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Music Elements in Film.

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1 Music Elements in Film

2 Define these terms Melody Harmony Electronic Instruments
Conjunct Dissonance Historical Instruments Disjunct Interval Ethnic Instruments Phrase Major/Minor Lyrical Rhythm Motive Tempo Theme Meter Texture Syncopation Homophonic Timbre Monophonic Orchestration Chord Orchestrator

3 Peter and the Wolf Peter and the Wolf

4 Harmonic Elements Homophonic: single melody with accompaniment
Monophonic: single melody with no accompaniment Dissonance: pitches of a chord clash with each other Major(happy sounding) vs Minor(sad sounding)

5 Rhythmic Elements Rhythm : element of music dealing with time (long, short, etc) Tempo: The speed of the beat/pulse Meter: regular patterns of strong and weak pulses/beats Syncopation: accents the weak beat or between beats Absence of Rhythm


7 Timbre & Instruments Timbre: color or tone quality produced by voices and instruments Orchestration: assigning musical ideas to specific instruments/voices Orchestrator: helps the composer choose instruments and write out parts Piano Version Orchestrated

8 Electronic Instruments
Theramin Forbidden Planet (1956): 1st electronic score

9 Historical & Ethnic Instruments
Harpsichord Erhu (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon-2000)

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