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Financial and Banking Association of countries-members of the Cooperation of Shanghai From trust to success.

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1 Financial and Banking Association of countries-members of the Cooperation of Shanghai From trust to success

2 ASSOCIATION FOUNDERS ICIE Financial Corporation Business club SCO Financial and banking Council of CIS Association of Regional Banks of Russia Association of Banks of Tajikistan Kazakhstan Banks Association Financial Institutions Association of Kazakhstan

3 ASSOCIATION MAIN IDEA Meet the demands of national financial markets participants in creation of favorable conditions and their successful and effective performance on the territory of SCO state- members, observer states and dialogue partners

4 ASSOCIATION GOALS Assistance in cooperation between States-members of the Commonwealth. Assistance in development of trade and economic, investment, industrial, scientific and technical cooperation of Partnership states and their economic entities. Assistance in creation and development of payment and monetary relations between Partnership states. Taking part in common financial politics creation in Commonwealth states.

5 Assistance in conditions development for high quality banking support expansion on Commonwealth market, the observer States and dialogue partners. Assistance in interbank operation infrastructure development on the modern IT solutions basis including direct correspondent relationships and mutual limits establishment in wide range of operations between Shanghai Commonwealth banks. Assistance in participation of Commonwealth states financial institutions in contracts, agreements, model acts and other draft documents development in monetary and financial sphere. Improvement of payment and monetary policy relations, assistance in mutual trade monetary transactions growth, achievement of national currency mutual convertibility with maximum usage of financial structures, acting at the Commonwealth level.

6 Assistance in account and credit relations development and implementation between Commonwealth member states economic entities, which were accepted worldwide and adopted for the economic realities of the Commonwealth financial instruments. Participation in consortium relations (syndicated loan) creation in mutual trade financing, transnational investment programs, factoring transactions, circulation of bills areas. Assistance in financial market recommendations development and its common performance standards for national financial regulation authorities and National Central Banks. Assistance in stock and exchange markets monitoring of Commonwealth state-members with possible foundation of information-analytical publication issue for these purposes. Mutual exchange of professional experience including staff training. Assistance in consortium creations for transnational investment programs financing, specified in intergovernmental agreements. Current financial and economic information, legal and regulatory acts exchange and other types of activities, directed on the Association charter goals achievement

7 ASSOCIATION GOVERNMENT President Baiseitov Bakhytbek Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC Bank CenterCredit Kazakhstan, President of Kazakhstan Banks Association.

8 Chairman of Coordination Council Murychev Alexander Executive Vice-President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs. Chairman of the Council of the Association of Regional Banks of Russia. D.Sc. Economics.

9 General Director FBA CS Berezovoy Oleg Vice-president of International Congress of industrialists and entrepreneurs, Chairman of the Committee for Cooperation in Financial and Credit Policy and the Banking Sector, Ph.D. in Economics

10 OUR PROPOSAL Contacts Financial and Banking Association of countries-members of the Cooperation of Shanghai 109240, Russia, Moscow, Kotelnicheskaya nab., 17 tel. +7(495) 663-02-13, +7(495) 663-02-08 e-mail:; www.fbacs.сom Our team consists of high potential caring, progressive-minded people who are able to offer a clearly reasoned goals and ways of achieving them. Our financial and banking Association is an international platform for new initiatives and plans of its members, which have equal rights and equal opportunities. We invite all who are interested to take an active part in the formation of a new understanding, new approaches, new instruments and new sites for their development on multibillion fields of Asia and Eurasia. Only together we will be able to implement the set up tasks.

11 Members of the organization

12 State observers

13 Dialogue partners

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