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1 Multimedia projects MY FAMILY TRADITIONS AND CELEBRATIONS BY Jovana Djokic

2 Members of my family I live with my parents and a younger brother. My mother is 43 years old and she works as an economic inspector. My father is 45 years old and he has his own business My brother is 10 years old and he is in the 4 th grade of primary school.

3 Family Origins My mother's family come from Valjevo. They have lived in Valjevo since my grandfather’s parents moved from a village. My mother’s grandfather left Serbia and moved to Germany when she was a little child.

4 Family Origins My father's family come from Valjevo. They have lived in Valjevo as long as my mother’s family. My grandparents lived in Tesnjar, in my grandfathers house, but they moved when my father was in primary school.

5 Family Routines Every morning my parents go to work and my brother and I go to school. Every other week we are on the afternoon shift, so the only time we spend together is in the evening and at night.

6 Family Routines On weekends we have lunch together and we watch movies at night. My mother always cooks, but I help her when I have free time. Also we visit our family friends and we organise special events together. We throw birthday parties, spend national holidays and have a lot of fun together.

7 Family Routines Every summer we go on holiday together and we spend free time with our friends. We love to travel so we do it as much as we can. This year I didn’t go to the sea with them, because I went to Greece with my friends, but we went to Paris and it was an amazing experience. We visited the most famous monuments and two popular parks, Disneyland and Asterixland.

8 Family traditions Every year we celebrate our birthdays. My parents always organise me a birthday party and I have a lot of guests. That's an important day when we are happy and when we enjoy spending time with our friends and extended family. Every year I get really nice presents from my parents. This year I got a makeup set from my mother, which I use every time before I go out to a party, or to town.

9 Family traditions When my brother was born we had a big party in our house. I don't remember much about it, because I was only six but I know that it was the most important day in my childhood.

10 Family traditions When my parents got married they had a big reception, which they enjoyed a lot. Also, they had a lot of guests and they danced, sang and had an amazing time together. They still remember their wedding like it happened yesterday.

11 Religious and national holidays Christmas is one of the most important religious holidays in my family, because we are all together on that day. My mother usually makes a chocolate or cheese cake and my father roasts lamb. We watch Christmas’ movies and listen to Christmas’ songs. We are happy and cheerful and I always enjoy it a lot.

12 Religious and national holidays When we celebrate Easter we prepare a lot of coloured eggs which are decorated by my mother. We visit our cousins and we have guests. After Easter lunch we usually go on a short holiday. Also, we go to Belgrade to amuse ourselves and do shopping as this is something I especially like.

13 Religious and national holidays The first of May is a popular holiday in my country, but I don’t spend it with my family. I go camping with my friends, we make the barbecue and after that we go for a walk. This year we went to Divcibare mountain resort and we spent two days together.

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