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Spider Monkey CHEYANNE – Year 4.

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1 Spider Monkey CHEYANNE – Year 4

2 Characteristics The male spider monkey normally weighs 10.8kg and the female 9.66kg. Their tails can be up to 89cm. When the monkey walks it’s arm touches the ground.

3 Where spider monkeys live
Spider monkeys live in Central and South America. They live in rainforests of Brazil, Peru, and Central Mexico.

4 Spider Monkeys and their babies
Female spider monkeys give birth every 2 to 5 years Young monkeys depend completely on their mothers for about ten weeks, but after that time they begin to explore on their own and play amongst themselves. Mothers continue to care for their young for the first year of their lives, and often move about with their offspring clinging to their backs.

5 What they eat The spider monkey eats fruit and nuts most of the time. They also eat young leaves, flowers, roots sometimes wood as well as honey. Sometimes they eat Insects, Insects larvae, and bird eggs. In the zoo the are fed celery, bananas, raisins, apples, oranges and carrots.

6 Different Types Of Spider Monkeys
There are many different types of spider monkeys. Some are red-faced spider monkey, white-front spider monkey, Peruvian spider monkey, brown spider monkey, white-cheeked spider monkey, black-headed spider monkey, brown-headed spider monkey, Columbian spider monkey, Geoffroy's spider monkey, Yucatan spider monkey, Mexican spider monkey, ornate spider monkey, and hooded spider monkey.

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