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3 Qualification characteristics of Bachelor’s specialty 5В030100 – Jurisprudence Security and guarantee the respect of rights and interests of the state, individuals and legal entities of the legal field.

4 Employers about KazGUU «Astana Energi Group» holding Spabekov Zhandos Baglanuly – alumni 2014 of the High school of law. Summer, 2014 he was employed at «Astana Energi Group» holding. Zhandos passed his first interview but his thesis was not defended at that moment. From the first interview it was clear that he had lack of professional experience and very young aged. However, after a few minutes he showed excellent theoretical knowledge, the ability to express his thoughts and progressive views on the future – that all changed common opinion about the possibility of hiring graduates with no experience. Initial estimates of the interview results changed a lot. And after two months of work in the company Zhandos proved his professionalism. I would like to express gratitude to University management and teachers excellent specialists and educated patriotic young people“. Жаксылыков Ерболат, Управляющий партнер компании Astana Energi Group

5 Our alumni When I was finishing school, I already knew that I would become a lawyer, law is the most important aspect of our life, because the life of modern society is regulated by a huge number of laws, regulations, rules, etc. Lawyer is unique and universal profession, and specialist can fully realize their potential and their capabilities, to show the best personal qualities. Knowledge and skills of graduates allow them to find a prestigious job in organizations. Lawyers are in constant demand in the labor market, it is a good prospect for further professional and career development With no doubt, I decided to enter the Kazakh Humanities and Law University, the leading law university. During my studies I have got great knowledge in this sphere, and I am very grateful to all my teachers. Thankful words - the smallest things that I can express to my university. Thank you for the fact that I have never felt regret of my choice, KazGUU! Дуйсембаева Айгерим Ерназаровна Выпускница ВШНП 2014 г.

6 Our teachers In competitive educational labor market it is necessary constantly improve pedagogical skills. Successful teacher - one who is undoubtedly possesses critical thinking skills, who have the basics of IT skills, is able to build relationship with students, to speak and present their research. One should always exchange experience, improve methods of teaching and promote personal and professional development of teachers, build contact with classrooms and meet trends of time. And KazGUU teachers match all these qualities. Babajanyan Ester Levonovna Master of Laws, Senior Lecturer "Civil Procedural Law“ Department, KazGUU By the will of the Almighty, I finished KazGUU that was my dream from 9th grade, I received prestigious education and I faithfully work at KazGUU. I regret of nothing and thankful to university management and my colleagues for their understanding, support, because my personal growth has started here in my Alma Mater. I am proud to be a graduate, an employee of the University, and I will continue to bear the name of KazGUU! Bakytzshan Bazarbek – KazGUU Senior teacher, environmental expert at the International Union for Conservation of Nature - IUCN, the project manager of ECOSOC, an expert of environmental and land law;

7 Our students «KazGUU for me – is the place where dreams come true, my youth dreams. If you are confident, full of energy, Kazakh Humanities and Law University is your choice! Realize your dreams with us!» Yerkebekuly Yerkіn, winner of "Student of the Year 2013" in "Grand Prix“ nomination, the chairman of the "Batyr Urpak“ youth organization (2013-2014), head of the High school of law activists (2013-2014), Chairman of the Supreme Student Council "Biler Kenesy" (2013 -2014), 4th year student of the High school of Law

8 Students’ life

9 Bachelor’s in Laws speciality 5030100 – Jurisprudence can work at: organizational and managerial activities in the state bodies and organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan; law enforcement work in internal affairs, national security, prosecutor office, judicial organizations, etc.; law and consulting activities as a lawyer, law adviser; pedagogical activities in educational institutions that provide secondary and vocational education.

10 Coordination Council of Employers for specialties of KazGUU Law school is created Goal - development of effective cooperation between university and the employing organization in the field of training and employment of students, improving the quality of education and its orientation to the final user, effective interaction with businesses and organizations, providing gradual entry of young professionals in the post: educational practice => scientific work => work Practice => Internship => employment in the organization Employment guarantee

11 The best lecturers of the leading foreign educational institutions are invited:  in the frames of strategic partnership with the Department of Criminal Law and Procedure of PFUR (Moscow, Russia) Doctor of Laws, Professor Bukalerova L.A.;  in order to build an open platform for dialogue with the Department of Criminal Law and Criminology of MSU (Moscow, Russia) Doctor of Laws, Professor Seliverstov V.I. was invited;  01.11.2014 the Department of Criminal Procedural Law organized a lecture of Doctor of Laws, Professor of the Department of Criminal Procedure, Justice and Prosecutorial control of the law school of Moscow State University Golovko L.V. GUEST LECTURES

12 lectures by leading practitioners:  Senior Advisor of Justice Yesmakhanov T. (General Prosecutor office of RK) for teachers of the department within the CDP;  Senior Advisor of Justice Zhanysova L.B. (General Prosecutor office of RK) for teachers of the department within the CDP. GUEST LECTURES

13 to promote international cooperation in the field of education, KazGUU cooperates with: University of Dundee, Scotland - United Kingdom; Istanbul University, Institute of Eurasia - Turkey; University of Wroclaw - Poland; National Research University, the High School of Economics, Moscow - Russia Astrakhan State University - Russia, Russian Academy of lawyers and notaries, Moscow -Russia, Law Institute at the Kyrgyz National University J. Balasagyn, Bishkek - Kyrgyzstan, «Dagestan State Pedagogical University" Makhachkala, Republic of Dagestan - Russia INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION

14 OUR CONTACT INFORMATION: 010000, The Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana, Korgalzhyn, 8 hotline: 8 (7172) 70 30 30 Distance learning center: 8 (7172) 70 30 42 chancery: 8 (7172) 70 30 39 (тел./факс) accounting department: 8 (7172) 70 30 16 Reception of Rector-Chairman : 8 (7172) 70 30 02 students support Centre : 8(7172)70 30 82 PR-department: 8 (7172) 70 28 38 KazGUU High school of law tel: +7(7172)70-30-38 – director, Doctor of Laws, professor Shapak U.Sh. information on the official site : Тел.: +7 (7172) 70 30 30


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