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Teacher Expectation for Students: ~Come to class prepared to learn having all materials ready ~Respect your classmates and your teacher in words and actions.

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1 Teacher Expectation for Students: ~Come to class prepared to learn having all materials ready ~Respect your classmates and your teacher in words and actions ~Have a positive attitude ~Complete homework and classwork assignments on time and to the best of your ability ~Speak and behave in a manner that is appropriate for school Students Can Expect from Miss Bigley: ~Fair treatment ~Consistency and follow-through (If she says it, she’ll do it!) ~Kindness ~Preparation for EOG’s, fourth grade and life! ~Help (please ASK if you need it!)

2 ~All projects will be completed at school; no projects will come home unless the student is behind and needs to catch up. ~Homework should not take more than 1 hour to complete. If it does, please talk to me about it. ~Nightly homework will usually consist of some math and spelling work, in addition to reading 20 min and writing a one sentence summary on their Story Map. *Story Map Details: Students are to write a one sentence summary of what they read that night (Example: Today I ready about.....) This should not be the exact same sentence each night. Story Maps are to be kept in the Home Folders and turned in on Mondays. Reading is expected to be completed only once on the weekend; either Friday, Saturday or Sunday so that the entire story map is complete. Parents need to initial next to each box nightly verifying that their child has read 20 min. ~Weekly, students will be asked to complete a Week by Week Essentials math review page which is broken down into five days. This will be given out on Monday and due the following Monday and can be done as the student has time; in or out of class and/or on the weekend. ~Homework is expected to be completed neatly and turned in on time. If your child has trouble, feel free to help, but write a note on the page letting me know he/she is having trouble. Please write me a note if your child cannot complete the homework for some reason. ~Incomplete homework will result in a punch on the student’s PBS card and the opportunity to finish the work while eating lunch. If still not completed, it may cause the student to lose privileges during Friday reward times. First: Warning Second: (1) Punch on PBS card (Refocus time – Student moves to a quiet spot in the room and refocuses for a minute or two, then returns to the group) Third: (2) Second Punch on PBS card (Restriction – Student is expected to “right the wrong”. Ex) If a student throws food, he/she has to sweep the floor.) Fourth: (3) Third Punch on PBS card (Reflection activity – Student is expected to produce a written apology letter and a plan for better behavior in the future) Fifth: (4) Fourth Punch on PBS card (Parent contact – Signed letter or phone call home) *This is a school-wide plan and more detailed information will follow.

3 Individual Rewards: ~Each week, students who turn in all homework and do not get more than a warning for behavior will get a sticker on their school folder. ~Upon receiving 20 stickers, the student will be allowed to pick a prize out of the prize box. ~Friday afternoons will be reserved as a Reward Time. During this time we will usually play educational games, but might sometimes have extra recess or watch a movie, etc. Students will be allowed to participate if all homework is in and they have not had more than 3 behavior incidents for the week. Students will sit out 5 minutes for each behavior incident. Students who have unfinished work will finish missing work and will then be allowed to participate. Group Rewards: ~ Marbles will be placed in a jar for good behavior (walking quietly in hallways, good behavior reports in special classes, quiet transitions in the classroom, etc) ~Upon filling the jar, there will be a class party. ~The STAR class recognition program will also take place. ~Students will be given 2 folders, one yellow, one blue. Yellow folders will stay at school holding items that we are working on in class. Blue folders will come home each night containing homework and information that needs to go home. Please check this. ~Absent packets will be made for each child who is absent from school. This will contain a list on the front explaining what is to be done and what was missed. Any worksheets needed will be attached. Absent work is due the Monday following the day work was received. ~All work is to be completed in pencil.

4 1.Respect other people’s property 2. Respect the teacher and others in words and actions 3. Be prepared for class 4. Behave appropriately 5. Pay attention and try your best In an effort to keep parents informed of what is going on at school, the following will take place: ~Information will be listed on our class webpage and weekly newsletters will be sent home or e-mailed. ~Homework will be written in planners by the students daily and need to be checked off as completed and signed by a parent each night. ~Notes will be sent home periodically in the planner. If the subject matter is private, it will be placed in an envelope and placed in the student’s “Home” folder. Please check for this. ~Each Monday, all the of the child’s work for the week will be stapled and sent home. Tests and quizzes will be in a separate stack and need to be signed and returned on Tuesday so that I can file them. The stack of classwork does not need to be returned.

5 Nightly Parents Need to: ~Sign Planners ~Initial Story maps * ~Check for items in blue folder *Completed Story maps are due on Mondays and should have parent initials next to each box verifying the student read at least 20 min. each night. *Completed Week by Week Math Essentials are also due on Mondays. *We will be having Snack Time, so send a snack/drink for your child daily. No caffeinated drinks, please. On Monday Nights, Parents Need to: ~Sign and return Stapled Tests (Keep “Stapled Papers”) Miss Bigley’s School #: 464-1257 ext. 407 Miss B’s e-mail address: Class Website: Jennifer_Bigley/default.aspx 8:00 – 8:15 Morning Work/Homework Check 8:15 – 9:15 Math 9:15 – 10:45 Lang Arts/Snack 10:45 – 11:00 Cursive 11:00 – 11:45 Block (Day 1 & 3 – PE, Day 2 – Cultural Arts, Day 4 – Music) 11:51 – 12:16 Lunch 12:30 – 1:00 Recess 1:00 – 1:20 AR/Independent Reading 1:20 – 2:15 Science/Social Studies 2:15 – 2:45 End of the Day Activities (Jobs/Homework/Pack Up/Read Aloud, etc)

6 Please sign below, then cut off this page and return only this page to school. Keep the rest of this packet in a safe place to be referred to throughout the year. Thanks!! Student Name __________________ Parent Name __________________ I have read and understand the policies that will be used in my child’s class. Parent Signature _____________________ Date _____________ Parent Daytime Phone ________________ Parent Daytime E-mail _____________________ __ I would like to receive newsletters/informa- tion through e-mail rather than paper copies. If you have any questions or concerns, please call or e-mail: 464-1257 ext. 407 cut here I am excited to begin the 2009-2010 school year with my new students and their parents. I am looking forward to having a great year! I am happy to be a part of the Startown family. This is my 8 th year teaching and my third year teaching 3 rd grade, although I spent a couple of years in middle school in between. I am happy to be back in elementary and excited to be working with 3 rd graders again! Contained in this packet is an explanation of all the policies we will follow in our classroom for the year. Please read it, then cut off the last page and keep the rest at home to be referred to during the year. The transition from second grade to third is a big one. The kids are growing up quickly and I hope to work with you to help them develop good habits to be successful in school and in life! My door is always open and I’m only a phone call or e-mail away so if there is anything that you would like to discuss, feel free to contact me. If you would like to meet with me, please call/e-mail to schedule a time. I look forward to working with you all! ~Miss Jennifer Bigley

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