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ECO SCHOOL Are the students in our school living a healthy life?

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1 ECO SCHOOL Are the students in our school living a healthy life?

2 We carried out a questionnaire amongst 30 students from each form to try and answer this question.

3 Question 1) How often do you have breakfast in a week? 28% of our students do not have breakfast! 51% of all students have breakfast 6 or 7 times a week which is very good. Everyone should have breakfast in the morning, as it gives you the energy you need for a good start

4 Question 2) How often do you eat fast food in a week? Most form 1s questioned rarely eat fast food. 57% of form 2s have fast food less than 4 times a week, and 43% have fast food more than 5 times a week! 86% of form 4s and 70% of form 5s rarely eat fast food… Well done. The form 3 students are the ones who eat most fast food!! What a shame! Please understand that fast food is fattening and will increase your level of cholesterol in your blood! This can in the future block your veins which leads to heart attacks.

5 Most form 1s eat fruit & veg. everyday! GOOD. However, more than1/2 of the form 2s, form 4s and 5s RARELY eat them! The form 3s are balanced out. REMEMBER, WE SHOULD HAVE 5 A DAY Question 3) How often do you eat fruit and vegetables in a week?

6 Question 4) How often do you eat sweets in a week? Who does not enjoy a sweet or two? Especially on a bad day! But sweets contain lots of sugar which is bad for our teeth and health Results from all forms show that almost half the school eat sweets less than five times a week, and the other half eats sweets almost everyday! On the whole, the form 5s eat most sweets!! Can it be the stress of the exams? Remember, a snack could be some nuts, crackers or fruit. Reduce sugar in your diet! Question 4) How often do you eat sweets in a week?

7 Question 5) How much water do you drink? Most students drink one litre a day or less. Most of these drink soft drinks or juices instead of water. Almost half of the form 2s said they drink 2 litres or more. This is very good! We should drink at least 2 litres of water everyday. It makes our skin look younger, and removes lots of body wastes.

8 Soft drinks Question 6) How much soft drinks do you drink? The form 4 students drink the least soft drinks. WELL DONE!! Form 1 students seem to be having more soft drinks than the rest! Please remember that soft drinks contain nothing more than sugar and flavourings! Lots of sweets increase obesity and tooth decay. What would your boyfriend say if you had black teeth bad smell?

9 Question 7) How many hours of sports do you do in a week? SPORTS IS GOOD FOR THE BODY AND THE MIND! IT KEEPS YOU AWAY FROM BAD COMPANY AND BAD HABITS ! 70% of form 1 students practice sports between 1- 3 hrs a week! Well done girls, keep it up! 37% of the form 2s like to lazy about, but 63% are quite active! Well done again. The form 3 students seem to be the most active! With ½ of the students practicing between 1-3 hrs of sports a week. Well done and keep it up! Almost half of the form 4s seem to do only their PE lesson, and the other 60% is quite active. GOOD! Half of the form 5s never do any sports! You will one day regret it! GET MOVING, RELEASE THAT STRESS… EXAMS ARE NEAR!

10 Watching TV Question 8) How many hours do you spend sitting down in front of the TV or computer? OH DEAR!! 50% of all our school girls pass between 3 and 5 hours a day sitting down watching TV or using the computer! The form 3 and 5 students are the biggest couch potatoes!! ½ of the form 4s spends less than 1 hour in front of PC or TV. Watching TV or using the PC are not bad things, one can learn a lot from them if used properly!! Remember that Facebook is not considered as studying!! Remember to stand up, stretch, exercise and look at far away objects to preserve your good health and good eyesight!

11 We hope that you found our research interesting! Please remember to stay healthy! YOU are in control of yourself! The ECO SCHOOL group

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