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Fall On-Campus Interviews How to: Upload your resume Bid on employers Schedule an interview.

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1 Fall On-Campus Interviews How to: Upload your resume Bid on employers Schedule an interview

2 Mark Your Calendar May 21 2011 grads gain access to OSCAR: https://oscar.uscourts.gov July 16 Bidding for interviews with employers begins: Prepare a resume, cover letter and writing sample July 26 DOJ Summer Legal Intern & Honors Program (entry level): Aug 5 Deadline: Aug 16-20 employers Aug 12 Deadline: Aug 23-27 employers Aug 16 On-campus interviews begin! Aug 19 Deadline: Aug 30-Sept 3 employers Aug 23 Fall classes begin Aug 26 Deadline: Sept 7-10 employers Sept 2 Deadline: Sept 13-24 employers Sept 7 Judges access OSCAR applications and Sept 8 DOJ online application deadline (midnight EST)

3 Student URL: Bookmark URLURL: First Name.Last Password generated by Symplicity Click on Forgot Password for a new password Use Internet Explorer to access Symplicity

4 Fill in Profile, including Academic and Privacy pages

5 Check your class year (2LE, 2L, 3LE, 3L, 4LE, LLM). Your ability to bid on employers is based upon your class year. e.g. an employer may specify it is interested only in 2LEs, 2Ls, 3LEs for a summer associate program starting May 2011. Thus 3Ls and 4LEs won’t be able to see the employer in OCI because the employer’s class year criteria isn’t satisfied. To correct your class year email with your

6 Select yes to participate in the fall program. Select yes-resumes are sent in PDF format to employers. Now go to Documents to upload your resume, cover letter, unofficial transcript and writing sample.

7 Click on Add New to upload your resume, cover letter, unofficial transcript and writing sample.

8 Label document with your name and a date. Browse to select it. Click Submit. You must have an approved resume in the system to bid.

9 Your resume will convert to PDF format-which may take some time. Until your resume is approved by career planning it will remain in the pending file. If your resume is edited, an email with suggested edits will be sent to you. The original will be deleted. Once your resume is approved, click on Make Default. You may upload additional resumes tailored for particular employers.

10 Students often edit their resumes to add Moot Court or a Journal. If you edit your resume, click on the PDF version in Documents. Is it your Default resume? Delete old resumes. Be sure to designate your Default Resume. If you have specialty resumes in this section label them.

11 Now click on the PDF version of your final resume and print it out. Check format, font and eliminate blank second pages. Now add your cover letter for each firm that requests one, your writing sample and an unofficial transcript.

12 Now that your documents have been uploaded and approved, go to the OCI section.

13 To bid on employers go to each Fall 2010 Session. Click Review. Review the documents required and the firm’s hiring criteria. Take note of the interview dates and check them against your calendar.

14 Sessions will span a two month period to accommodate employer needs. Each session deadline is based upon when employers require the candidates’ documents for review by their hiring committees or recruiters. In general deadlines for sessions tend to expire at 11:59pm on Thursdays.

15 Note the interviewers may sit on the hiring committee. Research them, carefully review the firm’s website to ascertain the firm’s practice areas, history and news. Upload your resume, cover letter, unofficial transcript and writing sample. Now click on Apply.

16 This is what it will look like after you apply. The documents you have uploaded are listed under the documents section. You can click on each to view each.

17 View each session and each employer. Remember that many employers will decide after July 16 to participate. From time to time check to see whether additional employers have decided to interview our students. The legend no multiple interviews refers to the policy of firms interviewing for multiple locations to use one on-campus interview to screen you for all locations.

18 Rank the offices in order of preference.

19 Click Accept Invited to Interview to schedule your interview

20 Consider your class schedule. Employers run late fairly often-schedule interviews 40 minutes apart. Click the signup key after you choose.

21 Helpful Hints Employers may choose their slate of candidates the day after receipt of documentation or later if a hiring committee screens the document. Check the OCI section the beginning the day after the deadline to reserve the best interview times. There may be times when every interview time conflicts with a class-provide professors the courtesy of notifying them of late arrivals or early exits from class.

22 Cell Phones Turn off your Cell Phone before you go into the interview. Check your voicemail to be sure that the message is professional yet personable. Smile when you record it. When leaving a voicemail message speak deliberately and distinctly and repeat your name and phone number clearly.

23 Second Interviews The recruiting coordinator, the on-campus interviewer or someone from the hiring committee will call you to set up a second interview at the firm. Ascertain the amount of time you will need for your firm interviews and with whom you will interview. Research your interviewers. Arrive on time. Late arrivals may eliminate you from the competition. Thus plan on where you will park and allow enough time to get there.

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