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Becky and the Wheel-and-Brake Boys The Southpaw

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1 Becky and the Wheel-and-Brake Boys The Southpaw

2 Why don’t Becky’s mother and grandmother want her to join the Wheel-and-Brake Boys?
They are afraid Becky will get in trouble, the boys are “a menace,” and tomboys come to “a bad end.”

3 2. What conflict do Becky and Shirnette have?
Becky once had her centipede crawl up Shirnette’s back. Shirnette released a cockroach that flew into Becky’s blouse.

4 3. What is Becky’s problem in “Becky and the Wheels-and- Brake Boys”?
She wants a bike, but her mother cannot afford one.

5 4. What are two of Becky’s main character traits?
determined clever

6 5. How do Becky’s character traits help her achieve her goals?
Determination prevents her from giving up. Cleverness gives her the idea of trying to sell her father’s helmet.

7 6. Why does Becky want her own bike?
She wants a bike so she can ride with the boys.

8 7. What is Becky’s motive when she tries to sell her father’s helmet?
Becky feels sorry for her mother.

9 8. What first motivates Janet to write Richard a letter?
Richard hurt Janet’s feelings when he did not invite her to play baseball.

10 9. Why do Janet and Richard disagree?
Janet thinks girls should play on Richard’s baseball team and he disagrees.

11 10. What finally motivates Richard to let Janet play on the team?
His team has a bad losing streak.

12 11. What character trait is shared by both Becky and Janet?
Both are determined.

13 12. Why are Becky and Janet left out of a group?
They are girls.

14 13. What is the theme, or main message, in both “Becky and the Wheel-and-Brake Boys” and “The Southpaw”? It pays to be determined.

15 14. What is one opinion about girls that would be shared by Janet and Becky?
Girls can do anything boys can do.

16 15. What external factor motivates Becky to ask for a bike?
The boys ride away from her every time she comes near.

17 16. What does Granny-Liz mean when she tells Becky, “A tomboy’s like a whistling woman and a crowing hen, who can only come to a bad end”? Some things are just meant for boys, and girls should not try to do them.

18 17. What are two reasons that cause Richard and Janet to have a disagreement about the Mapes Street baseball team? Janet should not be allowed on the team. No girls should be allowed on the team.

19 18. What external factor motivates Richard to invite Janet to play on the team?
His team has a 12 game losing streak.

20 19. What do both Becky and Janet want?
They want to be given a chance.

21 20. Why are both Becky and Janet left out of a group they want to join?
They are girls.

22 envy Desire for what another has; jealousy

23 former Existing in an earlier time; past

24 reckless Not careful; taking chances

25 unreasonable Not fair; not sensible

26 menace Threat; danger

27 Text-Based Question Both Becky in “Becky and the Wheels-and-Brake Boys” and Janet in “The Southpaw” have strong ideas about girls and their abilities. In an essay, explain how these ideas create or overcome problems for the two characters. Use examples from the stories to support your ideas.

28 Text-Based Question Student essays should point out that both Becky and Janet believe that girls can and should share activities that boys do. Essays should include that Becky believes she should be able to ride bikes with boys and Janet believes she should be able to play baseball with boys. Some students may say that the girls’ ideas create problems and conflicts within their family and/or friendships. Others may say that the girls’ strong beliefs help them to be the first to challenge stereotypes and obstacles.

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