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Handcuffing 101.

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1 Handcuffing 101

2 Today's Objective 1. Recognize dangers of handcuffing.
2. Implement learned methods of handcuffing.

3 Question: why do you think it is so important to place the handcuffs on correctly and ensure that you double lock them?

4 Risk Factors in Handcuffing
Know the suspect’s mental attitude/behavioral disorders Time and location Officer’s attitude VIDEO

5 QUESTIONS TO PONDER…. Does the ACTORS mental state effect the Officer’s safety and ability to handcuff properly? What sort of stance did the officers take when preparing to touch the suspect and handcuff? What was the general attitude of the Officer? Did she get mad? Was she level headed? Is there anything that could have been to keep the officers safer during their contact?

6 Initiating the Apprehension
When making the approach, remain alert and evaluate the suspect’s demeanor. Keep your Gun-Side away from the person you are handcuffing.

7 Initiating the Apprehension
Maintain a safe distance during the initial contact. Advise the subject of the offense while they are handcuffed. Take actions quickly and remove the subject to a safe place to avoid bystander interference.

8 Handcuffing Rules 1) Give loud verbal commands.
2) Never slap the handcuffs on the wrist. 3) Always double lock the handcuffs. 4) As you take them off, close one cuff at a time.

9 HANDS ON PRACTICE!! 15 minutes
Choose a partner that is of the same gender as you. 2. Take turns handcuffing each other as you have been taught.

10 In 3 words or less, summarize the lesson you learned today.
Class Summary In 3 words or less, summarize the lesson you learned today.

11 Ticket out the door Go back to the class webpage. In the TICKET OUT THE DOOR box, answer the following question: What is the main unanswered question you leave class with today? Muddiest point (most confused about)

12 Police Arrests

13 Preparing for Handcuffing
Load handcuffs – Getting them in ready position with single blade facing forward. Make sure they are unlocked Check your stance Hands in interview position Slowly move in to handcuff the subject.

14 Preparing for Handcuffing
Grab the subjects right thumb on the right hand. Place the bottom handcuff on the subjects right wrist. Shake the left hand and place the top handcuff on the left wrist. Never let go of the handcuffs and never hold them in the middle of the handcuffs. DOUBLE LOCK THE HANDCUFFS

At the 2 oclock position VERBAL COMMANDS: Get your hands out of your pockets. Turn around. Spread your feet apart. Bend over at the waist Put your hands behind your back Palms towards the sky Look to the left/right

16 KNEELING HANDCUFFING Drop to your knees Hands out of pockets
Cross your feet Ben over at the waist Look to the left Put your hands behind your back Palms towards the sky Spread your hands apart Approach the suspect Handcuff suspect DOUBLE LOCK THE CUFFS

17 PRONE HANDCUFFING Drop to your knees Cross your legs
Lay flat on your stomach Spread your hands and feet out to your side. Put your palms towards the sky. Look to your left.

18 Searching Apprehended Subjects
Keep your Balance Keep Subject off balance Watch head and shoulders of subject for movement Keep commands brief

19 Searching Apprehended Subjects
First - Grab and squeeze the outside of the clothing. Second – Ask the offender if they have anything in their pockets that would hurt you. Third – Carefully search the inside of the pockets and waistband. Find out what is inside the pockets or clothing Always search from the rear. Searching males and Females is different. Try to do it in front of the squad car camera.

20 Standing Search Position
Start with the subject’s head, hair and hat using a bladed hand Move down to the neck area When you search or frisk/pat down the waistband, start with the right front side of the suspect first then

21 Standing Search Position
Search the right back of the subject Search the waist band Search the right outside leg of the suspect Search the inner right leg. Search the foot area checking the socks and inside the shoe.

22 Standing Search Position
Search the left side of the body the same as you searched the right side. Make sure you have your right foot on their foot to prevent them kicking you.

23 Standing Search Position
Keep gun side away from the suspect. Always have the suspects hands while searching. Check their mouth for handcuff keys.

24 Bent at the Waist Search Position
Remove the subject to the side of the patrol unit. Direct the subject to bend at the waist and place their upper body against the side of your patrol unit. Begin your search using the same order and procedure as the standing Search Position

The two additional slides that were on the Handcuffing / Searching powerpoint were a summary of the total unit. It will not be needed for the test. You may use YOUR notes to take the test. When you are finished, please turn the test over and sit quietly. We will grade them together.

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