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Metadata Indicators for Open Access: RIOXX and V4OA 28 th June 2014 ALA.

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1 Metadata Indicators for Open Access: RIOXX and V4OA 28 th June 2014 ALA

2 Introducing Jisc 2 Jisc offers digital services for UK education and research. The charity does this to achieve its vision for the UK to be the most digitally advanced education and research nation in the world. © Isaxen via Flickr

3 Overview 1. Brief background/overview 2. Overview of vocabularies for open access (V4OA) 3. Overview of RIOXX 4. Implications of OA indicators and connections to other initiatives 3

4 Background 01.04.20144 » Confusing landscape » A number of key drivers: › Finding research › Tracking research outputs across systems » Consistency is required on key metadata fields – RIOXX Application Profile  Agreement and consistency was required on vocabularies (terms) being used within particular metadata fields. – Vocabularies for Open Access (V4OA)

5 The Aim of V4OA… 01.04.20145 The intention is to establish an ongoing process by which agreements can be reached on which standard vocabularies will be used in particular circumstances in the OA context, and to create a Web resource to act as a focal point for these agreements.

6 V4OA: Expert Advisory Panel 01.04.20146 The project has benefited from the input of the following organisations: ALPSP, ARMA, COAR, CrossRef, Jisc, OASPA, PA/STM, RCUK, RLUK, SCONUL, SPARC Europe, UKCoRR, UKSG

7 V4OA: Key Vocabularies 7 A focus on 4 key areas: Embargoes (Derive from Licence) Rights/Licences (LicenceRef) Open access identifier (NISO - Free to read tag) Article Processing Charges (APCs) Versions (NISO)

8 V4OA: Take-up 8 V4OA outputs will be incorporated in RIOXX Metadata Application profile – to meet UK research funder requirements. EDItEUR / ONIX (for publishers and libraries)? CrossRef (for journals)? CASRAI (for research management systems) Other?

9 V4OA: Benefits 9 Easier tracking of outputs across scholarly systems Enable institutions and funders to capture and assess the nature and scale of Open Access ‘transactions’. Improved metadata quality and consistency across key information systems.

10 RIOXX: Application Profile and Guidelines 10 UK focused metadata initiative for research papers. Working with UK research funders (RCUK and HEFCE) to align key metadata requirements to support policy compliance Initial focus for RIOXX was to apply consistency for project ID (grant number) and funder name.

11 RIOXX: Integration 11 Next version release due end of July 2014 and V4OA outputs will be incorporated. Software plug-ins for EPrints and Dspace will be developed. Repositories to implement these in 2014/2015. Will be providing a support framework in the UK for integration via Eprints, Dspace and Fedora.

12 RIOXX: Benefits 12 Facilitates interoperability. Will support consistency for key metadata fields to facilitate the tracking of research outputs across scholarly systems. Will facilitate reporting from institutions to funders.

13 Jisc Monitor 01.04.201413 » Shared research reporting service focusing on priority use-cases for researchers, institutions, funders and publishers: › Monitoring publication activity › Collaboration: Standards development and interoperability › Funder mandate compliance › Monitoring publication charges

14 Further Information 01.04.201414 » Rioxx: » V4OA: » Jisc Monitor: » CASRAI:

15 Find out more… 01.04.201415 RIOXX : Paul Walk @ EDINA V4OA : Sheridan Brown @ Chygrove Ltd Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under CC-BY-NC-ND

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