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Dealing with Interview Nerves Adam Sandelson and Laura-Jane SiIverman.

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1 Dealing with Interview Nerves Adam Sandelson and Laura-Jane SiIverman

2  What are nerves?  Learning from the past  Preparation – the nerves remedy  Over to Adam!  Difficult questions?  The waiting game  Helpful resources Over the next hour…

3  Your body’s way of dealing with stress  Symptom Spectrum: shaky hands teary dry mouth sweating heart thumping feeling faint -Key –Adrenalin Interviewphobia

4 Dissect the interview (not immediately after!) Seek constructive feedback from HR Remember external factors ie. competition See it as great interview practice If past includes negative exp. in workplace, focus on strengths/transferable skills Learning from the Past

5  Why prepare?  Knowledge brings confidence!  Reflects your organisational skills  Problems exposed before interview Preparation: the nerves remedy

6  Know yourself  What makes you tick at work?  What are your strengths/opportunities?  How do you like to be managed?  What are your future career dreams?  Why are you applying? Top Tips for Preparation (1)

7  Know your employer  Products & services  Organisation Structure & Culture  Financial conditions & Competitors  What is your function/team/personal role in this? Top Tips for Preparation (2)

8  Careers service/Role Play/interview stream  Contact Alumni/friends/people who know org.  Predict the tricky questions  Plan journey/try on outfit  Early night ZZZZZZ Top Tips for Preparation (3)

9 9 Interview Nerves - Adam Sandelson LSE Student Counselling Service

10 10 Aims Look at confidence building measures Develop positive self talk Overcome physical anxiety Manage underlying feelings

11 11 CIRCLE OF CONFIDENCE situation thoughts feelings behaviour (self-talk) sensations Negative Circle

12 12 CIRCLE OF CONFIDENCE situation thoughts feelings behaviour (self-talk) sensations Positive Circle

13 13 Confidence for Interviews Key Principles: Sensible planning Positive Self talk Role Rehearsal Relaxation/ Stress Management

14 14 Developing Positive Self-Talk: Where/when am I already confident? What does that confidence feel like? How is it different from feeling low? How did I build that confidence?

15 15 How is our message received?

16 16 Good practice tips Positive self talk e.g. ‘good enough’ Vary vocal style – 3 P’s Pace Power Pause Pitch Less is More Focus on positive listeners

17 17 Anxiety Management Anxiety = high level of bodily arousal + negative self-defeating thoughts Instead, learn: 1.Physical relaxation 2.Breathing 3.Mini-pause

18 18 Interview Dynamics Past relationships Feelings about the interview… Current relationships

19 19 Underlying dynamics Trying to please others Wanting to be the best Being a perfectionist Family /historic context for being successful Setting yourself impossible targets

20 20 LSE Student Counselling Service – KSW.507 Free and confidential Mainly short term counselling Book appointments in advance Urgent appointments (phone early in the day) See Website forWebsite Stress management handouts Self help resources on a wide range of student issues (study – related and personal difficulties) Relaxation MP3’s

21  Not about right/wrong – the journey and structure  Repeat/clarify/louder/pause – all justified  Show knowledge of subject  Play safe – no controversial/extreme answers/examples Difficult Questions?

22  Don’t think about interview!  Try to find out feedback timescales  Send thank you email - don’t call them  Offer acceptance – speak to friends and supervisors  Research salary expectations The Waiting Game – the after-effect

23  It’s a two way process  You might be the solution to their problem  You’ve been whittled down to last few  Great practice  Take 2 or 3 things away from today  Any questions? Final thoughts

24 Additional Resources  Practice interviews with careers advisers  Employer led workshops  Vault and Wetfeet guides to Case Interview  Careers website  Interview Stream - 

25 All the best with your interviews! Tea-time!

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