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Should We Be Concerned About At The Airport? YES! Next.

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1 Should We Be Concerned About At The Airport? YES! Next

2 We Can Help ! Assuring safety during daily operations is a major part to the success of any Airport Operations Department. Airport Security Operations Program Next

3 ASOP can help: Keep track of Open or Closed NOTAM / SNOTAMs. Next Issue and Track FAR 139 Work Orders. Log FAR 139 Daily Inspections and any changes to it. Print Reports for your 139 Hard Copy Binders required by the FAA. Filter or Find information based on Date, Entry or Text. Keep track of other LOG entries and information you may have. Can be Customized to your airport needs.

4 Welcome to ASOPs Main Page Next Record Indicator Windows Menu & Toolbars ASOP Menu Buttons

5 Purpose of Opening and Closing a Tour is Threefold: First: To secure the data and entries that were made by others on previous Tours. Second: To determine the resources available on a Tour in case of emergencies. Next Third: To organize staffing and environmental information for future searches or filters. Click NEXT for a brief Tour.

6 This is the Main Page Lets Start A Tour Click On Tour

7 Click on Start Tour

8 This is your Tour Stamp Page And the Environment Tab Next

9 You can Click on Close

10 And we are Back to the Main Page Next

11 Now lets Add some Entries to Main Page Click on Add to add a Subject

12 These are some Subjects that can be Selected Lets Add a FAR 139 INSP to the Main Page Next

13 Select the Subject Then Click on OK Go ahead and Click on the OK Button.

14 This is your FAR 139 Insp. Form. The Tabs Across the top are your Entry Headings. Next

15 The FAR 139 Inspection Form ; Next When You first Open the Form you will be allowed to Copy all Listings from the last Insp. Or start with a fresh clean sheet. If you have a lot of discrepancies this can save the staff a lot of typing. The Check box on the top of each page is to show that this area was inspected. The List New W/Os or NOTAMs entry is to make it easier to find when a work order was added to the Insp. without having to go back and reference the work order or NOTAM. The Listing entry can be set up to meet the needs of your Airport. The example that is shown to the right is the one used by a Medium Hub Airport. Each Insp. can be printed and then added to your monthly 139 Binders as required by the FAA.

16 And of course Ops needs a NOTAM Form. Your D or L NOTAM # Dates and Times Area & Components Conditions Reasons Issuing & Canx Info Next

17 The NOTAM and SNOTAM Forms ; Next The ZULU time automatically updates but is adjustable for daylight savings time areas. This item can be disabled for those in other areas at installation time. The NOTAM can be cancelled from the Main Page by selecting the NOTAM and then clicking Cancel and then by clicking on the Cancel button on the NOTAM page itself. Print will print a one page copy of the NOTAM. Except for The Title and some Font colors the NOTAM and SNOTAM layouts are exactly the same. The Form is broken down into four areas: Notice Information, Times, Issuance & Cancelled Information. The Problem Area drop down matches the Inspection & 139 Work Orders to later help with filters & finds. Everything else is standard FAA requirements for a NOTAM issuance.

18 Here is the Work Order to go with your Inspection. Next

19 The FAR 139 Work Order Form ; Next This form is standard to all the other maintenance forms in the ASOP plus program and is very easy to use. Again you have the Problem Area drop down box to list the FAR 139 problem areas for future searches and filters. This form can also be cancelled from the main page and then confirmed from the FAR 139 Work Order page. The lower section listing times, hours & cost can be utilized by your maintenance department. Print will print a one page copy of the Work Order for dissemination. Custom reports can be requested or added by an experienced MS Access Programmer

20 Of course we all love a Noise Complaint ! Next

21 and the Run-Ups that cause them. Notice that the Cmnd. buttons are similar in each Form. Next

22 Here are a few other Forms to Check out.

23 Next



26 Add your own Subjects for your Airport needs Next This form is great for adding those Subjects that pertain to just your Airport. Or maybe you want to keep track of something like FOD as a separate Item and then Use the filter commands to review or print that Subject later on. The Subjects started for you can be deleted or you can add more as you need them to finish out a complete list of Subjects for your airport. You can add more subjects by clicking on Support Info on the Main Switchboard and then click on Subject Add-ins. See the next Page for a quick Demo.

27 First Click Here Then Click Here Next Then Add It Here

28 Three Ways to Print a Report ; Next First Method: In each Subject page at the bottom there is located a Print button. This will print one copy of the forms report to your default printer. This report is set up for high speed laser and will get those SNOTAMs out quickly. Second Method: In ASOP there is a Fax button located next to the Print button. This will open WinFax Pro © so you can fax the document. Third Method: In the Main Page click the Report button to open and select the report you need. Is it the Monthly reports for the FAA binder ? We have it !

29 Next How about these Reports.

30 Next

31 This Report has been created and approved by the FAA for the North East Region. Prior to installation any modifications can be made to meet the approval of your local FAA Regional. Just send us a copy of the NOTAM sheet you currently use. Next

32 There are Many Ways to Find & Filter your Data ; Next There are many ways to Filter or Find Data in ASOP- this is one of its Strengths and probably one of the main reasons you will want to throw away the Old Log Book! 1: Filter by Subject - Highlight any word on the ASOP Main page and ASOP will find ALL the words in that field that match your highlighted area. 2: Filter by Form - If you are familiar with Surfing the web & web searches, this is similar and should be easy for you. 3: Advance Filter/Sort - For you Techies and Database gurus, Have at it and have fun. This is where the real power is. 4: Apply Filter - Applies the Advanced Filter above. 5: Remove Filter - Removes all Filters previously entered. 6: Adv Find - Highlight a record on the ASOP Main page and click this button. It will then open all records like the one you selected. You then use the record selector on the bottom to browse all records. 7: Refresh - Same as 5: Remove Filter except it clears all filters and brings you to the last record.

33 Logs So Get Rid of That OLD LOG Book and get ASOP ASAP Next


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