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The Bass, the River, the Review

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1 The Bass, the River, the Review
You need to know these by tomorrow!

2 Vocabulary STUDY your Vocabulary Words!!! LEARN their definitions!!!
SOUND smart when you talk!!! antipathy, concussion, conspicuous, denizens, dubious, filial, luminous, pensive, quizzical, surreptitiously

3 Understanding Cause and Effect
(a) The narrator knows Sheila doesn’t approve of fishing. (cause) (b) He lets the bass go. (effect)/ (cause) (c) He is filled with regret. (effect) OR Because the narrator knows Sheila doesn’t approve of fishing, he lets the bass go which causes him to be filled with regret.

4 Conflict (a struggle) some conflicts in this story:
narrator’s internal struggle w/self to approach Sheila narrator’s external struggle with bass and Sheila main conflict is internal—reel in fish and lose girl or let fish go and keep her (irony is he loses her anyway)

5 Imagery in the Story Imagery is the use of words or phrases that appeal to one of our 5 senses: EXAMPLES: As the bass shot forward, the rod bent into a tight arc. (sight) The familiar feeling of failure clung to me like a damp swim suit.

6 Comprehension—remember?
How does Sheila respond when narrator asks her to the dance? She Asks if he has a car.

7 Because fishing is so important to the narrator, he does this before picking up Sheila?
He puts his fishing rod in the canoe.

8 How could Sheila best be described in this story?
She is generally self centered.

9 The narrator is torn between the tugging of the bass and his desire for Sheila.

10 Make an A I have provided everything you need but the effort; that must come from you!

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