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CoVE: Catalyst for Change David Fisher – CoVE Programme Manager LSC National Office.

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2 CoVE: Catalyst for Change David Fisher – CoVE Programme Manager LSC National Office

3 So Why Do We Have CoVEs! > Very first operational programme the LSC managed > CoVE still a key part of the national Skills Strategy > Results have been very encouraging – so more funding and growth allowed But: > Change is happening, as ever > CoVE programme moving into a new and exciting phase.

4 So Why Do We Have CoVEs! (2) > Meet the vocational skills needs of the Economy > Provide high standards and quality training > Meet employer needs through flexible & relevant courses and services > A (necessary) investment in the sector to provide an impetus for change > For spread of good practice and development in specialist vocational areas

5 How Will CoVE Evolve? > CoVE in both the 14-19, and Skills White Papers > Also mentioned in the recent Budget! > Need to address: 1Skills Academies over next few months 2Re-confirmation criteria for mature CoVEs 3More local and regional planning and management of the programme.

6 CoVE Track Record To Date > 82% of employers thought CoVE provision “excellent” or “very good” > 35% of employers would use other FE providers as a result of their CoVE experience > Reason for using CoVE/attraction : ‘Word of mouth’ from other employers (23%) > RDAs and SSCs see CoVEs as strategic partners > Learning is focused at Level 3, but with levels 2 & 4 for progression

7 Key To Success Via CoVE > Further improve CoVE (& FE sector) responsiveness to business/employer skills needs > Engage employers in the design and delivery of training > Work energetically with networks and key strategic partners > Maintain strong focus on quality, aim for excellence > Share good practice with other relevant providers and employers > The whole being greater than the sum of the parts!

8 Progress in building the Network > 330 CoVEs have been established > Target of 400 CoVEs by 2006

9 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 Pathfinder FE Pathfinder Ext Round 1 FE Round 1 Ext Round 2 Round 3 FE Round 3 Ext Round 4 FE Round 4 Ext Round 5Round 6 Round 7 CoVE Round Approvals Per Round Total CoVEs Approved (Sept 2001)(Mar 2005) Programme Growth: Approvals by Round The CoVE Network to March 2005 Total at April 2005 = 330

10 The CoVE Programme - Regions

11 The CoVE Network

12 CoVE Status

13 Has there been an expansion in level 3 vocational learning in terms of overall volumes and participation rates? L3 Growth Is there evidence of widening participation within CoVEs – particularly of non-traditional adult learners? Adult upskilling, re-skilling Has there been success in relation to learners’ achievements, including progression to employment and promotion within employment? Best in Sector Success Rates Have skills priorities been addressed, particularly by being responsive to the needs of employers? LMI is updated, links with SSC & industry Performance Measures: The Eight CoVE Outcomes for Evaluation (1)

14 > Has there been a change in attitude of employers to the quality of post-16 training, and to meeting skills needs in the workforce as a result of CoVE? Employers more positive about training / upskilling > Are there examples of innovation and flexibility in order to meet the needs of employers? Above the norm, really different examples > Is there increased collaboration amongst providers and the promotion of the concept of excellence in economically important vocational specialisms? CoVE is pro-active in raising standards in FE > What difference has investment of additional funding had in modernising equipment and facilities in the sector? Facilities and resources are top class Performance Measures: The Eight CoVE Outcomes for Evaluation

15 Forecasting The Future > CoVE will remain a catalyst for change in the sector > Shift CoVE from Supply side to Demand-led. Sector Skills Agreements and SSCs are key. > Sustainability for CoVEs is tough! Employers will contribute if the training is effective > Expectation that CoVE will continue to achieve a high impact > CoVE provide the foundations for Skills Academies.

16 CoVE – Any Questions? David Fisher – CoVE Programme Manager, LSC National Office

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