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Troop Key Bartle Info Monday, June 3 rd – Troop Trailer Clean Up Monday, June 10 th - Bartle Final Call Night – Health Form submissions - DUE FOR ALL.

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2 Troop Key Bartle Info Monday, June 3 rd – Troop Trailer Clean Up Monday, June 10 th - Bartle Final Call Night – Health Form submissions - DUE FOR ALL CAMPERS – SCOUTS & ADULTS (INCLUDING PART-TIME) – Medication forms – Med approval form for any Scout who is to be given meds during camp – Final Merit Badge changes – Locker combination submissions – Troop 333 Activity Permission Slips due Monday, June 17 th – Depart for Bartle – Meet at Troop 333 Trailer by 9amCT. – Troop picture 9:20am – Medication submission – Parents submit Scout medication to Mr. Ecklund – Troop will depart from SMA Trailer at 9:30am SHARP – ALL SCOUTS MUST WEAR CLASS A SHIRTS DURING DRIVE UP TO BARTLE – Bartle opens at 12pm Carpooling is encouraged BUT, the Scout’s Parents are responsible for arranging ride to & from camp, for the Scout and submitting correct activity release form.

3 Bartle Info Troop 333, Bartle Session 2, June 17th – 26 th Lone Star Camp, Cheyenne Campsite NEW AT&T Cell Tower NOW active at Bartle Key MoS events – June 18 th – She-She-Be council – June 20 th – Call Night – June 21 st – Tribal Council Refresher – June 22 nd – Warrior Ceremony – June 22 nd – Honorary Call & Orientation – June 23 rd – Visitors Day – June 24 th – Brave & Honorary Ceremony Bartle Mail: (Please factor mail delivery time) Scout’s name, Troop 0333 Camp Lone Star, Campsite Cheyenne Bartle Scout Reservation 5525 N.E. Scout Camp Road Osceola, MO 64776-9000 BARTLE EMERGENCY ALERT NOTIFICATION REGISTRATION:

4 Scout Expectations The goal of Bartle is to provide Scouts a fun and coordinated camp in which to learn new activities though Merit Badges Scouts are expected to adhere to Scouting and Troop Camp etiquette. – Safety, participation, behavior & conduct Scouts are expected to participate in all Bartle & Troop events All Scouts will be rotating through camp duties including Flag, KP, Latrine, and Campsite cleanup. – The Scout is responsible for knowing their duty schedule, for being on time and prepared. Scouts must stay the entire session to be considered for Honor Camping – MoS Scouts may not leave the reservation without notifying the Campmaster AND completing all Bartle required forms at the Camp Commissioners office. Scouts must maintain a neat and orderly tent environment and respect their tent-mate’s privacy & property.

5 SCOUT MEDICATION PROCESS Troop 333 adheres to HOAC Medical policy – Scout’s should not possess medication – EXCEPTIONS: Inhalers & EPI-pens Scout Medication release form must be signed and submitted by parents for any Scout requiring regular medication during camp. Scoutmaster Ecklund is our 2013 Bartle Troop Medicine Chair – He will hold ALL Scout medicine and distribute to Scouts during day – 3 Dosage times Morning ~7:30am Afternoon ~12pm Evening ~6pm ALL Scout medicine should be provided to Mr. Ecklund on 6/17 th, in Ziploc Bags – 1 Quart-sized bag PER Scout (will hold all other bags for Scout) Labeled with Scout’s Name & Troop 333 – 1 sandwich sized bag PER day (will hold dosage bags) Labeled with Scout’s Name & Day – 1 Snack size bag PER dosage time (will hold medicine) Labeled w/Scout’s name and dosage time (Morning, Afternoon, Evening) – 1 extra dosage bag is encouraged – Scouts should have enough medicine for the entire duration of camp (6/17 th -26 th ) – DO NOT SEND MEDICINE BOTTLES PLEASE SEND MEDS IN BAGGIES (exception liquids). Ricky Scout Troop 333 Ricky Scout Monday Ricky Scout Morning Quart-sized Sandwich-sized Snack-sized 10 days

6 What to bring to Bartle? Lockable Camp Box & Lock Class A Uniform with Neckerchief & slide Class B Shirt Jeans, Shorts, tee-shirts, undergarments & socks for the entire duration Sneakers/hiking boots Swimming trunks & towel Poncho/rain gear Shampoo, Toothbrush, comb/brush, deodorant & Toothpaste Hat/cap or visor WATER BOTTLE!! Scout Book Money for snacks and all merit badges Flashlight (w/new batteries) Pillow & Sleeping bag/bedding for cot Merit badge pre-work Camp chair Bug spray & sun screen Spiral notebook & pen Inexpensive camera Pocket knife (3” or smaller foldable blades ONLY) Personal fan Sunglasses Work gloves Fishing Gear for Fishing Merit Badge Shower shoes Extra batteries PERSONAL GEARCAMPING GEAROPTIONAL GEAR Items should be labeled with “Scout’s name, Troop 333, Session 1, Lone Star Camp, Cheyenne Campsite”!! (white sports tape and black permanent markers work great) Aerosol products are NOT allowed at Bartle.

7 Spending Money??? Some merit badges require kits or additional fees which can only be purchased at Bartle camp. – Check your MB requirements to determine the amount of extra fees, IF ANY, are needed for each of your MB classes. Bartle fees include all meals however, the Bartle trading post sells snacks – Scouts and parents should determine the Scout’s snack allowance, if any, for camp on their own. – Alternatively, Scouts love to receive packages at camp with snacks which may be much less expensive! Scouts are responsible for holding their own money throughout Bartle. We encourage Scouts to store money in their LOCKED camp box.

8 Visitor’s Day Visitor’s Day is Sunday, June 23 rd Parking is limited so plan on arriving early Meals are expensive please disclose your plans – Need accurate count on number of visitors that will be dining with the Troop Please let the Campmaster know if your Scout will NOT have any visitors Anne Ecklund has graciously agreed to help coordinate – Would love help!!


10 Thank You

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