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ANGEN UPDATE GC911 Conference - October 20141 John Ellison, Contractor – Alabama 9-1-1 Board.

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1 ANGEN UPDATE GC911 Conference - October John Ellison, Contractor – Alabama Board

2 2 ECDs and PSAPs ECDs and PSAPs – 88 ECDs, 21 City & 67 County – 117 PSAPs – 3 2 ECDs have not joined ANGEN Alabama 9-1-1Board Alabama 9-1-1Board AUM Center for Advanced Technologies AUM Center for Advanced Technologies – Project Oversight and Reporting – Coordination with PSAPs and other Partners – Testing and Training Coordination ANGEN PARTNERS GC911 Conference - October 2014

3 3 Alabama Supercomputer Authority Alabama Supercomputer Authority (ASA) – Backbone network between ACCRFs – End point connections to PSAPs – 24x7x365 Network Monitoring and Trouble Desk Bandwidth Bandwidth – Core Call Routing Functions – Dashboard - Admin Interface PSAP / ECD Info Call Stats ANGEN PARTNERS GC911 Conference - October 2014

4 4 Wireless Carriers Wireless Carriers – Re-route calls to ANGEN – Assist with testing – Trouble resolution and ESRK management Selective Router Operators Selective Router Operators – AT&T – 5 – CenturyLink – 2 – Accept consolidated traffic from ANGEN – Send to PSAP on existing trunks ANGEN PARTNERS GC911 Conference - October 2014


6 6

7 7 AT&T or Other Ethernet Service Provider Bandwidth ACCRF 10M 1G Trunk To PSAP LAN PSAP ANGEN Connection To PSAP 2M VPN ASA IP Network (AREN) GC911 Conference - October 2014

8 8 Primary Ethernet Service Provider Bandwidth ACCRF To LAN Port Secondary Ethernet Provider 1G Trunk 10M PSAP ANGEN Redundant Connection To PSAP AREN 4G LTE GC911 Conference - October 2014

9 9 Cisco 2901 Router Cisco ASA 5505 Firewall 1U ASA Managed and Ethernet Service Provider On-Site Equipment Typical Metro E Network Interface Device (NID) (AT&T Shown) Canoga Perkins U GC911 Conference - October 2014

10 10 2M ANGEN VPN Up To 8M Other IP Services (Video, IP Radio, CAD, etc.) AT&T or Other Ethernet Service Provider 10M Transport ANGEN 10M Transport Can Accommodate Additional Services GC911 Conference - October 2014

11 11 Conduit or other access into building – May already have this 2U Rackspace for ASA Firewall & Router 1U Rackspace for Ethernet carrier Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) – Very low power draw but UPS is essential – Can purchase one for less than $500 IP CONSIDERATIONS FOR PSAPS GC911 Conference - October 2014

12 12 ASA contacts PSAP for location specifics Order placed with Ethernet provider “Due Date” established by provider Provider installs circuit ASA tests and configures CPE Vendor makes connection to ANGEN Later session for more detail about Phase II IP WORK FLOW GC911 Conference - October 2014

13 BANDWIDTH 13GC911 Conference - October 2014

14 CURRENT STATUS – ACCRFS GC911 Conference - October

15 ANGEN CALL DELIVERY – PHASE I ACCRF x 2 (Bandwidth) ACCRF x 2 (Bandwidth) PSAPs TANDEMs Wireless MSC LECs VoIP / CLEC Alabama Core Call Routing Facility GC911 Conference - October

16 GC911 Conference - October IP CALL DELIVERY – ANGEN PII ACCRF x 2 (Bandwidth) ACCRF x 2 (Bandwidth) PSAPs TANDEMs Wireless MSC LECs VoIP / CLEC Alabama Core Call Routing Facility

17 PSAPs receiving live calls – SouthernLINC, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon – DONE – AT&T – Testing Finished – Mid November done – C Spire – 570,299 calls through September 145,969 of those in September – Without AT&T WHERE ARE WE NOW? 17GC911 Conference - October 2014

18 ANGEN Phase I – Route Calls from ANGEN to Selective Routers No changes for Call Takers ANGEN Phase II – Begin routing calls via IP to PSAPs Testing – live calls in late October / Early November Get additional data – confidence & accuracy – ~52 PSAPs are IP capable – more upgrading Hosted solution for Dothan area CenturyLink PSAPs NEXT STEPS 18GC911 Conference - October 2014

19 19 ANGEN to Tandems for 2 years or more – No rush to convert a PSAP IF – PSAP is getting new equipment – Wait rather than spend $ to do it again IF – PSAP is Moving IF – Whatever affects a PSAP Legacy PSAP Gateway (LPG) – Can be installed if needed for legacy CPE TIMING CONSIDERATIONS GC911 Conference - October 2014

20 20 Why would they to move to ANGEN? – Probably using SIP in their networks – Relatively inexpensive for them to move – Potential for nice cost savings 2 connections to ANGEN versus 7 tandems – Easier to maintain – Higher reliability and redundancy – Improved customer service – Hope they advertise “Improved service.” Market forces could encourage other TSPs VOIP CARRIERS GC911 Conference - October 2014

21 21 Universities, JC’s & K-12 – Already connected to ANGEN (AREN) – Many using VoIP phone systems – Could connect directly to ANGEN for – Add each extension to ALI / LIS BIG improvement in call handling Good place for a Back-Up PSAP… – Already on the ASA network SCHOOLS GC911 Conference - October 2014

22 22 Wired Carriers – LEC and CLEC Convert – Selective Routers no longer needed – EXCEPT – if there are ECDs not using ANGEN Many PSAPs will want a 2 nd Connection – Still much less than existing costs – Redundancy & diversity to the extent possible – May use 4G/LTE wireless – very affordable – How many PSAPs have 2 connections now? ANGEN PHASE III GC911 Conference - October 2014

23 Clean up your data – MSAGs GIS – PSAP boundary files – Streets – Address Points – Responder boundaries (ESN) Purchase IP Capable CPE – Would be hard not to buy IP capable now WHAT CAN YOU DO? GC911 Conference - October

24 24 Start with County and City Boundaries – Blend of Virtual Alabama and data – ALL ESRKs dropped in middle of PSAP Boundary Update GIS – Roads & PSAP Boundaries – Address Points if available Wireless Phase II calls route by Lat-Lon – When Lat-Lon is available - otherwise ESRK – Do not delay routing waiting on Phase II MSAG AND MAP DATA GC911 Conference - October 2014

25 Phase I & II – Network Install and Monthly = $0 (ZERO) Excess wireless cost recovery funds – PSAPs may need work by your vendor Cost will vary “IP Ready” versus “IP Capable” (with upgrades) Phase III = Some Costs to ECDs ?? – % of wired traffic?? – Not in stone – Board Issue ANGEN COSTS 25GC911 Conference - October 2014

26 26 More Details & Announcements John Ellison QUESTIONS / DISCUSSION GC911 Conference - October 2014

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