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Instructor SSG JOHNSON

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2 Instructor SSG JOHNSON

3 TRAFFIC STOP TASK – Conduct a felony traffic stop
CONDITIONS – Given a traffic violator, an MP vehicle and MP road gear. STANDARDS – Perform all necessary steps to correctly and safely stop the violator and do all the necessary steps to ensure the subject is legally apprehended.

4 TRAFFIC STOP Stop the violator.
- Pursue the violator. Use emergency lights, public address system, or horn. Do not use siren unless you cannot stop the violator any other way. - Radio the desk to let the station know you are in pursuit. Give your location and all information you have to identify the vehicle you are pursuing. This will help other patrols find the vehicle if you lose it in traffic.

5 TRAFFIC STOP Direct the driver to the right edge of the road. Choose a place large enough so both your car and the violator’s can pull all the way off the road and not interfere with other traffic. Park your car 10 to 12 feet (3 to 4 meters) to the rear of the violator’s vehicle and 3 feet (1 meter) to the left. Pull in, don’t back in. (In this position your vehicle protects you from oncoming traffic. You also have room to move out of the way if the violator should suddenly try to ram your vehicle.) Leave your warning lights on. Radio the desk and give your location.

6 TRAFFIC STOP APPROACH PEOPLE IN FRONT SEATS The MP driver should follow these steps in approaching a vehicle with occupants only in the front seat: Keep violator in sight at all times. Approach from the left side. Stop at rear window-check trunk. Check rear seat and floor.

7 TRAFFIC STOP APPROACH PEOPLE IN FRONT AND REAR SEATS. When the vehicle has occupants in front and rear seats, the MP driver proceeds as follows: -Keep violator in sight at all times. -Approach from left side-check trunk. -Stop at rear window. -Check rear seat and floor. -Go to front edge of driver’s door.

8 TRAFFIC STOP Continued: -Check front seat and floor
-Go to a point near the center of the vehicle, just behind the rear edge of driver’s door. -Watch the people in both front and back.

Any time you observe, pursue, stop or approach a dangerous felon, you must apply these guidelines to insure your safety, that of the public and successful completion of your duty.

Notify the desk sergeant at once and give the following information: - Your patrol identification. - Exact location of contact with the vehicle. - Description of the vehicle and its occupant(s) - License number, make, model and color of vehicle. - Number of people in vehicle and sex. - Any marks which will help identify the vehicle. - Direction of travel and the last intersection passed.

Look for a level area large enough to hold 3 to 4 cars and as open as possible. A well-lighted area is best at night. Do not stop near alleys, buildings, vacant lots, etc. These areas make it easier for the suspect to escape. Use warning lights and siren. Remember: Your safety and that of the public are the most important things to think about when pursuing or stopping a dangerous felon.

12 FELONY TRAFFIC STOP Pull alongside the suspect vehicle’s rear door
and signal him to pull over. Use hand signal or voice (public address system). Stop your vehicle 10 to 12 feet (3 to 4 meters) to the rear of the suspect vehicle and 3 feet (1 meter) to the left. (Pull in, don’t back in.) In this position your vehicle protects you from oncoming traffic and gives you room to move out of the way if the suspect tries to ram your car. Angle the front of your vehicle toward the street.

13 FELONY TRAFFIC STOP At night, aim a spotlight at the vehicle interior
and follow these guides: MP driver– Take a position behind the left front fender of your vehicle. MP rider– Exit from left front door and take a position at the left rear of your vehicle. (MAINTAIN CLEAR VIEW OF SUSPECT VEHICLE)

14 FELONY TRAFFIC STOP APPROACH The senior MP takes command of the situation and announces, “Military Police! You are under apprehension! Turn off your motor and drop your keys to the ground!”

15 FELONY TRAFFIC STOP Make sure the felon’s hands are visible. Order him to place both hands on top of his head against the windshield or to stick both hands and arms out the window. Use a combination of these methods if there are several occupants in the vehicle.

16 FELONY TRAFFIC STOP The assisting patrol parks to the rear of the first patrol. MPs take positions near the first MP vehicle and provides assistance. They cover the first patrol. They help as directed to search, guard and report to the desk. Remember the senior MP from the first patrol remains in charge to avoid any confusion.

17 FELONY TRAFFIC STOP The senior MP then announces: “Driver, open the car door—get out with your hands up!” “Passengers, raise your hands to the car ceiling!”

- He orders the suspects away from their vehicle and into a prone search position on the ground or into a kneeling search position.

19 FELONY TRAFFIC STOP The first MP driver then -
Search the suspect for weapons and evidence. Handcuff and place the suspect in the backseat of the patrol vehicle under guard. (Use the back seat of the assisting patrol vehicle for additional people.)

20 FELONY TRAFFIC STOP The duties of the first MP rider include:
After each suspect has been removed from the car, search the vehicle for weapons and evidence. (Search the driver’s seat, the seats where any passengers were sitting and the area under “each seat.) - Seize any items found and any items observed in plain view.


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