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Welcome to the Interactive Survey System August 6, August 13, September 12, 2013.

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2 Welcome to the Interactive Survey System August 6, August 13, September 12, 2013

3 2 What Is the Interactive Survey System? Online, interactive version of the documents needed for NCQA’s accreditation, certification, recognition or evaluation programs Two aspects –Structure & Process Measures –Survey Tool (ST or “Tool”)

4 3 Key Features Clear, concise web publication Layered information Submit survey info electronically via NCQA secure Web site Review all information at NCQA

5 4 So What Does It Mean for You? ISS Tool released August 5 –Tools sent for each SNP benefit package Completed Tools due to NCQA no later than October 15, 2013 Survey starts once you click “SUBMIT” –No Assessment status –View of original submission only Plan Comment Period –Occurs after Survey Submission –Brief turn around time

6 5 Who Reports Returning SNPs— all SNPs that were operational as of January 1, 2012 AND renewed for 2013 AND have previously submitted. – All of the elements in SNP 1-6. New SNPs — all SNPs operational as of January 1, 2012 AND renewed for 2013 AND are reporting for the first time. – SNP 1 A-D, SNP 2, and SNP 4-6

7 6 Don’t Wait to Submit Structure & Process Measures due to NCQA by October 15, 2013 – SNPs do not have to wait until October 15 to submit their S&P Survey Tool. If you finish early, you may SUBMIT early. – Expect heavy website traffic in October that could cause delays. The sooner you get it in, the smoother it will be.

8 7 Resources Use NCQA’s Policy Clarification Support (PCS) system when you have questions on S&P measures/elements. Web address: Link from SNP Web page: Contact NCQA’s Customer Support when you have ISS or general questions 888-275-7585 Email: Tel: 888-275-7585 Email:

9 The Survey Begins at Submission!!!

10 9 Survey Process Organization submits completed Survey Tool with attached documents NCQA survey team assesses performance against all Structure & Process measure requirements Plan Comment Period – document clarification Final scores analyzed for inclusion in report to CMS NCQA will not publicly report SNP data

11 Documentation Preparation Strategies

12 11 Developing Your Documentation System Build an electronic system for all documentation to be attached to the Survey Tool –N–Not required to keep documents in a central file….but this is a common practice –U–Use any organizing principle you wish –E–Ensure that you maintain version control and submit final copies of documents

13 12 ST Documentation Library Central reservoir of all reference materials Sort by document name, document extension, standard/element, file path and date attached Attach to the library and then link with specific elements

14 13 Document Library - What’s Changed? No major changes for the 2013 Submission – Internal updates – Introduced performance enhancements and updates

15 14 Document Library - What’s the Same? Documents will upload to NCQA’s ISS Server immediately when loaded to the document library NCQA staff and surveyors do not access documents prior to submission Organizations can still link a single document to multiple elements – If you replace a document, it gets replaced for all elements Documents may be loaded and viewed through the library or directly from an element

16 15 Learning More About ISS The ISS User’s Guide is available A demonstration in ISS is available on the “Help and Instructions” page – Document Library ‘(documents attached after March 26, 2012)’ – explains how to upload documents in ISS NCQA Customer Support is available – – 888-275-7585

17 16 Documentation Requirements For security and data protection only allow file types: –. CSV,.DOC,.DOCX,.GIF,.JPG,.MPP,.PDF,.PPT,.RTF,.TXT,.VSD,.XLS Convert others to.GIF,.JPG via scanner or to.PDF using Adobe ® Acrobat ® Do not send Zip files to NCQA Do not send PHI

18 17 Documentation - Scanning To minimize file size and retain readability – Save scanned documents in.GIF,.JPG format –Color images: 80 dpi and 8 bit (256) color settings –Text pages: 80 dpi and 2 bit (black and white or line art settings) –Black/white image: 80 dpi and 8 bit (256 color) settings or 80 dpi and 8 bit scale (256 shades) settings

19 18 Documentation Tips Highlight key sentences Focus on only what element requires Limit size and number –C–Create a comprehensive document for each element; create sections/chapters for each factor –U–Use only pertinent pages with cover page that provides the context –U–Unless element requires multiple documents, one is sufficient –U–Use hyperlinks in documents if you wish

20 19 This is not a treasure hunt Try using a roadmap! Highlight key text within document! Insert hyperlinks for relevant sections! Add labels and arrows ! Use legal line numbering! Enter background info in the Support Text box! Show us where the information is. NCQA encourages SNPs to be clear, concise and cogent in their documentation.

21 20 Create a Roadmap or a Documentation Guide

22 21

23 22 Point us in the Right Direction SNP 4 Element D factor 1

24 23 What Should I Put in the Support Text Box? Use this area to communicate with NCQA Utilize page & paragraph number field Brief summary of information – focus on what the element requires If element has multiple factors, consider using this field to map out information Not sufficient to cut and paste info into this box, must still attach supporting documentation

25 24 Check Survey Tool Load Documents to Library Link Documents to Elements Perform Completeness Check Submit Tool

26 25 This Is It !

27 26 Contacts Brett Kay Assistant Vice President, SNP Assessment 202-955-1722 Casandra Monroe Assistant Director, SNP Assessment 202-955-5136 Sandra Jones Assistant Director, SNP Assessment 202-955-5189

28 27 Contacts Anthony Davis Accreditation Manager, SNP Assessment 202 –955-1713 Priyanka Oberoi Accreditation Manager, SNP Assessment 202-955-5130 Nidhi Dalwadi Accreditation Manager, SNP Assessment 202-955-3585

29 28 Ling Chen Accreditation Manager, SNP Assessment 202-955-3548 Delia Ponce Coordinator, SNP Assessment 202-955-1742 For resources, please visit: Contacts

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