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1 CHEMS ANNUAL TRAINING 2011. 2 Topics For Today CHEMS Status CHEMSPRO Status Conversion / Current Issues Frequently Asked Questions What To Expect Next.

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2 2 Topics For Today CHEMS Status CHEMSPRO Status Conversion / Current Issues Frequently Asked Questions What To Expect Next

3 3 CHEMS Announcements Thanks to everyone involved! Welcome new counties.

4 4 CHEMS – Software Status Global release 4.75 (December) – Equipment Rate Updates Version 4.76 (May) – Fuel adjusted rates – Minor fixes / county specific items Release When Needed – Until we get everyone to CHEMSPRO

5 5 CHEMS – Server Don’t change your CHEMS server No server needed for CHEMSPRO Citrix Servers – AREV CHEMS NOT Supported, CHEMSPRO OK Don’t get rid your server right away - Keep it in place for several months - Keep a copy of CHEMS when the server goes

6 6 CHEMS – Workstation Just about any new version of 32bit Windows OK Many counties are running Win XP-pro – MS support Windows 2K has been discontinued – Windows XP is now 10 years old – upgrade? – Windows 7, 32bit version is OK for CHEMS Can’t use a 64bit workstation OS for CHEMS – 64bit Windows 7 is OK for CHEMSPRO

7 7 CHEMS – Summary Support with little or no coding expected Daily business operations continue Equipment rate update in December Encouraged to move to CHEMSPRO Any questions on AREV CHEMS ?

8 8 CHEMS – Contact Info Primary – (Group / Tim) – 608-873-0665 – Alternate – 608-266-5005 –

9 9 CHEMSPRO – Conversion Status About ½ Way Through Conv’s 25 are now on Production Server 22 Highway Depts (Brown) 3 Others Number of Counties ‘testing’ Parallel run with prod date set Unofficially testing / paralleling

10 10 CHEMSPRO – Conversion Status 99.9% Conversion Coding Done Moves CHEMS data to CHEMSPRO 99.9% Oracle Database (DDL) Data Tables are in place Business rules are coded

11 11 CHEMSPRO – Conversion Status 99.9% Community Server Done Upgraded, faster, more reliable Working OK / Better to communicate Subscribe to ‘System Announcements’ New FTP ‘Dropzone’ in Place Faster, Secure, don’t have to login

12 12 CHEMSPRO – Conversion Status 99.9%? Conversion Training Done Additional training this week Continued on-going training No new conversion training issues Other ½ Counties are converted Request Training if desired Ask questions now / after meeting

13 13 CHEMSPRO – Conversion Status 95% Client Side Converted Reports converted Data entry screens 49 releases to date ( Unresolved Issues Remain Job Invoice Non Inventory Entry Data Entry Performance / Timing A/V’s A number of smaller items

14 14 CHEMSPRO – Unresolved Issue Job Invoice – Sporadic Small Tools / Fringe – Sporadic Journals total / cover page – Continue to check you invoices Look for Fringe, Tools, Journals Compare totals to GL Summary (You should be doing this anyway) Code to check for missing items – Oracle code review and advice – Release to TEST (OA08) Server

15 15 CHEMSPRO – Unresolved Issue NON Inventory Data Entry – Duplicates a row when changed – A real pain in the backside – Delete the row, save and re-enter – Let me know which one to delete – Release TEST (OA08) Server

16 16 CHEMSPRO – Unresolved Issue Data Entry Performance / Timing A/V’s – Get ahead of the system and A/V’s result Fast keyboard person Slow (or dead) Internet connection Local Tables For Journal/Voucher/Cash – Copies lookup tables to your PC – Should solve data entry / SLOW line – Need feedback, will add to combined etc

17 17 CHEMSPRO – Unresolved Issue The Smaller Items – Logged in request system – Many are reporting changes – Server Communication / Configuration – Inquiry screen needs attention – Some goodies / enhancements – System integration(s) / Bridge / Eqp Rates – Lower priority than the invoice / NON

18 18 CHEMSPRO – Frequent Question Is CHEMSPRO Development is Complete? No “… Heard/Tried something months ago…” – “Import doesn’t work” – “No coding until conversions done” 49 Releases, 100’s of requests – Everything must work, data / code Custom software, ongoing effort like CHEMS

19 19 CHEMSPRO – Frequent Question What Internet Connections Will Work? Faster the Better – Shared T1 might be OK… Doesn’t get overloaded at times Not the fastest data entry person – Run a speed test several times It’s part of the CHEMSPRO Help Menu – Slower the speed the less satisfied – Most satisfied are Cable / faster 10MB+

20 20 CHEMSPRO – Frequent Question Must convert to CHEMSPRO Now? Not Exactly – Convert soon but not until ready – Successful Parallel Test / Everyone OK – No unresolved show-stoppers CHEMS Support Will Continue – Convert everyone by next meeting – AREV CHEMS support will end sometime – Until everyone converts that wants to

21 21 CHEMSPRO – Frequent Question Is it best to convert at year end ? Maybe Not – Might be true for other systems – All CHEMS data transfers – All functionality must work – Year end is busier / vacations

22 22 CHEMSPRO – Frequent Question Do we have to do a Parallel Run? Yes – Makes sure the data transferred OK – Guarantees everyone can do their job – Found something in each county so far Different reports / options Imports / Exports must be validated Equipment Notes location

23 23 CHEMSPRO – Frequent Question Why are there four update options? – Workstation security policy differs With ‘Icons’ (Admin) Plain (No Admin) Zip of EXE only (Just the Program) Auto Update (Same as ‘With icons’) All the same underlying CHEMSPRO.EXE – No matter which download – No matter where/how you got it (web/ftp/auto) – Only the way you updated is different

24 24 CHEMSPRO – What’s Next? Get on the production schedule – One conversion per week – Date when your parallel run is complete – The date can slide if needed – Maybe can’t get the date you want later – Convert by next meeting October 2012 Upload data anytime – No longer limited to weekend conversions – Email me so I know to convert your upload

25 25 CHEMSPRO – What’s Next? Sign up on the Community Server – Subscribe to ‘System Announcements’ – Another user can send an ‘invite’ – Read the Welcome screen in CHEMSPRO Provide Feedback – Local tables on Journal/Voucher/Cash – Web Site for Discussion Items – Email OK for county specific questions – Positive feedback is the best!

26 26 CHEMSPRO - What’s Next Reporting a problem – Screen/Data/Report specific items – I need to repeat it to fix it – Screen prints are helpful – Reports -> Send a PDF direct CHEMS CHEMSPRO Difference – Reports from both systems are great – Specific data like jobs, dates used etc

27 27 CHEMSPRO – Summary Ongoing effort / Work on unresolved issues About ½ the Counties Converted Convert the remainder by next October Everyone Must Parallel the Systems Pick a Prod date that works best for you Request additional training if you need it Check your Internet Speed (several times) Keep your CHEMS server and/or system

28 28 CHEMSPRO Any Questions on CHEMSPRO?

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