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ERAS Electronic Residency Application Service Scott Davenport March 29, 2013.

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1 ERAS Electronic Residency Application Service Scott Davenport March 29, 2013

2 Objectives ERAS vs. NRMP Overview of process Overview of components What you do, what I do Where to Begin

3 NRMP = Match ERAS = Application

4 You Me Programs ERAS Letter Writer

5 Apply to Programs Certify Common Application Form (CAF) Select Program & Assign Docs Enter application materials Register & Complete Profile Get Token Mid June July 1 September 15

6 Apply to Programs Select Program & Assign Docs Enter application materials

7 Application Components ComponentWho Responsible?How get to program ProfileYOUAUTO Common Application Form (CAF)YOUAUTO Personal StatementYOUASSIGN Letters of RecommendationYOU ME WRITERASSIGN Medical School TranscriptYOU MEAUTO USMLE TranscriptYOUASSIGN MSPEYOU MEAUTO (Oct 1) PhotoYOU MEASSIGN Message CenterYOU Applicant Document Tracking System (ADTS) YOU

8 Your ERAS Responsibilities

9 I Will

10 Profile Completed at registration General information UPDATABLE throughout app process AAMC ID number is received AFTER submitting initial registration to ERAS Use AAMC ID and password you create to log in from then on

11 CAF (Common Application Form) Can be started, saved and finished in separate log-ins Same one sent to each program you apply to Must certify prior to final submission (9/15) CANNOT BE CHANGED AFTER CERTIFICATION Can be printed in C.V. format

12 Personal Statement Does not have to be finished prior to submitting CAF, though its recommended Multiple PSs can be written, assigned to different programs (tricky)

13 LORs Letters of Recommendation Use ERAS Cover Sheet for efficiency – Have all letters sent to S. Davenport Start acquiring writers now! Goal date is 9/15 or 10/1 for receipt You designate writers and assign to selected program CAN APPLY TO PROGRAMS BEFORE LETTERS ARE IN ERAS

14 LORs (Letters of Recommendation) Designate your writer list in ERAS – Multiple specialties/same writer Four (4) max to a program Writer direct upload option via LoR Portal Can continuously designate and assign letters – Even after you have applied

15 Medical School Transcripts Must be received official on WHITE PAPER Use our form Duluth transcripts are included Wait until you have all your desired grades in before ordering (9/15, 10/1) – Check One Stop for grades: Auto go to each program apply to (not assign) Updatable. Use same process

16 USMLE Transcripts Ordered through ERAS $ USMLE transmits directly to unlimited # of programs Shows test history as well as scores Most UP-TO-DATE transcript sent to program when you initially apply to it Choose whether or not to automatically send Step Two 24 – 48 hour turnaround

17 MSPE (Medical Student Performance Evaluation) MSPE process begins with interview Evaluation comments will be added from April through September – Be proactive with Evaluations – Desired but missing evals are students responsibility to locate Student Reviews begin in September Transmitted to programs October 1 Auto go to each program apply to (not assign)

18 Message Center Check frequently Programs will use it to contact you to set-up interviews Gets forwarded to designated email in your Profile, but can be in message center a day or two prior to this

19 ADTS Applicant Document Tracking System Opens in September Document tracking system Allows you to view what documents have been uploaded and when programs have downloaded them Only works for those documents that you have assigned to programs you have applied to

20 ERAS vs. SF Match


22 ? Google+ @UMNmedsch2014

23 Useful Links Now @UMNmedsch2014


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