy, Paul El Fuerte (Sinaloa, Mexico) El-Gabalawy, Saad The El Paso tin deposits … El elixir de la vida …

54 5/3/201554 Philosophy of Filing Order Try not to let filing rules make you crazy!

55 5/3/201555 Same Title, Different Work When the book number Cutters to title, and more than one work has the same title as the main entry, the book number is adjusted so the different works are arranged by imprint date If the imprint date is the same, subarrange in the order of cataloging

56 5/3/201556 Sharks! 050 00Title Main EntryImprintComments QL638.9.S454 1987 Sharks / consulting editor, John D. Stevens. New York, N.Y. : Facts on File, 1987. 1 st ed. QL638.9.S454 1999 Sharks / consulting editor, John D. Stevens. New York, N.Y. : Checkmark Books, 1999. 2 nd ed. QL638.9.S457 1998 Sharks.New York : Golden Books Pub. Col, 1998. Cataloged first QL638.9.S458 1998 Sharks.Pleasantville, N.Y. : Reader's Digest Association, [c1998] Same title & date; cataloged 2nd QL638.9.S459 1999 Sharks! / consultant editor, Leighton Taylor. San Francisco, CA : Weldon Owen, c1999.

57 5/3/201557 For More Information/Near Future … Subject Cataloging Manual: Shelflisting will be combined with SCM: Classification sometime in 2006: Some of the shelflisting revisions are already in the version of SCM:Shelflisting in the current Cataloger’s Desktop

58 5/3/201558 Ready Reference Shelflisting Introduction /Shelflisting.htm /Shelflisting.htm Shelflisting Quick Reference Table /shelflisttable.htm /shelflisttable.htm Cataloging Calculator Biography Table /biography.htm /biography.htm

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