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Presentation skills and confidence Adam Sandelson.

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1 Presentation skills and confidence Adam Sandelson

2 Aims Look at confidence building measures to giving good presentations Develop positive self talk Overcome physical anxiety Manage underlying feelings

3 Circle of confidence situation thoughts feelings behaviour (self-talk) sensations Negative Circle

4 situation thoughts feelings behaviour (self-talk) sensations Positive Circle Circle of confidence

5 Confidence for presentations Key Principles: Sensible planning Positive Self talk Role Rehearsal Relaxation/ Stress Management

6 Presentation planning Clear simple structure Summarise: what you’re going to say say it Tell them what you’ve said Rehearse it out loud First two minutes – repeat practice

7 Developing positive self-talk Where/when am I already confident? What does that confidence feel like? How is it different from feeling low? How did I build that confidence?

8 Role rehearsal What happens when I think about giving a presentation 3 desired ‘goals’ Work out matching behaviours Practice (in front of mirror) Fake it till you make it

9 How is our message received?

10 Good practice tips Positive self talk e.g. ‘good enough’ Vary vocal style – 3 P’s Pace Power Pause Pitch Less is more Focus on positive listeners

11 Stress management Anxiety = high level of bodily arousal + negative self-defeating thoughts Instead, learn: 1.Physical relaxation 2.Breathing 3.Mini-pause

12 Presentation dynamics Past relationships Relationship with the Presentation or talk… Current relationships

13 Underlying dynamics Trying to please others Wanting to be the best Being a perfectionist Family /historic context for being successful Setting yourself impossible targets

14 Keeping perfectionism in check Set realistic and achievable goals Recognise your achievements Perfectionism is undesirable Experiment with standards for success Focus on the process not just the end result. Evaluate success – What did you accomplish? Could you enjoy the task? Imagine looking back – 2 hours/ 2 weeks later

15 Challenging negative thoughts Imagine them being tested in Court: Identify the negative thought Eg, my presentation will be terrible Ascertain the evidence ‘for’ and ‘against’ Ask if you are making a ‘thinking error’ Propose a more reasonable alternative thought

16 Thinking errors All or nothing thinking Discounting the positive/ tunnel vision only seeing the negative side of things Overgeneralizing because it happened in the past it will happen again in the future Believing a catastrophe will happen

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