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ANGEN Update 2013 Gulf Coast Conference John R. Ellison - ANGEN Consultant Alabama 9-1-1 Board.

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1 ANGEN Update 2013 Gulf Coast Conference John R. Ellison - ANGEN Consultant Alabama 9-1-1 Board

2 Subjects for Today ➔ Basic Network Review ➔ Schedule ➔ Converting Your PSAP to ANGEN ➔ Converting Your PSAP to IP ➔ IP Considerations ➔ Default and Alternate Routing ➔ Questions

3 Schedule ●Etowah and Dothan Live with T-Mobile ●Oct 2013 ○ Convert 1 PSAP in 5 remaining Tandems ●Nov-Dec 2013 ○ Basic Testing with Carriers ○ Carriers convert PSAPs ○ Lab to Lab testing with IP capable CPE vendors ○ “Freeze” sometime in December so PSAP conversions will stop ●Jan - April 2014 ○ Begin Testing IP PSAPs ○ April - First IP PSAPs Go-Live

4 Schedule ●April 2014 Until Finished ○ Convert PSAPs to ANGEN – Carrier by Carrier ○ Install IP Circuits to IP capable PSAPs ○ Install IP Circuits to Legacy PSAPs ●Some Carriers say 20 PSAPs per month ●Some Carriers may be much quicker ●Convert all PSAPs in a given Tandem so Carrier may disconnect their legacy circuits.

5 Schedule - Wired Carriers ●Cannot Send Wired Traffic back to existing Selective Routers ●Must convert a PSAP to IP before they can get wired traffic from ANGEN ●Convert Huntsville to IP ○ All Carriers in Madison Co could convert to ANGEN ●Convert Birmingham PD ○ Carriers specializing in downtown business clients could convert to ANGEN

6 ANGEN Phase 1 MSC ANGEN Huntsville ANGEN Montgomery ASA Backbone Selective Router PSAP

7 ANGEN Phase 2 MSC ANGEN Huntsville ANGEN Montgomery ASA Backbone PSAP Or Host ANGEN IP Circuit Alternate IP Wired Carriers (All Types) Wired Carriers (All Types)

8 ANGEN Benefits ●Redundant Call Paths ○ Carriers to ANGEN ○ ANGEN to Selective Routers ●Ready for NG9-1-1 ○ Based on IP – Alabama is ready ○ Data Sources ○ Telematics ○ Alarms ○ Heart Monitors ○ Specialized info – special needs

9 Now - T-Mobile is 1st Live ●Etowah County Live Sept 30 ●Dothan Live Oct 2 ●Proves AT&T and CenturyLink Routers ●Next - 1 PSAP from 5 remaining Tandems ●“Soak” period of a week or so ●Basic testing for other Carriers is happening ●All but one carrier has circuits in and going through testing phases

10 Stats – As of Thursday, Oct 10 299 – 9-1-1 Calls – Etowah and Dothan o Emergency and Hang-ups o No misroutes or issues 101,989 – 9-1-1 and Test Calls o Duke made over 60,000 test calls in May Each of next 5 PSAPs = 100+ test calls o Test 96 paths to PSAP o Test 10 ESRKs

11 ANGEN Kick-Off Calls ●ANGEN team will schedule a call with you ●Review Survey information ●Discuss Primary and Alternate call routing ●Personnel Authorized for your Account ○ Emergency Numbers ●Answer any questions ●Discuss your system’s particular needs – looking to IP in 2014

12 Converting Your PSAP to ANGEN ●Carrier will arrange a day / time with you ●Carrier will test all your ESRKs ○ Either from a TOY cell or a driver in the field ○ Usually 10 per PSAP per Carrier (AT&T = 20) ●Should take less than an hour ○ Make calls back to back ○ Verify audio quality ○ Verify 9-1-1 Data, Call Back # and Location ●Bring in someone to handle the tests depending on your staffing

13 Go Live Process ●After your ESRK testing is complete ●Carrier will inform Bandwidth ●Carrier will re-route their traffic to ANGEN ○ Some carriers will convert the day of testing ○ Some may take a day or two ○ Either way you will know in advance Nothing Changes for the Call Taker

14 Default and Alternate Routing Default = Call at ANGEN with bad ESRK ●Several reasons this happens ●Relatively Rare - less than 1% ●ANGEN does not know where to send call Alternate = Carrier loses both their connections to ANGEN. ●Also rare - dual connections ●Network formulas ~ 52 minutes per year

15 Default Route - State Pool ●Group of Larger PSAPs ●Rotate Default Route Calls through pool ●You will get calls from distant areas ●Policy guidance from State Board on call handling ●When IP is in - transfer to any PSAP ●Until then - Manual transfer or relay if it is not in your current transfer list.

16 Alternate Routing PSAPs ●Larger PSAPs ●Take calls during outage ●Routed to 10 Digit Number ●Get calls from a large area ○ Depends on MSC coverage ●Policy Direction from State Board ○ Cost Reimbursement for overtime, etc

17 Call Routing Considerations ●Primary Path = ANGEN ●Secondary Path = ?? ○ Another PSAP ○ 10 Digit Number at PSAP ○ 10 Digit Number at another location ●Need to “Think Differently” with ANGEN ○ When connected via IP - no more “trunk” limits ○ Can handle 9-1-1 calls in a new way

18 IP9-1-1 = New Call Handling Options ●NOW - PSAP has 4 trunks ○ 5th 9-1-1 call goes to 10D line ○ Lose all 9-1-1 data ○ Same people probably answer both lines ●IP9-1-1 – PSAP has “X” of 9-1-1 Calls ○ Show more 9-1-1 calls on CPE ○ Do not send to 10D - keep 9-1-1 info

19 How Many 9-1-1 Calls? ●PSAP Manager in charge ●Tell ANGEN - I want X 9-1-1 Calls ○ Then route to neighbor ○ Then route to 10D ○ Whatever… John’s Opinion - Keep 9-1-1 calls in the 9-1-1 system, what good does it do to send them to a 10D number?

20 Need Mapped ALI ●A map where “dots” = call locations ●Call Taker selects a call outside the cluster ●Dots will be concentrated around the wreck ●A dot alone = a different emergency ●Answer calls smarter ●Not just first in – first out

21 ANGEN Pricing - Now ●ANGEN Wireless Only = no cost to ECD ●IP Installation and Monthly by Cost Recovery Fund ●ANGEN 2nd Connection = 100% ECD Cost ●Average $3K install and $13K yearly ●PSAPs with few calls – use 10D as backup ●Very few PSAPs with redundant connections today ●Bandwidth above 2M = 100% ECD Cost ●CAD to CAD, Radio Link ●Internet ●$25 / Meg / Month

22 ANGEN – Wired Carriers Join ●ECDs & Carriers should expect Costs ●Might be a percentage of wired versus wireless ○ Wireless = 75% - Wired = 25% ○ ANGEN Annual = $2M - 25% = $80K Wired Costs will be set by 9-1-1 Board This is just an example! ○ Wired Costs to ECDs should go down

23 Questions / Discussion

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