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Web Infrastructure For Treatment Systems

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1 Web Infrastructure For Treatment Systems, Inc. WITS Web Infrastructure For Treatment Systems Richard Thoreson Rodney Conrad Chris White

2 Brief Overview .NET, open-source, Web-based Case-management and Reporting system for Counties, States, and Health Care Providers Over $6M and 4+ years of development Developed by FEI and Westat initially as a CSAT project, multiple States and Counties are customizing WITS Intended to grow as a Collaborative effort between multiple States and Counties Current WITS implementations – TN, AK, IA, UT, IL, MD, WY, HI, Sonoma CA, Mendocino CA, Marin CA, San Diego CA Designed to be highly configurable within multiple State and County Business Environments

3 Access to Recovery Grant
Two Case Studies Salt Lake County, Utah Sharing ASI results between Providers Electronic Consent and Referral Access to Recovery Grant Illinois, Tennessee, and Wyoming Longitudinal GPRA outcomes Voucher Billing and Adjudication

4 Salt Lake County ASI performed by County Agency
Treatment needs are determined Electronic referral created to appropriate agency Public Website with up-to-date Capacity and Waitlist information

5 ASI Screen Shot Question Hints

6 ASI Narrative Saved as PDF On Screen

7 WITS: Electronic Referral
Consent PDF Consent Form

8 WITS: Electronic Referral
Create Referral Screen Referrals IN Screen Referrals OUT Screen

9 Receiving Agency Client Profile and demographic data is preloaded
Saves administrative time with client More opportunity for treatment Double check Admission data for accuracy Creates a clinical note referencing the electronic ASI that was received Uses the ASI to create Treatment Plan Previous system was more expensive for County, since they often funded 2 or 3 assessments for the same client

10 WITS: Access to Recovery Grant
WITS was modified to support a Pre-Authorization Voucher System Live in Production for TN, IL, and WY Federal Reporting requirements for GPRA Intake, 30-day Status Interview, 90-day Status, and Discharge Interview Reminder Report for Providers Full electronic billing with Real-time Adjudication

11 WITS: Access to Recovery Grant

12 WITS: Access to Recovery Grant
Interview Reminder

13 WITS: Access to Recovery Grant
Comparison of ATR Clients at Intake vs. Discharge

14 Real Time Adjudication
Claim Batch Processing Remittance Advice

15 Real Time Adjudication
Reduces Provider payment cycle from 3 months to 1 week (Illinois) No need to mail floppy disk of claim errors back to Providers Improved Provider to State relationship and more willingness to participate in State/Federal Grant Programs

16 Future WITS Development
Ad-Hoc reporting to allow for statistical comparisons between ASI scoring profiles, Treatment Outcomes, and Treatment Costs Use Mid-episode Assessment scores to help counselors with Treatment decisions Expand Payer System Functionality

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