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Implementation of ORCID in the UK 29 th Sep 2014.

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1 Implementation of ORCID in the UK 29 th Sep 2014

2 Overview 1. UK research management context 2. Background Researcher identifiers/ORCID in the UK 3. Jisc-ARMA ORCID Pilot Project 4. Why & How to implement ORCID identifiers at a University. 2

3 UK research management context » Universities 60 using CRIS/Cerif; repositories used by many, 125 HEIs with an IR – some switch over; some various spreadsheets.. » Funders & agencies: HESA, Funding Bodies, 7 Research Councils » Funder systems landscape is complex JeS; Research Fish, Gateway to Research (GtR), Grants on the Web; REF; » Not a shared national reporting infrastructure 3

4 Researcher Identifiers – ORCID in the UK 4 » January 2013 Joint statement in support of ORCID (ARMA, HEFCE, HESA, RCUK, UCISA, Wellcome Trust, Jisc); joint implementation plan n/orcid.aspx n/orcid.aspx » September 2013 Jisc report: use cases and views on the future of ORCID in UK Higher Education © via FlickrFlickr

5 Where are we now? 5 »Jisc-ARMA ORCID pilot project: May 2014 – January 2015 contribution to joint implementation plan Aim: streamline ORCID implementation process at universities develop the best value approach for a potential UK wide adoption of ORCID in HE. »UK Research Councils have agreed: to capture a valid ORCID Identifier, where one exists, for all researchers supported by Research Council funding »HESA (Higher Education Statistics Agency) has specified and will include ORCID identifiers as an optional field in its Staff record and Student Record for the 2014/15 cycle

6 ORCID in the UK 6 As of September 2014 »33,ooo ORCID records with a UK affiliation »26,600 ORCID records linked to a primary email address

7 Jisc-ARMA ORCID pilot project 7 8 HEI based example ORCID implementations and workflows + engagement with HEIs and organisations implementing or planning to implement ORCID iDs +engagement with vendors ORCID implementation Group (RCUK, HEFCE, UCISA, ARMA, HESA, RLUK, SCONUL, Wellcome Trust, Jisc) 3 workshops, technical support case study reports, advice & guidance, business case, recommendations on national ORCID membership

8 ORCID in UK HEIs 8 Jisc-ARMA pilot participants projects Aston University Imperial College, London University of Kent University of Oxford Northumbria University Southampton University Swansea University University of York projects UK HEI ORCID members Brunel University Cambridge University (Sandbox environment) Glasgow University University College London (UCL) (testing record creation) University of Manchester University of Birmingham And other interested HEIs e.g Durham University University of Sheffield Technical Systems: EPrints, DSpace, Hydra/Fedora, PURE, Converis, Symplectic Elements,, HR systems

9 Why ORCID in UK HEIs 9 »aligns with strategic plans to improve the accuracy & comprehensiveness of data gathering about publications and other research outputs. »OA policies & requirement to demonstrate compliance with these policies. »Funder policies on sharing of research facilities and equipment Expected benefits: guiding principles for ORCID implementation at HEIs are the benefits it brings to researchers: input data once-re-use often, increase visibility of research outputs, ensure researchers get credit for their work Improved internal & external reporting, strategic planning

10 How to implement ORCID IDs in HEIs? 10 »Approach in the UK has been more decentralised so far > a variety of implementation paths & strategies (e.g. create and verify ORCIDs within CRIS interface; link to personal profile via SSO, share information between IR and external systems) »should the university create ORCID IDs for researchers and pre-populate ORCID records? Or should researchers take the lead & university provides linking tool. »should researchers be required or encouraged by their employing universities to register for an ORCID identifier? When & how should they be required or encouraged? Need to consider the range of institutional scenarios, and recognise that best practice in ORCID adoption will vary according to institutional size and culture

11 Find out more… 29.09.2014 11 Thanks for listening. Verena Weigert, Jisc @WeigVer #ORCID_uk Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under CC-BY-NC-ND

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