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Understanding House Bill 5 Graduation Requirements: Graford High School May 2014.

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1 Understanding House Bill 5 Graduation Requirements: Graford High School May 2014

2 The Intent of HB5: Accountability, Assessments, and Graduation Plans During the 83rd Texas Legislature, House Bill 5 was signed into law, which changes high school graduation requirements for students who will be freshmen during the school year and beyond. It establishes one graduation plan - Foundation High School Program (FHSP) - with opportunities to earn endorsements and performance acknowledgements.

3 The Intent of HB5: Accountability, Assessments, and Graduation Plans The goals: develop a more diverse workforce, send students to the postsecondary level more prepared, and understand that each students path to the workforce is unique.

4 High School Graduation Requirements To receive a high school diploma, a student entering Grade 9 in school year and thereafter must accomplish the following: complete the Foundation High School curriculum, pass the EOC testing requirements (English I & II, Algebra I, Biology, and U.S. History), AND demonstrate proficiency in professional communication.

5 ENGLISH English I English II English III Advanced English MATHEMATICS Algebra I Geometry Advanced Math PHYSICAL EDUCATION FINE ART SCIENCE Biology IPC or Advanced Science Advanced Science SOCIAL STUDIES World History or Geography US History Government/Economics LANGUAGE OTHER THAN ENGLISH (2 Years) FIVE (5) ELECTIVES FOUNDATION REQUIREMENTS – 22 Credits

6 ENDORSEMENTS A RTS / H UMANITIES B USINESS & I NDUSTRY P UBLIC S ERVICE STEM **M ULTI - DISCIPLINARY T HE N EW P LAN FOR T EXAS G RADUATION R EQUIREMENTS Foundation Graduation Plan + Endorsements C REDITS English I, English II, English III, Advanced English Biology, Chemistry, Advanced Science World Geography, World History, US History, Algebra I, Geometry, Advanced Math Government/Economics Foreign Language (2 Credits) Physical Education, Fine Arts, and Electives 26

7 Distinguished Achievement To be considered as Top 10% of the Class for automatic admission Have Algebra II success, Earn four credits in science, Complete curriculum requirements, AND Graduate with an endorsement.

8 What does all of this mean for you?

9 You have a choice! What do you want to be when you grow up??

10 Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) Math : Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II and College Prep. Math, Statistics, or Algebraic Reasoning. Science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Anatomy & Physiology, Environmental Systems, or Advanced Animal Sciences

11 Business & Industry Agricultural Sciences: Principles of Agriculture, Livestock/Small Animal Mgmt, Wildlife, Ag. Mechanics, Range Ecology & Management, or Advanced Animal Sciences Hospitality and Tourism: Principals of Family Consumer Sciences, Lifetime Nutrition and Wellness, Hospitality Service and Culinary Arts, including a Practicum

12 Information Technologies: Principles of Information Technology, Digital Media, Computer Programming, and Web Technologies Advanced journalism: Yearbook (3 years), by acceptance only at the end of your freshman year. Business & Industry (cont.)

13 Public Services Human Services: Principals of Family Consumer Sciences, Lifetime Nutrition and Wellness, Child Development, and Child Guidance Health Services: Health Science, Medical Terminology, Life Nutrition & Wellness, Anatomy & Physiology, and Pathophysiology

14 Arts & Humanities Social Studies: World Geography, World History, US History, Government, Economics, and Sociology or Psychology Language other than English: Spanish I, Spanish II, Spanish III, and Spanish IV Fine Arts: Art I, Art II, Art III, and Art IV

15 Multidisciplinary Studies Foundation Subjects: Current 4x4 requirement, including English IV, Chemistry, and Physics Dual Credit: Four dual credit courses selected from English, mathematics, science, social studies, economics, languages other than English, or fine arts, offered through Weatherford College

16 You have even more choices to consider!

17 Performance Acknowledgements Having an Outstanding Performance(s) in: Dual Credit (>12 hours with a 3.0 or higher or an Associates degree.) Bilingualism and Bi-literacy Advanced Placement Exams PSAT (Commended scholar), ACT (28, excl. writing), or SAT (1250 math and reading) Earning: Business or Industry Certificate or License

18 Mandatory College Prep Courses Each school district, in partnership with at least one IHE (Wford College), is to develop and provide courses in college prep for mathematics and English language arts for 12th grade students who do not meet the college readiness standards. Courses are provided on HS campus (with our teachers). School must give notice to eligible students and their parents/guardians. Successful completion of these courses may be used for the advance ELA/Mathematics curriculum requirement. Effective

19 Opportunities under HB 5 High school students have the opportunity to graduate on the Foundation Plan with or without Endorsements. Students who graduate on the Foundation Plan (unlike the current Minimum Plan) are eligible to be accepted to a 4- year university in Texas.

20 Students Entering 9 th Grade Each student shall specify in writing an intended endorsement. Beginning current 8 th graders Students may enroll in courses under more than one endorsement before the junior year and to choose, at any time, to earn an endorsement other than the one previously indicated. A student may opt for the Foundation School Program without an endorsement after the sophomore year with guardian approval AND with advisement of the counselor regarding advantages of graduating with one or more endorsements.

21 Remember, you have a choice…

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