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ANGEN UPDATE ANGEN - 2013 Gulf Coast Conference1.

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1 ANGEN UPDATE ANGEN - 2013 Gulf Coast Conference1

2 2 Alabama Wireless Board Alabama Wireless Board – Grant Administrator for A-DHS Center for Advanced Technologies Center for Advanced Technologies – Project Management – Coordination with PSAPs and other Partners – Testing and Training Coordination PARTNERS

3 ANGEN - 2013 Gulf Coast Conference3 Alabama Supercomputer Authority Alabama Supercomputer Authority (ASA) – Backbone network between ACCRFs – End point connections to PSAPs – 24x7x365 Network Monitoring and Trouble Desk inetwork inetwork – Core Call Routing Functions – ALI Database (LIS) – Map database – System Admin Interface PARTNERS

4 ANGEN - 2013 Gulf Coast Conference4 March 25, 2012 RANDY FULMER

5 ANGEN - 2013 Gulf Coast Conference5 Wireless Carriers Wireless Carriers – Re-route 9-1-1 calls to ANGEN – Assist with testing – Trouble resolution and ESRK management Selective Router Operators Selective Router Operators – AT&T - 5 – CenturyLinc – 2 – Accept consolidated traffic from ANGEN – Send to PSAP on existing trunks PARTNERS

6 Equipment is Installed – ACCRFs – Alabama Core Call Routing Facility – Huntsville & Montgomery Testing to Begin Soon – Wireless Carriers – sending Calls to ANGEN – PSAP Equipment – SIP Calls from ANGEN Training – Underway – Additional Classes when needed – GIS, MSAG, WHERE ARE WE NOW? ANGEN - 2013 Gulf Coast Conference6

7 ANGEN Phase I – Convert Wireless Carriers to ANGEN – Route Calls from ANGEN to Selective Routers Not much changes for Call Takers – Begin installing IP Connections to PSAPs ANGEN Phase II – Finish installing IP Connections – Begin routing calls via IP to PSAPs Get additional data – confidence & accuracy – Begin converting VoIP Carriers NEXT STEPS ANGEN - 2013 Gulf Coast Conference7

8 8 This will be done per Carrier Network – Prove call routing in a lab environment PSAP – Have a few PSAPs accept test calls – Move Live 9-1-1 calls to selected PSAPs Move Live Calls to All PSAPs – Probably make at least one or two test calls to all PSAPs after a carrier converts TESTING & IMPLEMENTATION

9 Ray Jacoby Network Support Manager Rick Bagwell Network Operations Manager ASA ASA ALABAMA SUPERCOMPUTER AUTHORITY ANGEN - 2013 Gulf Coast Conference9

10 10 Huntsville Mobile Birmingham Montgomery 10G Atlanta 10G ASA ANGEN Backbone Network (AREN) 10G Dallas Nashville 10G iNetwork ACCRF iNetwork ACCRF AREN Core Routers Serving Clients

11 ANGEN - 2013 Gulf Coast Conference11 AT&T or Other Ethernet Service Provider iNetwork ACCRF 10M 1G Trunk To PSAP LAN PSAP ANGEN Connection To PSAP 2M VPN ASA IP Network (AREN)

12 ANGEN - 2013 Gulf Coast Conference12 Primary Ethernet Service Provider iNetwork ACCRF 10M 1G Trunk To LAN Port Secondary Ethernet Service Provider 1G Trunk 10M PSAP ANGEN Redundant Connection To PSAP AREN

13 ANGEN - 2013 Gulf Coast Conference13 Cisco 2901 Router Cisco ASA 5505 Firewall 1U ASA Managed and Ethernet Service Provider On-Site Equipment Typical Metro E Network Interface Device (NID) (AT&T Shown) Canoga Perkins 9145 1U

14 ANGEN - 2013 Gulf Coast Conference14 2M ANGEN VPN Up To 8M Other IP Services (Internet, Video, IP Radio, etc.) AT&T or Other Ethernet Service Provider 10M Transport ANGEN 10M Transport Can Accommodate Additional Services



17 Ray Paddock Vice President, Emergency Product Portfolio INETWORK ANGEN - 2013 Gulf Coast Conference17

18 Confidential18Confidential18 ANGEN Call Routing Gulf Coast NENA October 15, 16

19 Confidential19Confidential19 Operations Team Mary Tuten SVP Operations Denver, CO Fondra Marshall PSAP Liaison Denver, CO Gary Fowler Director, NOC Denver, CO Lindsey Carr Customer Experience Lead and Trainer Denver, CO Murali Medikonda Director, Network Denver, CO

20 Confidential20Confidential20 Product Management, Architecture, & Implementation Team Ray Paddock VP, Emergency Services Portfolio Denver, CO Jason Shugart Director, and Lead Architect Denver, CO Jay Slater Sr. Product Manger Denver, CO Duke Kaczmarczyk Architect Denver, CO Larry Reeder Manager, SW Development Denver, CO Jim Fleming In-State Project Manager Huntsville, AL

21 Confidential21Confidential21 Current Status – ACCRFs

22 Confidential22Confidential22 Current Status – ECD Training Roles–based, just-in-time, efficiently delivered, using multiple delivery options Modules 1. Introduction to inetwork and the ANGEN NG9-1-1 Dashboard 1. V1.0 delivered Monday 2. ANGEN NG9-1-1 Administrator Training 1. V1.0 delivered Tuesday 3. ANGEN NG9-1-1 User Training 4. MSAG Management 5. GIS Management

