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1 7.Shilpi

2 Poet : Ashwin Parthiban

3 Theme : Creation creates creator

4 The Shilpi is a sculptor.

5 He concentrates at shaping a raw stone into a statue with his hammer and chisel.

6 Chisel.

7 Throb – sound with a strong, regular rhythm.

8 Staccato – a serious of short detached sounds.

9 Sounds come from the Shilpi’s hammer.

10 Cacophony is an irregular, unpleasant sound.

11 Tempo – the speed of any movement.

12 Fickle – changing often.

13 The Shilpi’s eyes are bleary because of hard work.

14 Shilpi’s sinews are tight and tough.

15 The Shilpi has decades of practice.

16 Decade- 10 years

17 Heirlooms are valuable properties that belong to a family for many generations.

18 Virgin- its natural condition is not spoiled.

19 Bloodshot betray deep pride and reverence.



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