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Beware The “ Predator ” inside the mind of a child rapist

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1 Beware The “ Predator ” inside the mind of a child rapist

2 How Safe Is Your “ CHILD ” ….??? There is something terribly wrong with a society that unable to he guarantee safety of its children. It is well known that India is not the safe place in the world for women….  


4 Child Sexual Abuse.. Child sexual abuse isn’t just a matter of twisted psychology. Sociology also matters. Indian society is increasingly exposed to titillation but there are few legitimate outlets for it. The advent of the cheap mobile phone has made it much easier for people without a lot of financial resources to access pornography. The complete lack of sex education in schools and in homes means that too many people are acquiring a perverted notion of sex through porn. The government is already considering proposals to curb access to pornography. I don’t know how feasible that it in the untrammelled of the Internet. Also, ideas from watching porn usually combine with drug use and alcohol consumption to fuel sexual violence.

5 How Many More “Gudiyas”?


7 “UNSAFE TILL YOU DIE” 2005 SINGLE & UNSAFE It is 2.15 a.m. After a long night of study, two girls step out of their rented suburban home for a bite at a busy crossing. Four men drive past in a car and try to pick them up. One of them escapes, throws a stone at the car, alerts a nearby dhaba owner, who stops a motorcyclist. INDIA TODAY, May 30, 2005 2002 PROFILE OF A RAPIST Rapists are described as “cold – blooded,heinous men” with a lunatic urge to control women by hurting them. In sharp contrast is NARENDRA, 37. In Delhi’s Tihar jail, who could be your neighbour. “Rapist don’t have filmi, violent looks,” says jail superintendent O.P.Mishra. INDIA TODAY, Sept 9, 2002


9 THE SICKOPATH A five years old is fighting for life at the AIIMS in Delhi. Grievously injured, she lives to see another day. A thousand kilometers away in Nagpur, an another four year old is lying in coma in a hospital ICU. She lies tethered to a ventilator, with a broken body and serious and 17, respectively, their little lives have rocked the nation and raised a painful question: Is this no country for children?? Beware the dark underbelly of a nation in transition. Coming out of the woodwork is a shadowy figure, A PREDATOR who weaves perverse sexual fantasies on each prey, children. He is not just the criminal. Nor is he yet another rapist. he is more of a next door neighbour, a relative or a family friend, who looks perfectly normal until the day he decided to strike.

10 What makes the monster next door? Pervasive disregard for the law and the right of others Lack of interest in social relationships Odd behavior or thinking Irrational suspicions and mistrust of others Rigid conformity to rules and moral codes; excessive orderliness Derives pleasure by inflicting pain Has direct ways of expressing negative feelings Depressive; masochistic; shows anxiety and guilt Is socially inhibited; has feelings of inadequacy Is psychologically dependent on others Instability in relationships, self image, identity and behavior Displays attention seeking behavior; shallow or exaggerated emotions Has a need for admiration and a lack of empathy

11 Little girls are most at risk.. Girls are gold not to be sold.. Abuse a child go to prison..



14 THE GEOGRAPHY OF FEAR… Child rape is not a problem unique to India but a global emergency INDIA : Reported child rape incidents have risen 336% in the 10 years from 2001 to 2011. SOUTH AFRICA: is the world’s child rape capital; three children are raped per minute,50% are abused before age 18. UK: one in six children aged 11-17 (16.5%) experiences sexual abuse; decline in child sexual abuse rate reported. CANADA: 54% of girls under 16 have experienced unwanted sexual attention and 24% of those sexual assault. INDONESIA: out of 2,637 cases of violence on children in 2012, 62% were of sexual abuse.

15 NUMBING NUMBERS… 336% JUMP in child rape cases from 2001 to 2011, with 48,338 such cases reported (22.5% of the total) 1 IN 4 of reported rapes are of girls younger than 16. 90% OF THE VICTIMS under 12 are raped by relatives or friends of family. 32% OF CHILDREN surveyed in India were abused by people close to them between age 2 to 10. 87% OF THOSE ABUSED were subjected to it repeatedly, 19% lived with an abuser. STATE OF SHAME i.Madhya Pradesh = 9,465 rape cases ii.M aharashtra = 6,868 rape cases iii.Uttar Pradesh = 5,949 rape cases iv.Andhra Pradesh = 3,977 rape cases v.Delhi= 2,909 rape cases



18 How To Protect Your Child Listen to your child. Children hint at fears about a person or a place. Teach your child about rape as early as you teach her about the parts of the body. Teach them the difference between good and the bad touch and to say no bad touch firmly. Monitor access to porn and activate parental controls on the stranger friend requests on social media. Discuss age appropriate sexual milestones so they are aware of the correct sexuality for their age. Create an atmosphere of belief; 70% children don’t complain thinking they won’t be believed. Schools need to have well- lit areas ad monitor isolated spots. Be vigilant for when a child is making a departure from the known schedule and with whom. Teach children not to accept sweets, treats, rides, lifts from anyone other than those specified safe.

19 Instead of saying daughters to not to step out at night, PARENTS should taught their Sons to behave well…. LISTEN BOYS…!!!!!!!!!!!! Girls aren’t toys to play with… We too have equal right to live as yours… RESPECT GIRLS…!!!! You are nothing without us…

20 Komal Bachchani Gargi Buteri Sonal Gupta Lochan Gupta

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