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Research and Development WATA Pierre-Gilles Duvernay Responsable for R&D WATA.

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1 Research and Development WATA Pierre-Gilles Duvernay Responsable for R&D WATA

2 Aim: Develop technologies together with our partners, and validate and improve them through a constant North-South exchange. Understand the partner organisations and adapt to their needs Build up on succesfull collaborations and provide a toolbox for further missions. Research and Development WATA

3 Means of action 1.Improve the WATA product series and testing reagents 2.Field tests/ Know-how transfer 3.Research on the chlorine chemistry 4.Make recommendations on stabilisation and storage 5.Technical information services 6.Training 7.Pilot projects: 8.Bottling (Guinée) 9.Hospital (Burkina) 10.School (Kenya ) Research and Development WATA

4 Raising awarness and prevention of water-borne diseases and health In the health centers Disinfection Portable chlorine Social enterprise Selling of hypochlorite Selling of water filters In the schools Hand washing Portable chlorine Create a market Supply the market Research and Development WATA

5 Test in schools (Bolivia) Research and Development WATA

6 WATA R&D Academic partners Institutional partners UNICEF Ministry of Health Production partners Vickers, PRO, CEAS-Burkina Partners in the field Antenna network Swiss partner organisations in the field CICR, DDC, SHA Research and Development WATA

7 Our academic partners School of Engineering Biel R&D WATA School of Engineering Fribourg - Research on chlorine - Stability - Stabilisation - Reagents Etc. Research on automated WATA device Research and Development WATA

8 Research at the School of Engineering in Biel and Fribourg Research and Development WATA

9 Our partners in the field R&D WATA Formations sans Frontières - Support in technical training of the users - Production of the reagents - Suggestions on solar panels - Market study for bottling - Bottling - Validation of economic models - Validation of production - Validation of social marketing - Support and training of the end user - Field tests - Create didactical material - Capitalize on the programs in the Health centers Centre Ecologique Albert Schweitzer Research and Development WATA

10 Program in the Health Centers (Burkina) Research and Development WATA

11 Bottling program in Guinea Research and Development WATA

12 Extended WATA developed in Mali by FSF Research and Development WATA

13 Our swiss partners in the field ICRC field tests Programs in prisons Rwanda R&D WATA Humanitarian Aid Switzerland Emergency aid Disinfection of water wells Pakistan Engineers (civil service) in the field Tinkisso-Antenna (Guinea), CEAS (Burkina) Technology transfer: Bottling Local fabrication of the reactants Peripheral solar device Tests of the WATA-Maxi Development of Midi-WATA Improvement of the transformator and the Waterproofness of the Standard-WATA Research and Development WATA

14 WATA test in prison (Rwanda) Research and Development WATA

15 WATA test in disaster emergency aid Research and Development WATA

16 Our fabrication partners Foundation PRO Analyses R&D WATA Vickers Fabrication and Development of devices Fabrication - Reagents - WataTest and WataBlue - Transformators - Midi& Maxi Analyses Reagents & hypochlorite stabilisation (Bottling) Technical improvement - Waterproofness - Connection/Wiring - Design Foundation PRO Fabrication Research and Development WATA

17 Prototype test at our fabrication partner Vickers Research and Development WATA

18 Our institutional partners Voluntary consultants Public: DIME Private: SIG R&D WATA Federal Laboratory in Spiez DDC /SHA Validation of the WATA Training by Antenna: - WATA courses - Training on the stabilisation - Stabilisation study - Research on components and local availability of reagents EAWAG Aquatic research center School programs with the Mini-WATA Research and Development WATA

19 WATA test for the federal certification Research and Development WATA

20 20 Mini-WATA  Schools WATA-Standard  Small health centers Midi-WATA Maxi-WATA  Bottling Prisons Large health centers Research and Development WATA

21 Pierre-Gilles Duvernay © Antenna Technologies Foundation Thank you for your attention

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