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TECUMSEH’S CURSE William Henry Harrison battled the Shawnee leader, Tecumseh. Tecumseh, in his hatred of Harrison and the American government, placed a.

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1 TECUMSEH’S CURSE William Henry Harrison battled the Shawnee leader, Tecumseh. Tecumseh, in his hatred of Harrison and the American government, placed a curse on “The Great White Leader.” This curse would surface every twenty years beginning with Harrison, himself, in 1840. Don’t believe in curses? See for yourself! Advance to the home slide by clicking on the Home icon below and click on one of the eight choices to learn about the President’s in each of the corresponding years. If you want to learn an interesting fact about the president just click on the question mark box. The return box at the interesting fact will take you back to that president. An interactive presentation by Tracy Moricone

2 TECUMSEH’S CURSE 1840 1860 1880 1900 1920 1940 1960 1980

3 William Henry Harrison-1840 9 th President of the United States. After his “Log cabin and Hard Cider Campaign, Harrison was the first president to fall prey to Tecumseh’s curse. After Harrison was elected, he gave a two hour long acceptance speech during which he coughed the entire time. He was coming down with pneumonia, Harrison died after only one month in office. B. 1843 D. 1901

4 Abraham Lincoln-1860 Sixteenth president of the United States. Lincoln was a superb politician who successfully abolished slavery and preserved the Union during the Civil War. On April 14, 1865, just days after General Lee’s surrender at Appomattox, President Lincoln was attending the play “Our American Cousin.” JohnWilkes Boothe, a deranged Southern sympathizer, walked into the rear of the theater box occupied by the President, his wife,and another young couple. He proceeded to shoot the President in the back of the head, mortally wounding him. B. 1809 D.1865

5 James Abram Garfield-1880 20 th President of the United States. He was in office only four months when he was fatally shot by an assassin while waiting for a train in the Washington Baltimore & Potomac Railroad Station. He was taken to the White House and nursed there for weeks, then he was moved to his family residence in New Jersey where he died eleven weeks later. His assassin was Charles J. Guiteau, a religious fanatic who reasoned that he shot the President to “unite the Republican Party and save the Republic.” He gave himself up and thought everyone would understand his purpose. Not many did and he was executed in 1882. B. 1831-1881

6 William McKinley-1900 25 th President of the United States. During his second term he was scheduled to speak at a Pan American Exposition in Buffalo. On September 6, 1901, he was greeting visitors at the Expo. Leon Czolgosz, an anarchist (a person who opposes government) shot him twice. One bullet grazed his ribs while the other penetrated his abdomen. McKinley was immediately taken into surgery, however gangrene set in and he died. Czolgosz was executed the following month. B. 1843 D. 1901

7 Warren Gamaliel Harding-1920 29 th President of the United States. In June of 1923, he and his wife traveled to Alaska. His health was suffering and he further tired himself by giving over eighty-five speeches. On the way back from Alaska he fell sick. They stopped in San Francisco so he could rest, and stayed at the Palace Hotel. It was there that the President collapsed, four days later, on August 2, 1923, President Harding died. There was no autopsy, however, the attending physician stated that he died from an embolism. B. 1865 D. 1923

8 Franklin Delano Roosevelt-1940 32 nd President of the United States. Roosevelt served longer than any other president. He servedan unprecedented four terms in office. After he died, the 22 nd Amendment to the Constitution forbade any person the right to be elected more than twice. He held office during the Great Depression and World War II. During his campaign for a 4 th term in office many people commented that he looked old,thin, and ill. He was victorious over NY Governor Thomas E. Dewey in 1944. In the early spring of 1945 he traveled to Warm Springs, Ga. to rest and recuperate. On April 12, 1945, while there, he suffered a massive Cerebral hemorrhage and died. B. 1882 D. 1945

9 John Fitzgerald Kennedy-1960 35 th President of the United States. Well known for his adept handling of the Cuban Missile Crisis. He brought to the forefront the values of 20 th Century America. On November 22, 1963, while riding in a convertible as part of a motorcade with his wife, Jacqueline, three shots rang out. One bullet went through the President’s neck, another in his head. The third bullet missed the motorcade. He fell forward and once others realized what had happened the car sped off to Parkland Hospital. He never regained consciousness and died just a few hours later. B. 1917 D. 1963

10 Ronald Wilson Reagan–1980 The Curse is Broken Well, that may be interesting you say, but haven’t lots of President’s died in office? Actually, other than these President’s, the only other president to die in office was Zachary Taylor. That’s the end of your presentation. Hope you learned some interesting Presidential facts and had some fun! 40 th president of the United States. Reagan stressed self-reliance, traditional family values and patriotism. He strongly opposed Communism and was president during the height of the Cold War. On March 30,1981 John W. Hinckley attempted to assassinate the president by shooting him. Reagan survived the assassination attempt, thereby breaking the Tecumseh Curse. Click here for bibliography B. 1911 D. 2004


12 William Henry Harrison - 1840 He was one of eight U.S. presidents to be born a British subject The others were: G. Washington, J. Adams, T. Jefferson, J. Madison, J. Monroe, J.Q. Adams and A. Jackson. He was the only U.S. president to have studied to be a doctor.

13 Abraham Lincoln - 1860 Abraham Lincoln was the tallest U.S. president, standing at 6’4”. He was the first U.S. president to die by assassination Many polls by historians have chosen Lincoln as our greatest president

14 James Abram Garfield-1880 He was the first left-handed president. He was the last of seven presidents born in a log cabin.

15 William McKinley-1900 The first president to use a telephone while campaigning. He is thought to hold the record for presidential handshaking, 2,500 per hour. He exercised very little, his doctors say if he had been in better shape he may have survived the assassin’s bullet.

16 Warren G. Harding - 1920 Warren Gamaliel Harding was the first president to own a radio. He was the first newspaper publisher to be elected president. His parents were both doctors.

17 Franklin Delano Roosevelt - 1940 He was related by blood or marriage to eleven, that’s right, ELEVEN, former presidents. He was an avid stamp collector, receiving the first sheet of every new commemorative issue.

18 John F. Kennedy - 1960 John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the youngest president. He was Forty-three years old when he took the oath of office. He was Also the youngest president to die in office. He was the first president to serve in the U.S. Navy He was the only president to ever have won a Pulitzer Prize. He won the Pulitzer for his biography, Profiles in Courage

19 Ronald Reagan - 1980 Ronald Wilson Reagan was the oldest president inaugurated at the age of 69. He was the first president to have been divorced.

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