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Tuesday, September 4th Agenda: Journal Check Vocabulary

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1 Tuesday, September 4th Agenda: Journal Check Vocabulary
Begin Reading The Bass, the River and Sheila Mant Complete plot diagram while reading Reminders: Picture Day on Thursday! Vocabulary Quiz on Friday!

2 Definitions Denizens: inhabitants; resident, occupants Pensive: dreamily thoughtful Dubious: doubtful; not sure Antipathy: feeling of hatred; powerful and deep dislike Filial: (adj.) pertaining to or due from a son or daughter Surreptitiously: secretly, sneakily, slyly Conspicuous: obvious or noticeable Concussion: a powerful shock or impact Luminous: glowing; giving off light Quizzical: puzzled; questioning

3 The Bass, the River and Sheila Mant
Page 31

4 Exposition The setting is summertime in a New England town near a river. It seems like a town with a lot of frequent vacationers who rent cottages. The mood is easygoing, yet energetic and lighthearted. The narrator is a fourteen year old boy. He enjoys fishing and likes a girl named Sheila Mant.

5 Rising Action The narrator finally gets up the nerve to ask Sheila out for the following evening. The narrator automatically places his fishing rod in the water. Narrative Hook-The narrator catches a bass and main conflict (internal)- has to make a decision- let the bass or the girl go.

6 Climax Occurs when the narrator chooses to cut the bass loose; he chooses the girl over the fish.

7 Falling Action The narrator and Sheila go to the fair, where they dance once or twice. Later, Sheila leaves the narrator to go home with Eric Caswell. She tells the narrator that he is a “funny kid”.

8 Resolution Looking back, the narrator realizes that he made a big mistake by choosing Sheila over the bass. He explains that his interest in her faded quickly, but his regret over the lost bass has haunted him over the years.

9 Look back over The Bass, the River and Sheila Mant.
Make a cause and effect list of the main events in the short story. The first event will be when the narrator asks Sheila out. The last event will be when Sheila tells the narrator he is a funny kid. You should include 6 events between the two provided events.

10 Plot Structure for Pushing Daisies Clip:
1.) What is learned in the exposition? 2.) What is the complication/ rising action for Ned? 3.) What is the climax/ outcome of the clip? 4.) The second death of Ned’s mother can be considered what? 5.) What is the resolution/ denouement at the end of the clip?

11 Journal: August 30th Think back to some time when you had to give up one thing for something else. Write down what happened. Did you make the right choice? Do you have some regrets? *Write 5-7 Sentences

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