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Chapter 6 Lesson 2 By, Samantha K. Click on answers.

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1 Chapter 6 Lesson 2 By, Samantha K. Click on answers.

2 1. Everything you eat and drink is A. nutrition B. Weight control C. diet D. health

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5 2. Which one is not the cycle of losing, regaining, losing and regaining weight? A. Weight cycling B. Monkey bar dieting C. See-saw dieting D. Yo-yo dieting

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8 3. A disorder in which the irrational fear of becoming obese resulting in severe weight loss from self-induced starvation. A. Fasting B. Nervosa C. Bulimia D. Anorexia

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11 4. A disorder in which cycles of overeating are followed by some form of purging or clearing of the digestive tract. A. Anorexia B. Bulimia C. The Flu D. Carbohydrate loading

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14 5. Approach to weight control that are popular for a short time. A. Weight cycling B. Dieting C. Diet pills D. Fad diets

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17 6. Avoiding food A. Fasting B. Liquid protein diets C. Diet pills D. Eating Disorders

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20 7. What is not typical for someone with Anorexia? A. Low caloric intake B. Joy for life C. Obsession with exercising D. Emotional problems

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23 8. Claim to “burn”, “block”, or “flush” fat from the system. A. Weight cycling B. Fad diets C. Diet pills D. Liquid protein diets

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26 9. People suffering from eating disorders need A. Medical help B. Food C. Qualified counseling D. A & C

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29 10. A person with anorexia does not have a physical problems related to A. Malnutrition B. Hepatitis C. Starvation D. Extreme weight loss

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32 11. Anorexia means A. Without food B. Malnutrition C. Without appetite D. Starvation

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35 12. Nervosa means A. Nausea B. Of nervous origin C. Chronic vomiting D. Diet pills

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38 13. You should do any diet that A. Involves eating only one food B. Promises quick results C. Requires a weight loss aid D. None of the above

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41 14. Vomiting and diarrhea can lead to A. Dehydration B. Kidney damage C. Irregular heat beat D. All of the above

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44 15. Bulimia is not the desire to A. Become thin B. Be more attractive C. Be fat D. Be more physically perfect

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47 The End If you would like to play again, click HERE.

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