23 Confidential23Confidential23 Current Status – ECD Training

24 Confidential24Confidential24 Current Status – Wireless Carrier Interconnect Technical planning with all 8 Carriers under way Technical agreements (ESAs) being negotiated Several immediate advantages to carriers − Financial – Reduced number of circuits − Options – SS7 or SIP Several near-term advantages to 9-1-1 Authorities − Redundancy & diversity − Network integrity − Additional call diversion options

25 Confidential25Confidential25 Current Status – Interconnect with SRs CenturyLink (2) − Purchasing off the tariff − Behind schedule but no problems anticipated AT&T (5) − Orders placed, not accepted − Multiple paths to resolution being pursued − Behind schedule

26 Confidential26Confidential26 Carrier interconnect ACCRF x 2 (inetwork) ACCRF x 2 (inetwork) PSAPs TANDEMs Wireless LECs VoIP / CLEC Alabama Core Call Routing Facility ?

27 Confidential27Confidential27 A little more detail Wireless 5 4 3 2 AT&T SR 1 2 Century Link SR 1 Today ACCRF Huntsville ACCRF Montgomery ANGEN ?

28 Confidential28Confidential28 Interconnection Options Wireless Carrier Legacy Interface Internet Protocol Interface Native ANGEN Interface SIP SS7 ANGEN

29 Confidential29Confidential29 MSC 8 MSC 7 MSC 6 MSC 5 MSC 4 MSC 3 MSC 2 Interconnection Options Wireless Carrier MSC 1 Legacy Interface Internet Protocol Interface Native ANGEN Interface SIP SS7 ANGEN

30 Confidential30Confidential30 Interconnection Options ILECs & CLECs Legacy Interface Internet Protocol Interface Native ANGEN Interface SIP CAMA ANGEN

31 Confidential31Confidential31 Interconnection Options VoIP Service Providers Legacy Interface Internet Protocol Interface Native ANGEN Interface SIP ANGEN

32 Confidential32Confidential32 What can you be doing? Provide information through surveys − John’s ECD/PSAP Survey Get trained − Think about the assignment of roles − Watch for Online and self-paced course announcements Provide feedback − Through John Ellison − Though structured feedback process Have questions? Ask!

33 Confidential33Confidential33 What can you be doing? Clean up your data − MSAGs − ECD boundaries − 4 Relevant sessions including GeoComm − 5 Vendors in the exhibit hall that have capabilities

34 Confidential34Confidential34 Questions?

35 ANGEN - 2013 Gulf Coast Conference35 ANGEN to Tandems for 1 year or more – No rush to convert a PSAP IF – PSAP is getting new equipment – Wait rather than spend $ to do it again IF – PSAP is Moving IF – Whatever affects a PSAP New Equipment – Be sure to specify connection to ANGEN TIMING CONSIDERATIONS

36 ANGEN - 2013 Gulf Coast Conference36 Why would they to move to ANGEN? – Probably using SIP in their networks – Relatively inexpensive for them to move – Potential for nice cost savings – Easier to maintain – Higher reliability and redundancy – Improved customer service – Hope they will advertise their improved 9-1-1 service. VOIP CARRIERS

37 ANGEN - 2013 Gulf Coast Conference37 Universities, JC’s & K-12 – Already connected to ANGEN (AREN) – Many using VoIP phone systems – Could connect directly to ANGEN for 9-1-1 – Add each extension to ALI / LIS BIG improvement in 9-1-1 call handling Good place for a Back-Up PSAP… – Already on the ASA network SCHOOLS

38 ANGEN - 2013 Gulf Coast Conference38 Wired Carriers – LEC and CLEC Convert – Selective Routers no longer needed – EXCEPT – if there are ECDs not using ANGEN Many PSAPs will want a 2 nd Connection – Still much less than existing 9-1-1 costs – Redundancy & diversity to the extent possible – How many PSAPs have 2 connections now? ANGEN PHASE III

39 ANGEN - 2013 Gulf Coast Conference39 Start with County and City Boundaries – Blend of Virtual Alabama and inetwork’s data – ALL ESRKs dropped in middle of PSAP Boundary Update GIS – Roads & PSAP Boundaries – Address Points if available Wireless Phase II calls route by Lat-Lon – When Lat-Lon is available - otherwise ESRK – Do not delay routing waiting on Phase II MSAG AND MAP DATA

40 Phase I & II – Network Install and Monthly = $0 (ZERO) – PSAPs may need work by your vendor Cost will vary How much equipment you need in Legacy Phase III = Some Costs to ECDS – % of wired traffic – Not in stone – New 9-1-1 Board ANGEN COSTS ANGEN - 2013 Gulf Coast Conference40

41 Example – 75% Wireless Traffic / 25% Wired ANGEN Annual = $2 Million Wired 25% = $500,000 divided by Population ECD SizeAnnualMonthly 10K ECD = $1,400 $117 25K ECD = $3,300$275 50K ECD = $6,900$575 100K ECD = $14,000 $1,167 ANGEN PHASE III – ECD COST ANGEN - 2013 Gulf Coast Conference41

42 ANGEN - 2013 Gulf Coast Conference42 – Presentations from Conference – More Details – Announcements Updates Announced via Email – Direct you to web site QUESTIONS / DISCUSSION

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