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Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) Wednesday 3-5-08 Lora Freberg Student Programs Coordinator.

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1 Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) Wednesday 3-5-08 Lora Freberg Student Programs Coordinator

2 ERAS Developed by the AAMC for transmitting residency applications, LORs, the MSPE, transcripts, and your photo to residency programs using the internet

3 The ERAS Process Explore the ERAS website at Research programs at their websites to gather information

4 The ERAS Process In mid-June click on “Resources to Download” – select “ERAS 2009 Applicant Manual” to download it In early July use your token to register for ERAS

5 The ERAS Process Use your CV to complete your CAF in ERAS Save your PS as a text file, then copy and paste it into ERAS

6 LORs Form for requesting an LOR LORs are mailed or delivered to me Or LORs may be emailed in PDF files to me

7 LORs I will email to you when I receive a letter for you If errors, you are responsible for contacting the writer If you approve of LOR, tell me

8 LORs Shoot for Oct 1 st for LOR deadline, but sooner is better The ERAS Post Office opens Sept 1 st and that’s when programs can begin downloading your documents Type names of LOR writers into ERAS

9 LORs Once you approve, designate in ERAS, and assign LORs to your programs, I will upload them to the ERAS Post Office for programs to download

10 ERAS Fees Application fee (10 progs) – $60 11-20 programs – $8 each 21-30 programs – $15 each ≥ 31 programs – $ 25 each

11 USMLE Scores Know your USMLE ID number – you’ll need it to release your scores via ERAS and the NBME First question: answer “yes” Second question: if you want Step 2 score automatically released, say “yes”

12 USMLE Scores If you want to see your Step 2 score before the NBME re- releases it to ERAS, say “no” to second question Then remember to go into ERAS and manually re-release your Step 2 score

13 ERAS Photo 2x3” photo – professional! You may get wallet-sized photos from Kim Photography Pay Kim to have her email it to me Or you deliver photo to me

14 Academic Transcripts Complete transcript release form and return it to me I must have all release forms signed before Registrar’s Office will produce transcripts I scan all transcripts into ERAS

15 ADTS Use the Applicant Document Tracking System to see what documents have been uploaded and downloaded in ERAS Access ADTS at

16 The ERAS Process ERAS is designed to be dynamic Don’t wait till every document is in place before you submit your ERAS Complete the profile and CAF (the CAF can’t be changed once certified and submitted) near Sept 1 st

17 The ERAS Process LORs, transcripts, and photo can be added as they arrive The sooner programs get your profile and CAF, the sooner they can invite you to interview Programs will want your application complete before you interview there

18 I am your co-pilot I will monitor your progress throughout the ERAS process I will answer your questions and help you through it all

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