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Paul Beynon-Davies Website overview

2 INTRODUCTION Business Information Systems will be accompanied by extensive online materials to aid teaching and learning, including free access to selected articles from the Journal of Information Technology This presentation will take you briefly through the resources you can expect to find in each of the four main zones

3 About the book zone This zone is designed to answer all your questions about Business Information Systems Information about the book, its approach, its content and its author Sample materials, including contents page, preface and two sample chapters What others have to say about Business Information Systems

4 Student zone This zone is designed to enable students to check and expand their learning Learning outcomes, summaries and an expanded searchable glossary for handy quick reference Multiple choice questions, audio-diagrams and flashcards to self-test and check understanding Key readings and annotated weblinks to relevant sites and articles, for further research Additional case studies referred to in the book Careers section including case studies of former BIS students in the workplace

5 Lecturer zone This zone contains carefully designed materials to support lecturers in delivering their course Lecturer manual including module outlines, answers to questions in the book plus over 200 additional questions PowerPoint lecture slides organised by chapter and by topic Worked examples including 11 additional classroom tasks Mindmaps to support each chapter Supplementary case studies including group and individual tasks Free access to related chapters from other books by the author

6 Lecturer zone (continued)
Many of the lecturer materials are included in a unique database of ancillary materials, which: Draws together and cross-references all components of the ancillary package in one place Enables lecturers to query, customise and manipulate resources to suit their course Can be quickly and easily updated

7 JIT zone This unique zone enables students to use journal articles to learn about the subject and develop their research skills Free access to selected articles from the Journal of Information Technology (JIT) Author-written case support materials: Case description Commentary Key issues for discussion and keywords References/sources

8 Timescale Samples of the materials outlined above will be available by 17 April 2009 to help you make your textbook adoption decisions The full website will be live in Summer 2009

9 Thanks for taking the time to view this presentation
Thanks for taking the time to view this presentation. We hope you will consider adopting this exciting new textbook and we look forward to hearing your comments on it. If you would like more information, please contact our Lecturer Services team on: +44 (0)


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