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1 Vocabulary Organizer ( 一 ) Composed by: Grace Peng Text: English Vocabulary Organizer Publisher: Thomson.

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1 1 Vocabulary Organizer ( 一 ) Composed by: Grace Peng Text: English Vocabulary Organizer Publisher: Thomson

2 2 PEOPLE-Age baby  toddler or child  teenager  adult  middle-aged  old people (elder) Ex1: She’s a newborn baby. Ex2: Ms. Lin is in her late twenties. Ex3: Mr. Brown is in his early forties. Ex4: My grandfather is fairly elderly.

3 3 關於 Age 常用的用語 -Part One 1. My classmate is the same age as me. 2. I didn’t know how to play computer games when I was your age. 3. People of all ages love chocolates. 4. You’ll be sorry when you get to my age.

4 4 5. I can’t believe you’re 50! You don’t look your age at all. 6. Mr. Lee got married at the age of 43. 7. Tom is only 8-year-old. A child of his age should be in bed by 10-at the latest. 8. Do you think you should be smoking at your age? You’re only 15.

5 5 關於 Age 常用的用語 -Part Two 1. A: Jane’s only two years old, but she can count up to ten. B: Really? She sounds very bright for her age. 2.A: Peter’s only 14, but he’s nearly as tall as me. B: Yes, he’s quite tall for his age, isn’t he?

6 6 3.A: Grand-dad plays tennis three times a week. B: I know. He’s very fit for his age. 4. A: Ruth’s 50, but she’s still a very attractive woman. B: Isn’t she? She looks really great for her age.

7 7 5. A: Laura’s only 14, but when she puts make-up on, you’d think she was 17. B: Yes, she’s very grown-up for her age. 6. A: My grandmother’s 100, but she lives alone and looks after herself. She’s amazing! B: Yes, she’s quite remarkable for her age.

8 8 PEOPLE-Stages of Life birth  childhood  adolescence  puberty  adult  old age 成長的過程 1. to spend my childhood 2. to be brought up in the country or city 3. to grow up in the country or city 4. to have a strict upbringing

9 9 人生的大事 1. To leave school/home 2. To get engaged/married/divorced 3. To change schools/jobs/your career 4. To have a baby/children 5. To move house 6. To lose your family

10 10 關於人生的用語 1. I’ve worked hard all my life. 2. You should start a new life. 3. Stay healthy! It’s a way of life. 4. Ben spent his whole life learning English. 5. I’ll love you in all my life. 6. My grandmother had a very full life.

11 11 7. I’ll never forget the day I got married. It was the best day of my life. 8. The day I decided to change my career was the big turning-point in my life. 9. I’ve had some bad times, but the lowest point in my life was when I lost my father.

12 12 家庭成員 grandparents; husband; wife; sons; daughters; uncles; aunts; nieces; nephews; cousins; grandchildren; son-in-law; sister-in-law; father-in-law PEOPLE-Family

13 13 家庭種類 1. A nuclear family 2. An extended family 3. A single-parent family 4. A couple who adopted a child 5. A couple with no children (Double Income with No Kids)

14 14 關於 Family 的用語 1. Sam comes from a big family. 2. We’re a very close family. We see each other almost every day. 3. We’re hoping to get the whole family together next month. 4. The 3-day vacation is coming. We plan to have a family reunion. 5. When Sally was researching her family tree, she found out a lot of things.

15 15 PEOPLE-Friends 關於 Friends 的單字 partner; acquaintance; close friends; a lifelong friendship; best friends; old friends; classmates; pen-friends; net- friends;

16 16 關於 Friends 的常用語 1. I know Susan because Peter introduced me to her. 2. Tom met his girl-friend through his cousin. 3. My niece loves her school and she makes many new friends. 4. Are you friendly with my English teacher?

17 17 5. Mark and I get on very well. We’ve got so much in common. 6. Lisa and I do everything together. We really enjoy each other’s company. 7. Even if we move to different countries, we’d always stay in touch. 8. I think we’re friends because we come from similar backgrounds. 9. I’ve known Joyce since we were at school. We go back a long way.

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