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Open Enrollment Natchez Early College Academy

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1 Open Enrollment Natchez Early College Academy
Natchez Adams School District Curriculum Fair Open Enrollment Natchez Early College Academy Welcome to the Natchez Adams School District Curriculum Fair. We are now opening enrollment for the Natchez Early College Academy for the school year.

2 Natchez Early College Academy
What is NECA? Benefits The opportunity to receive a high school diploma and up to 28 college credit Mixture of high school and college classes Fewer high school classes because some of the college classes replace the high school classes (dual credit and/or enrollment) Save money on college tuition Earn a degree sooner Opportunity to enter workforce sooner Increase chances of success in college Access to college resources, facilities and services The Natchez Early College Academy is an opportunity for students to earn a high school diploma and up to 28 college credit while in high school. Through a blend of high school classes and college courses, students save money on college tuition, earn a degree sooner, and enter the work force sooner. NECA students are offered college guidance and tutoring support throughout their high school career making them more likely to succeed at the collegiate level.

3 NECA 2014-2015 Requirements & Eligibility
High school students Legal residents of Adams County First 50 completed and qualifying applications of current 8th grade students will be considered. Current 9th and 10th graders may apply, and as slots become available those students will be notified. NECA is open to high school students who are legal residents of Natchez-Adams county. The school year is open to the first 50 current 8th grade students who are looking for an alternative to a large high school, motivated to graduate high school and pursue a college degree, and are interested in project based learning. Qualifying current 9th and 10th grade may apply. Should slots become available you will be considered for admission into Natchez Early College Academy.

4 NECA: Course of Study Year 1 9th Grade Year 2 10th Grade Years 3 and 4
11th & 12th Grade May include: First Semester Eng I (yearlong) Biology I MS Studies/Geography SREB Math/Algebra I ACT Prep English II Physical Science Chemistry World History Algebra II Trigonometry English Composition I (Required) English Composition II AP English General Biology I/Lab General Biology II/Lab College Algebra US History Fine Arts Elective Oral Communication Human Anatomy & Physiology / Lab Sociology Afro-American Literature Social Science Elective World Civilization Psychology Statistics Second Semester English I PE/Hlth Algebra I College Portfolio Advance Seminar AP Biology Geometry Advance Algebra Continue College Portfolio Research Paper The course of study will include high school and college courses. Students will take four courses per day on a 100-minute block schedule and up to six classes per semester. There is a blended block and traditional schedule for students needing additional support. Electives will focus on courses for the Associates of Arts degree or up to 28 college credits. The more aggressive students are towards completing the maximum number of college courses, the less room they will have for high school electives. Those electives will be used to earn college credits.

5 What students are saying about NECA…
NECA has a great support system (teachers, principal, etc.) to help with work and personal things. – April B. NECA is helping me to construct a productive way of learning and preparing for a better future. I also like the block classes because we are able to generate more and be more academically successful. – Niyahna D. NECA teachers are committed to their jobs and are fun as well. They make me feel at home. I love the block schedules…When we graduate from high school we will have a high school diploma and we will have started on college courses. Just being in NECA makes me feel like a scholar. – Madison P. NECA will help me prepare for the future that I am looking forward to living. – Jaylyn C. Students are saying great things about NECA. Students enjoy the support of the faculty, staff and leaders at NECA; they enjoy the block classes; they also enjoy the feeling of being prepared for the future and the opportunity to take so many college courses.

6 Success is within reach…
Success is within reach through our rigorous curriculum, through opportunities such as mini-courses at Copiah Lincoln Community College and support given by teachers through tutoring and providing in-class safety nets.

7 Down in the Delta College Tour
What we do… We expose our students to colleges as early as the 9th grade. Many colleges have provided instruction in their labs, talks with the vice president, and connections with current college students. Down in the Delta College Tour

8 Thinking Curriculum NECA Classes… Reciprocal Teaching Student-led
Collaboration Students are challenged daily in classrooms that focus on a thinking curriculum which provides opportunities for students to solve problems, lead the instruction, collaborate with others and teach small groups. Thinking Curriculum

9 Positive Educational Experiences
Motivation Matters Students engage in hands on learning opportunities and teachers are continuously learning ways to improve their craft. At NECA we always seek opportunities to showcase students who are excelling and or showing growth.

10 Alcorn State University College Tour
We make learning relevant by collaborating with Universities on our college tours. Our students often participate in college lectures and labs, obtaining hands on experience with college instructors. We also use college tours as an opportunity to connect our curriculum through historical tours. As early as 9th grade students are exposed to schools and sites to build their portfolio and assist them in determining the course of their education. Real World Textbook From the Textbook To the Lab

11 College tours starting in 9th grade
College Portfolio starting in 9th grade Research starting in 10th grade ACT Prep starting in 10th grade Dual Enrollment starting in 11th grade Natchez Early College Academy was created to facilitate community growth by providing students with the skills necessary to be career and college ready through accelerated learning. Through exposure and experiences we live our vision statement - Success at college and beyond: an affordable and attainable goal for all students. It is our motto that success is within reach through rigor, opportunity and support. Although NECA is an accelerated program any child who works hard and takes advantage of the established safety nets can and will succeed at NECA. Earn up to 28 college credits by the end of 12th grade

12 Apply today to reserve your spot for 2015-2016.
NECA wants…. Application Deadline March 6, 2015 YOU!!!! Apply today to reserve your spot for If you are up for the challenge; if you have a strong desire to earn a college degree and save money for your family; if you want to enter the workforce sooner than your peers; then NECA wants you. Apply today to reserve your spot for Completed application packets are due by March 6, 2015.

13 Thank You! For more information: Call Kesha Campbell, Principal
To register call: Angela Reynolds, Counselor Dr. Frederick Hill, Superintendent Dr. Tanisha Smith, Deputy Superintendent Thank you. Apply today. Call Principal Kesha Campbell or Counselor Angela Reynolds for more information.

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