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GSE PITF Spotlight Fall 2007 Karen Dunham Tom Tomberlin.

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1 GSE PITF Spotlight Fall 2007 Karen Dunham Tom Tomberlin

2 GSE PITF Program Going since summer 2005 Typically 3-6 doctoral students per semester Mix of course site organization and asset development 25 faculty = 30 courses = 40 projects PITFs follow same development process and use same ePlatform as GSE team

3 HT-100 Video Chapter Conversion Problem: –Technology used to create chapters was no longer stable / cross-platform –Slide design / formatting was inconsistent –Synching / content issues –Students were asking for a portable solution Solution: –Recreate chapters using stable cross-platform technology –Bring consistency to slide design / format –Tighten up synching and tweak content –Create audio podcasts of each lecture

4 HT-100 Video Chapter Conversion Technologies: –Accordant Presenter Plus –Final Cut –Audacity –PowerPoint –Course iSite podcast tool Scope: –44 video chapters –53 audio podcasts Project duration: –March 2007 thru September 2007 example

5 HT-100 Video Chapter Conversion video here

6 S-030 SAS Tutorials Problem: –Need to help students develop programming skills in PC-SAS without using instructional time. Solution: –Create a suite of tutorials that explains the programming language of the SAS programs used in the course.

7 S-030 SAS Tutorials Technologies: –SAS –Adobe Captivate (v. 2.0) Scope: –Eleven tutorials covering the eleven units in the course. Project duration: –August 2006-April 2007 PITF experience with the course content: –Former student and teaching fellow example

8 S-030 SAS Tutorial

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